15 Amazing Walk in Shower Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Walk in Shower – It is said that Queen Isabel of Spain was not a fan of bathing. She even boasted that she only bathed only twice in her life.

Fast forward from Middle Age to the 1800s, the condition was still the same: all level of societies still had no love for bathing. It made you sick, they said.

Only when the English introduce the luxury of bathtub that, slowly but sure, bathing gained popularity. Bathroom followed later, trailing on the popularity of bathing.

Now you have unlimited choices of bathroom. Not only tubs, the shower designs are also abundant. One of the types, walk-in shower, now is getting popular.

Why Choose Walk-in Showers?

The name walk in shower also known as roman shower, roll-in shower, or door less shower. Those name represent the characters, that the shower needs no door.

That you just need to walk into (or roll-in) the shower when you want to shower. The walk-in shower has simple design, being have no door, curtain or any other divider.

The practical layout of this shower is one reason for choosing it. Another reason is that it easy to clean or maintenance.

Finding Walk-in Transparent Bathroom Designs

Like to find the perfect walk in shower for your home? Some of the coolest designs are here for inspiration.

Walk in Shower Ideas

1. Modern Monochromatic Transparent Bathroom

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Different shades of a color can make your room full of peace. Here you have only a color grey.

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The air feels light and pleasant, even with grey as its basic color. The monochromatic play of grey shades makes it so. And you can see that it extends to the walk-in shower.

The minimalist look of the bathroom blended well with the room. It also makes the room looks bigger with its walk-in style.

2. Greener Walk-in Shower with Black Glasses

walk in shower floor tile #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Being one with nature is no more a slogan. The trend shows that people love greener and one-with-nature living style.

This walk-in shower is the example. It opens to the greenery outside, divided only by accentual minimalist black door and windows.

Inside, the shower room offers you simple layout, with only dark glass partition divided it from the powder room.

The combination of black theme of the room with the greenery outside looks fresh and modern.

3. Classy and Elegant Bubbles Bathroom

walk in shower layout #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Classic style is evergreen. It stuns you all the time, just like this elegant bubble bathroom.

It full of classic lines, and elegance shine all over the place. If you have no problem with budget, having this bubble room is a great choice. It luxurious without having to shout aloud. It also simple in all its eternal beauty.

This walk in bubbles bathroom even needs no glass door to enhance its sophistication.

4. Rustic Bedroom with Transparent Shower Room

walk in shower floor plans #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Don’t let your rustic room stay rustic. Add it with the charm of modernity, say, with a transparent shower room.

In this example, you can feel the warm of rustic style blends nicely with the modern refreshing tone of shower’s modern style.

With the transparent partition, this shower also makes the room looks wider and, even, gives accent to the bedroom.

5. The Modern-minimalist Shower Bathroom with Stone Wall

walk in shower ideas with seat #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

A Shower full of glasses and tiles probably is too mainstream for some. You Included?

Then try this shower design. It totally free of glasses and tiles. All are of rough stone wall and prefab concrete. Slabs of granite are added for the bench.

Above, the shower heads gives a nice accent, in harmony with the overall wall theme. The minimalist and efficient style eliminate the heavy tones.

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LED lights and the ambient light make this shower looks lovely, fresh, and light.

6. The Shower Looks Cramped? Find A Mirror or Two

walk in shower shelf #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Now feel that the bathroom is too cramped. You want to redo or even rebuild it but your wallet won’t let you to do –at least for this time. What will you do?

You will buy mirrors instead. Then see the example here. Fix the mirror on the wall, and you can see that your room’s size doubling.

Just like this illustration, paint the room with light color, to even adding the spacious feeling. Now you feel better?

7. Contemporary-Retro Transparent Bathroom

walk in shower no door designs #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Retro styles can be heavy. A Victorian style like this illustration is no exception.

It’s heavy for the modern taste. It’s also gloomy for the contemporary standard –though it has tons of elegance. If you’re into this style but want it light and cheerful, try add transparent bathroom into it.

This example shows you how. It only need small modifications of the existing bathroom.

The one that once enclosed an unimposing, now feels open and modern. Combined with the Victorian tones of the room, it’s great.

8. Colorful Style Bathroom, Mediteranian Style

walk in shower with window #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Mediterranean style reminds you of a place full of sunshine, great beaches, and colorful buildings.

The place’s probably the most vibrant in the world. And it reflects in this shower room.

The naked yellow color of the wall combines well with the dark brown window frames and its credenza.

It feels traditional until you see the modern touch of a transparent shower and toilet. Nice combination.

Doorless Walk-in Shower Choiches

Having found the nicest of transparent walk-in bathroom, now we offer you some, also the nicest, doorless walk-in shower. Let’s check it out.

1. Doorless Bathroom in Black-White Style

walk in shower floor #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Black and white nice for your bathroom. This door less bathroom shows you how to blend black and white to get a charming result.

The golden color of the shower head accentuate the colors, make them vibrant and luxurious.

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2. Doorless Walk-in Shower Design, Wet Room Style

walk in shower bathroom ideas #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

You’ll not have a cramped feeling in this bathroom. The open design makes it so. The minimalist design also lends its effect.

Its effective layout enable you to shower comfortably. The small bench gives accent and nice seating place at once.

3. Luxurious-Minimalist Marble Shower

walk in shower remodel #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

This marble door less walk-in shower is minimalist. It also occupy a limited space. But, being marble, it still shine its luxury aura.

The golden color of the shower heads and other stuff in the room balance well with the marble wall. They also give accent to it.

4. Walk-in Showers with Body Jets

walk in shower with tub inside #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Raise your shower standard with this door less walk-in bathroom. Not only from the top, can you shower from the sides as well.

So, you’ll better showering experience. Even better, you have a classic bathroom design. With door less construction, it also looks modern.

5. Walk-In Shower with Honey Comb Wall

walk in shower glass #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Modern building materials offer almost unlimited supply of designs. A honey comb tile is one of option you can pick.

In this walk-in shower, the wall are made of those tiles. The geometric design gives a nice touch to the shower.

6. Doorless Shower for Limited Space

walk in shower for seniors #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Getting a better view and better room needs a few tricks, mainly for a limited space. This bathroom occupy small room, but it look spacious and fresh. The trick is by playing the bathroom layout into minimalist and open door style.

7. Minimalist Walk-In Shower with Double Bench

walk in shower enclosures #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

This walk-in bathroom offers you a double bench. This bathroom has door less style, make it looks open and airy. The double bench provides a practical sitting place. This design is also suitable for a limited space.

8. Doorless Walk-in Shower with Marble

walk in shower base #walkinshower #bathroom #bathroomideas

Marble is luxury in itself. It show you your taste without effort. Like this door less walk-in shower. The design is elegant with all its minimalist style. The black and white theme raised luxurious effects.

You have 15+ list of walk-in showers and bathrooms designs here. We hope you can get some inspiration out of them. So, get your bathroom project started.