West Coast Metal Buildings

West Coast Metal Buildings – Metal-based home design becomes the preference in today’s architecture.

Since it is sustainable, metal material is easy to install. Actually, besides metal material, woods are popular but the material is more expensive and requires attentive treatment.

Now we can see how metal affects modern construction, for example barns, carports, and storage.

Barn is no longer rustic and traditional; it has appeared in more advanced look.

Even for a storage used to place carpentry equipment or other home stuffs which are not utilized so often.

Are you getting interested in metal buildings? Before going further, you have to browse what kind of design to be realized and how it is appropriate for your home design.

Here is one of many companies that focuses their products on metal materials. Just take a seat and have a look on this review about Wes Coast Metal Buildings!

West Coast Metal Buildings General Information

West Coast Metal Buildings

Perhaps, you already found many kinds of building materials in the market.

You have walked around the cities to find the right one that suits your taste and need.

Today, we get easier to gain much information from the internet, and this is what West Coast Metal Buildings company does to satisfy the customers.

West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. is one of developing companies that focuses the service of metal product selling and installation.

Unlike common building construction stores, the company has a website in which the customers can see information and its details about the products, for example sizes, price lists, and materials.

Not only selling, they also pamper their customers with install service. So, we need no worries on how to set up the buildings with no additional charges.

This company has more than ten-year experience since 2003. Started its business in Hermiston, and then moved to Salem, now they are trying to expand the market in wider areas.

Moreover, by having a company website, people around the world can access the information about the company as well as the products.

Even though the company is experienced enough, it does not mean they are free from complaints.

As accommodated by www.bbb.org, as the third party that connects customers and sellers, some of them mistakenly get the information related to the product details and installation.

Some are not satisfied with the customer service of the company due to their slow responses.

However, being categorized as a building contractor as well, West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. is quite recommended, based on the Buildzoom analysis.

Compared to the complaints they have received; most customers are contended with their services.

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To avoid misunderstandings and unsatisfied services, it is better for the customers to ask every single details before making the decision.

We are suggested to look for comparison and much information about the metal building product that we want and all the things related to it.

Reviews on Products

West Coast Metal Building has many types of products for metal buildings.

We can see on the options on the website, such as carports, customized buildings, garages, storages, and free span buildings. Let’s find more details about them one by one!


West Coast Metal Building Carports

This product smashes the trend of minimalist home designs where the architecture is simple and to the point.

There are three kinds of carport available in West Coast Metal Buildings Inc.;

  • Standard covers
  • RV covers
  • Triple wide

The differences on those three are on the ridges of steel panel; horizontal or vertical, the size, and the usage.

Seen from the choices on its website, the company classifies the carports based on the usage.

Vertical ridge type runs from the top until the ridge cap at the bottom side, while the ridges on the horizontal one has similar line with the caps.

The vertical one works much better in displacing water or snow, so it is very appropriate for the buildings in four-seasons countries.

Standard covers, known as regular carport, is so common in modern houses.

It can be placed right near the house or set in the yard with some distance.

Meanwhile, for RV covers, the carport is actually purposed to park RV cars which are high and big.

Hence, the metal building is higher than the standard one, usually ranged from 18’ wide up to 24’ wide and 14’ tall.

The last one is triple wide carport, as the biggest of all. Have you visited train shelter?

Train shelter or mass transportation shelter is an example of triple wide carport installation.

This carport is for wider and bigger contents, usually ordered by companies, not for private use.


West Coast Metal Custom Building

Customs refer to any kinds of metal building that is built by order. The examples are:

  1. Modern barns
  2. Lean-to buildings
  3. Utility rooms

Barns with metal materials looks more stylist and updated. It eliminates dark impression that commonly affects wooden-based barns.

For lean-to type, the product is almost similar to carport but the use is multifunctional.

It is mostly arranged near the main buildings or with intersection to other buildings.

Utility rooms are basically additional spaces like patio installed in metal building.

Perhaps, it is more functioned to be a terrace, so that the building is not directly arrived at the entrance without any more spaces in front of it.


West Coast Metal Building Garage

Some get confused with the difference between carport and garage.

Well, garage is to park, to keep, and to protect the vehicles; it is a home for vehicles.

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Even though carport can be benefited the same as garage, its function is not merely to home the vehicles.

Carport is also used to hanging the clothes and any other activities. The garage is fully covered with metals, while the carport tends to apply open designs for its sides.

West Metal Buildings Inc. serves many garage models. If it is for one car, one door garage is more preferable.

However, it is not always like that. We may request a garage with more than one door as well.

Moreover, if there are more cars, for instance, garages with a lot of sliding doors will be the best choice.


West Coast Metal Building Storage

Is storage needed? Absolutely yes. A house without storage to keep home appliances and carpentry equipment will look messy.

Similarly, building special storage is in demand as well. By using metal material, the building is much more durable.

It also keeps the stuffs away from the damage of insects and extreme temperature.

Do you want a small storage or the bigger one? Whether your choice is small or big storage, the most important thing is it has a good air circulation and can receive light from the outside to keep it moisture.

There are five types served in West Coast Metal Buildings Inc.; storage A, B, C, D, or D. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Free Span Buildings

West Coast Metal Building Free Span

Free span buildings are massive and open. It is commonly used for outdoor meetings, exhibitions, or parking area to load more vehicles.

The buildings can be permanent or not; it depends on the need. For example, if it is for exhibition, this metal construction is removable.

But if the span is for parking area, the building is usually permanent.

By setting up free span building, it keeps us out from the sunlight heat or the rain, especially when it is used to display products or for a special event.

Of course you do not ruin the moment, right? Moreover, this building construction is easy to décor, whether we want to put some accessories on the ceilings or on the metal pillars.

From all those metal building types, which one do you need and prefer to complete your housing?

What Else You Can Find Here

Besides providing customers with excellent products, West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. also shows information such as pricing, materials, and color choices.

When we go to the website, the price is not directly mentioned per type of building.

However, it is classified based on the roof styles; round, A-frame vertical, and A-frame horizontal.

Just select what type of roof that we want, and we will see the price list in PDF file including the details.

Remember, although we have known the cost to spend, it is better we do double check that we are not mistakenly informed about the products.

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Common mistake done by the customers are they are too quick to decide the product only looking at the price list.

Perhaps, this is what happened to the WCMB customers when they got trouble about the building and installation.

Simple example about misunderstanding is the price between the main metal construction and the additional accessories such as windows, doors, and gable ends.

Wait! See the brochure one more time, and then find out if the accessories price is included or excluded.

Next is about the color choices. When you come to the store, you will be shown the examples of color choices.

Asking the difference between the picture and the real is advisable. Sometimes not all products have the same color with the display on the pictures.

Natural hoes, such as pebble beige, sandstone, rawhide, clay and white, are chosen to give lighter and simple impression.

However, if you like darker colors or the bold ones, options such as barn red, evergreen, earth brown, and black are more preferable.

For the last and the important one is the materials. West Coast Buildings Inc. uses galvanized steel for all products.

We have to notice the warranty on each gauge type: 14 gauge for 10 years limited warranty and 12 gauge for 20 years.

Metal material made of galvanized is rust-resistant yet much costly. Despite of inexpensiveness, you must be satisfied with its quality.

The baserail is for the foundation of the building. It determines how tough the building since it holds the main construction.

The company also use galvanic panel for the roof. This material is more sustainable, compared to polycarbonate with cheaper price and lighter weight.

Other materials are displayed as well, for example anchors, braces, and hat channels.

How to Order

After knowing all about the products and service, it is the time to decide and order.

Although the website developed by West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. has a lot of information, noted that it is not marketplace where the customers can buy online.

Henceforth, the order is not welcomed to abroad customers. Perhaps, sending the products is still fine, but it is too risky.

We should directly contact the company by phone or by email. If you have more time and are on the area nearby, you can visit the store and make an order at the spot.

It takes time for the company to proceed an order, so we have to be patient for waiting.

Sometimes it needs more than one week to send and install the products. It is better that the customers ask the detail related to the service.

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