Cozy Zen Tiny House Ideas for Small Spaces

Zen Tiny House Ideas – A house may represent the people who live in it. There are many kinds of house. One of them is the tiny house.

Tiny, people might be wonder how the house can be so limited in space and so tight, people cannot explore more to construct this tiny house.

In this modern era, that limitation space is the challenge for people who want had a house but only has limited space.

Then, what they want is creating the modern living but has the relaxing atmosphere. So, how people can make it comes true.

Actually, there are some ideas to construct the tiny house. One idea is construct zen tiny house. Zen tiny house mean how to maximize the function of the space in the house and still looking artistic but full of comfortable.

It can be limited space but there no limitation for ideas and creativity to construct zen tiny house. This tiny house combines Japanese and Scandinavian, all of the materials are dominant with the hardwood. Zen house also highlight in the big windows.

Up Side of White Zen House

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The looking of the zen tiny from the outside. It looks so simple. The height rectangle shaped of the house which has some big windows and a door glass.

The house is designed with the white wall. The wall is made by zinc. There are two windows on the side of the house. The window is in form of rectangle. The front and side house are framed by brown wood color.

Right Side Viewed of House

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The house is looked from the side on. There is a door on the side. The door is made with black a metal with full mirror.

The house is only one floor. The roof is colored with grey color. it is also made from metal. The window is also formed on the side house. The house is great and well designed.

Front Side of Zen House

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This is viewed on the front side of the house. The house looks tiny. The window is formed rectangle and brown color. The front side is colored with brown wood for the floor.

There is small a stair. The stair is small. This looks so artistic and modern house. The door is colored with metal frame. Then it cannot be opened in and out move. It only can open by moving to right side.

The Landscape of Zen Tiny House

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This is looked by far side of house. The house totally looks rectangle. The side one is decorated with the rectangle door at the mid wall and up wall.

The door house is inserted with a glass. This is look like the combination of traditional house and modern house from the outside. It also look perfect by surrounded with nature environment.

Near Landscape of the Front House

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The front house is viewed nearly. The floor is fragmented by the wood which is formed horizontal and vertical. The wall is look grey with vertical form of zinc.

The brown color is looked natural with the combination of nature. So this is amazing the design of the house. there is also vast near the door. it is used to have a peaceful touching.

Far Landscape from the above Side of the House

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zen tiny house looks simple from above. There is no need wide space to construct this tiny house. Maximize the limited space. The roof is grey color which is put horizontally.

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The house is surrounded with big tree of coconut. The green environment is dominantly in-house. The combinations for both of them develop the best view.

The Right Side of Zen House

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The Right side is put two white chairs. The front side of the right door is long floor with the trees at the front. The chair is put under the window. So it is very shade.

The green grasses are planted so neat. Near with the front floor, there is small path made from white bricks. This house side is so simple.

Back Side of Zen House

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Terrace of the zen tiny house is for enjoying the day. There are a simple chairs like the beach chair. The back side is decorated with the brown woods which is in horizontal form.

The two chair with the small table are perfect to see how the sight on the back side of the house while enjoying food and drink

A Simple and Cozy Outdoor Place for Spending Time

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in the corner of letter L, zen tiny house has the place for enjoying surroundings. a long bench, simple and artistic wood, of course it is a cozy place to spend time during morning or in the afternoon tea.

The floor still construct of palette wood which organize tidily. The combination of woods floor and the bench also the green garden created the natural looks and peaceful atmosphere.

Near Back Side of Zen Tiny House

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Two vases are located on the corner side. The inside of the house is looked white color for its wall. there is also the big window on the backside. Thus, the situation on the outside can be seen from the insed of the house.

The left side is planted big windows. it automatically produces fresh air. This is not only providing inspirational house, but also healthy environment.

The Exotic Green Plant

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For zen tiny house, it is rather difficult to plant in every side of the house. But it is not impossible to plant in front the corner of the zen tiny house, in front of the door, can maximize the small space of corner.

By using the pot, it can add the bountifulness of the house. No need the big plant, just a small one, and what you need is trying to arrange like stairs.

Enjoyable Backyard of Zen House

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Zen house is decorated for modern home style. The backyard of the house is put long sofa with the wide floor. The long sofa is on the left side.

So it is still on the floor. The floor is made from brown wood. The sofa is blue color. the blue color is based on the reference of the house roof color.

Brown Color of the Kitchen for Zen House

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In the left side, four burner gas cook top, oven, apartment size refrigerator, full height pantry, and plenty of cabinets.

The cabinet keeps the kitchen always clean, because of the closed storage. Again, in the stove side, there is also a window. The arrangement of the window is so exact because it has function.

The Inside Room of Zen Tiny House

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This room is well-developed by combining between the rest bed and cupboard. The cupboard is colored in brown which is made from a wood. It simply is designed with the putting of the vast inside the room.

The rest bed is put under the big rectangle window. Its landscape is directly to the green yard. The floor of the room is brown woods.

The Kitchen Room Design for Zen House

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The look of the left side when entering this tiny house, it will be in a line structure both in the two sides. The left side is for the sink and the table, meanwhile the right side for the other equipments in the cabinets.

Then this tiny house has two floors. The stairs are in the right side. The stairs is also functional as the storage. So, no part in this tiny house has no function.

Kitchen Decoration

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There is a faucet in front of the window. The window frame is from metal. The window can be opened and designed with dark color. It provides the sight directly to the yard.

The table of kitchen room is made from the brown woods. It simply is inserted mini vast and others a kitchen tools. This is well-developed.

A Rest Bed

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The rest bed is designed as L Letter. The under bed is inserted the mini cupboard. The bed is put some pillows and small leather blanket. The sponge of the bed is grey color. The wall of the room is in white. There is carpet on the floor with the glass table.

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Favorite Corner to Spend Time

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this corner of the widow will be the favorite spot. The big and clear window gives the sensation look the big screen. Under the window is located with the chair.

From the chair viewed are wide green yard. Two pillows, blanket and bed cover are on the chair. Those are nice place for sleeping. the small wardrobe is under the chair.

The Natural Front Look

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The view from the outside of the house looks so minimalist, dominant with the woods for the floor and the wall is white metal. This house also provides the view from the windows and the glass door.

The green accent by using the planting in the pot in front of the door will erase the monotone look. There are two vast beside the door.

The Comfort Zone of Tiny House

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This living room look from the upstairs, the perfect combination created the comfort atmosphere. In addition the window on the wall up the stairs adds the beautiful view of the house.

Good circulation from the door and the windows will create the fresh air in the house. The House is so comfort to be lived within. there are also a paintings in the room as sweet touching of the house.

A Perfect Storage for Planting

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Planting in a tiny house looks impossible, but by creating a simple box storage from the woods, planting is a real to do. This is located near with the ceiling of the house.

The plant vast is made from the brown woods. The wood is designed as well as possible to have fresh air within the house. this is also supported by some woods for the vast.

Vast Near the Ceiling of the House

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Planting is a problem when has a tiny house, no special space for it inside the house. But the special place can be created by modify the things inside. This one is the example for creating a place to plant.

By creating an up row in the zen tiny house, plant can be done. Not too close to the ceiling of the room, still some space below the ceiling, still uses wood as the main material for the storage. The plant is not growing too big but still looks green for your tiny house.

The Simple and Cozy Place for Sitting

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Having the big window in the tiny house is so wonderful to create the creativity to decor it and function it as the favorite spot to spend time. Beside the comfort mattress, can add the carpet feather.

The tone color of this room is in the grey which combines with blue and white. Although dominant by using plain color but it still alive by giving some motive in the cushion.

Floor of the Zen House

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The detail of the living room, the chair also can be used as the storage, the drawer in every side of it. So, there was no space which not has the function.

For the rug motive, it will be better if the motive is not too many motives inside, the simple and symmetric. The floor is made from the woods and is put the blue carpet, so it adds eccentrics viewed of the living room.

Cozy Living Room

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Entering the living room of tiny house means found out the limited space to explore, but this zen tiny house proof that limited space still can be explored maximally.

From the door, the sliding door is useful to minimize the space if it uses an open-closed door. The sliding door is also made of the wood material in the sills, not cover all with woods, but using a glass.

The glass door maximizes the open space. Move to the sofa, there is no need to put the big sofa in it, just the simple and follow the room from corner to corner, put some cushions in it to make comfort.

For the table, just use a small round table, no need larger space for it and choose the simple glass table. For the floor, using rug is a best choice to create the warm atmosphere. In the window also can be used to sit in beside it.

The window gives a space for the light to come in. for the decoration, just put the medium size of wall painting which has the same tone with the atmosphere in the living room.

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Kitchen Table

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The sink and the kitchen table in a unity is a perfect combination to maximizing the space. Beside the sink table, put the simple and small dining table.

For the model, it is a simple table without any ornament in it. The simple brings the perfectness of the look. Below the sink can be used as the storage too. In form of drawers or shelf, the closed storage which cannot be seen from outside.

So it will keep the cleanness. All of the material is still using woods, natural and alive. Put the simple decoration in the wall, and arrange some bottle beside the wall. Then, put a small plant in the corner for the green looks.

Simple Sink for Tiny House

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This sink is a very simple, the square-shaped with a single tap water. It located in the middle of the table. This sink has beautiful view, because there is a big window.

The window made broader of the space because while washing, you can also looking at the garden. Window is a smart idea to get in the tiny house, limitation of space but not limited the view. It is look so fresh.

Corner Side of Kitchen

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The corner side of the kitchen is also important to arrange in detail. Tidy up the ingredients in bottles and arrange it in the side of the window while for ingredients which couldn’t be kept in bottle can be use a bowl.

Also put the daily powder of drinking in the corner side. Some bottle for the cooking ingredients is also put on the table.

Maximizing the Bottle Storage in the Kitchen

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There are two rows located above the windows in the kitchen for keeping the ingredients. Those are the ingredients which need larger storage and can be organized in a row by using the simple shelf without compartment.

The smaller bottler is in the first row and the larger is in the second row. This arrangement depends on the easiness to get from below. If the larger is in the up row, it will be difficult to catch. Besides keeping in the bottle, it can be also keeping in the box packages.

Artistic Bottles Ingredients for Kitchen

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In zen tiny house, kitchen also has an important role. It still has the same problem with other space that the limitation of space, but one creative way is by using bottles to keep the ingredients for cooking.

This tiny and height bottle is a good choice, it is not only for keeping but also for the decorating the kitchen. Many ingredients can be arranged in those bottles and can be seen in the big window, the different texture and different color will be the beautiful aspect to see in the kitchen. So, those bottles are both functional and artistic.

Perfect Storage for Zen Tiny House

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The limited place for storage is a problem in a tiny house. But this storage is a very good idea to apply. In a simple horizontal shelf with only one row and divided into some compartment, this storage is so functional.

It is not only for book shelf but also for other things that you want to keep by using basket. There are some ways to organize the book, both horizontally and vertically.

By arranging like that, it looks more interesting and not monotone. In addition, above of the storage can be used as place for located the plant.

You can plant some plants in a small pot and arrange it artistically, so eye-catching and looks fresh. So, this is a perfect storage and multifunction for a tiny house.

Those are the ideas to construct the tiny house. Zen tiny house offer a natural look and relaxing place to live in. You might have a limited place but there is no limitation for your creativity and ideas. Every single thing can be functional in a house.

So, construct a house means arrange a life too, a house is not only for live in but also for life in. Tiny house might be creating and improving your life in a better future.

This design is well-developed to enhance your positive life such as mental health, mood, creativity, and anything related for your life. The house is in form of rectangle, but it can be decorated both inside and outside house.

The house is also potential for the constructing the new ideas by combining other design with zen tiny house. so the result will be perfect and great.

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