20 Most Stylish Rustic and Modern TV Stand Ideas

TV Stand with the TV is one of the focal point which most people used in a living room, bedroom, or in an entertainment room. The focal point itself can be the main source of the entire room’s decor theme or it can also comes along with the interior theme that is already determined for the room.

So, if tv stand as a focal point and you have chosen a certain style for the tv stand, the rest of the room should go along with the tv stand. But if you have already smitten with one decor style for the room’s interior, then you must find a tv stand that will compliment the whole room’s interior.

Focal point should be the element that stands out and compliment the rest of the room’s interior. Therefor, tv stand is definitely plays an important role for a room interior.

There are many styles that you can choose for your interior theme, but nowadays there are 2 styles which desired by most people; rustic and modern. Rustic has a strong character yet very humble but able to meet different styles.

And modern is all about simplicity with clean lines and tidy look. Those qualities that drawn most people into it. No more further, let’s go through this list of 20 Most Stylish Rustic and Modern TV Stand Ideas, shall we?

1. Modern TV Stand by Ikea

Modern TV Stand by Ikea

This piece from Ikea surely screams for simplicity with very clean lines and one single white color. The TV stand is very functional with the storage. So it is not just a TV Stand, but also a cabinet.

2. Modern TV Stand with Storage

Modern TV Stand with Storage

Below is an example of the ultimate functional TV Stand idea. Look at the storage capacity! It is a clever way to hide all your clutter in the room inside your TV Stand. This modern style TV Stand with storage can be a great choice for a tiny home.

3. Modern Masculine TV Stand

Modern Masculine TV Stand

Black , simple in a form of small mounted rack. A kind of TV Stand that will be favored by bachelors. It does look great for black and white interior theme. The black TV Stand is really pop up by the light (considered as white) color scheme from the rest of the room.

4. Simple Modern TV Stand with Country Touch

Simple Modern TV Stand with Country Touch

A simple white wooden cabinet for a TV Stand is one of the practical choice. And through all that modern simplicity, there is a country touch to it that represent suburban living style.

5. Modern Country TV Stand

Modern Country TV Stand

The wooden cabinet door with the old metal hinges and locks which combined with white modern body of the cabinet as a TV Stand is surely a great piece of focal point that will draw many attentions.

6. Modern Classic TV Stand

Modern Classic TV Stand

Even though the metal knob and the cabinet’s foot indicates classic style, but the simplicity of the cabinet (no carvings, no complicated details, simple straight lines) makes it look modern. It is a good choice of TV Stand idea for those who likes both modern and classic style.

7. Rustic Country TV Stand with Farmhouse Style

Rustic Country TV Stand with Farmhouse Style

This is a very humble TV Stand, the timber really shows its character because it is barely finished. The shape, the timber, the organizer baskets, all brings out the farmhouse style of the rustic country look. It is very suitable for suburban house style.

8. Rustic Country TV Stand

Rustic Country TV Stand

Again, a barely finished wooden table with drawers for a TV Stand, displaying a rustic country-style. The bulky shape of the TV Stand can disguise the appearance of the TV, so people would be attracted more to the TV Stand than the TV. Good idea for those who doesn’t  want their TV to be too dominant.

9. Rustic Modern TV Stand

Rustic Modern TV Stand

Simple shape is a modern signature and simple finishing is a rustic style, this TV Stand is really the combination of the two elements of simplicity. But above the simpleness, the wooden look gives a warm feeling to the white modern interior.

10. Modern Shabby TV Stand

Modern Shabby TV Stand

It is a simple old piece that was re-painted in a soft color of turquoise. The paint color selection on the TV Stand does the effect of a shabby look. A modern shabby style that you can achieved easily by re-painting your old piece into a stylish TV Stand.

11. Rustic Shabby TV Stand

Rustic Shabby TV Stand

Another shabby TV Stand, but this one has a rustic touch to it. By sanding out some surface areas of the painted TV Stand, it is automatically becoming outstanding rustic look.

12. Modern Shabby with Rattan Drawers

Modern Shabby with Rattan Drawers

Actually it is just a common modern TV Stand, but by giving it some rattan drawers, it does suddenly change the whole look into modern shabby which is trending right now.

13. Modern Mounted TV Stand

Modern Mounted TV Stand

A very clean and simple white modern TV Stand. No texture, just glossy look. It is a hanging wall mounted TV Stand which make it easier for floor cleaning. It is a TV Stand idea for people who love it clean and spotless.

14. Rustic Industrial TV Stand

Rustic Industrial TV Stand

This piece shows a lot of character. Look at the rustic timber, the rough surface, the natural timber color. Then, it combined with the unfinished metal plates as structures.

More over, the metal filling cabinet knob as an accent surely enrich the TV stand character.

15. Modern Horizontal TV Stand combined with simple mounted shelves

Modern Horizontal TV Stand combined with simple mounted shelves

Another clean and simple white modern TV Stand idea with no texture, glossy and wall mounted.  This TV Stand is easily combined with mounted shelves.

You can play with the composition of the TV and the mounted shelves as you like. Just keep the composition in the same length as the TV stand, then it will give a beautiful stylish horizontal look.

16. Modern Rustic TV Stand from Crates

Modern Rustic TV Stand from Crates

I’m sure you can DIY this TV Stand at home, just by putting together four crates into one. Then it is up to you to finish it in any style you desired. This picture shows the TV stand idea in modern rustic style by giving no finishing to the crates.

17. Rustic Country TV Stand with Chicken Wire

Rustic Country TV Stand with Chicken Wire

The use of the chicken wire instead of glass for the cabinet’s door is successfully added more character to the TV Stand. The washed white paint mixed with the natural color of the table top and the metal plate accent are really the wonderful rustic country character. Very stylish piece!

18. Modern Shabby TV Stand from a dresser

Modern Shabby TV Stand from a dresser

Now this is an example of a TV Stand as the focal point of a bedroom. The owner is smart enough to use the dresser as the TV Stand. It is a common old dresser that painted in white.

19. Rustic Country Industrial TV Stand

Rustic Country Industrial TV Stand

The washed timber, the metal knobs and hinges, a suburban cabinet design, all are elements of rustic country industrial style. This beautiful TV Stand is straight away suburban piece.

20. Rustic TV Stand with the touch of Asia

Rustic TV Stand with the touch of Asia

The shape of the TV Stand resembles Japanese traditional bench. It is very simple like Japanese principle of design. Left without finished, the timber shows off its beauty through the rough and exposed surface.

After many examples of 20 stylish rustic and modern TV Stand ideas, have you met your choice of particular TV Stand from the list? Those TV Stand ideas could also become your design vocabulary and inspiration to do a remodel or make a DIY TV Stand. Just explore more of your taste and creativity.

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