35+ Simple Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – Do you have so many things at home and have no idea how to store them? These awesome and creative storages will help keep your home organized and you’ll be surprised how you can use some things at home as storage. Welcome to WP Home Decor and DIY and these are 36 simple storage ideas for small spaces.

1. Get an ottoman storage bench or chest

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You can use this in your living room, bedroom, utility room, or even in the hallway. It works as a bench and as a storage in one.

You can use this to store books, magazines, toys, shoes, clothes, blankets, and other things. It has a classic look and you can get this in any color that would match your walls and your home decorations. It is sturdy and also comfortable for sitting.

2. Bench with an open storage

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You can also get a bench with an open storage and put it along the hallway or near the entryway for easy access.

The bench has a cushion on top for comfortable sitting and the open space is divided into 3 open cubicles, where you can store books, toys, decorations, office supplies and a whole lot more.

You can also buy a cube storage box that perfectly fits the cubicles to hide the things that you store inside them.

3. Shelves for additional storage

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Plain walls are very neat but you can also add shelves for additional storage. You can add shelves where you can put plants to decorate your home or you can also add shelves to display your different collections.

Collectors use their shelves to decorate their collections such as mugs, snow globes, toy cars, and other collectibles. Make sure that the shelves are sturdy enough to hold different kinds of things to avoid accidents.

4. Extension of your cabinets

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You can ask companies that specialize in the customization of furniture to make an extension of your cabinets up to the ceiling to make it look like an extension.

You can also do it on your own if you have the skills and materials to do so. You can use this extra space to store and showcase decorative items and collectibles that are not too heavy.

5. Full length mirror for storage

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Get yourself a full length mirror that can double as a storage for your jewelries. The full-length mirror can be tilted for your convenience and once you lift the mirror, there is a hidden storage where you can store your jewelries.

Don’t worry about the safety of your jewelries as it comes with a built-in lock and key. It contains ample storage with hooks for necklace, cubbies, lined shelves, and a bracelet rod.

6. Magnetic strip

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You can use a magnetic strip for so many things. You can put it inside the drawer or cabinet in your room to store hair clips and pins.

You could also put it in the kitchen to store knives and use it to store tools within reach. This magnetic strip is made of wood and it comes in different length ranging from 8 to 36 inches. It’s easy to mount and install.

7. DIY desk with a lot of shelving

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Bring out all the creative juices in you by making a DIY desk with a lot of shelving. The desk looks more like a built-in than a free standing furniture and you wouldn’t have a problem looking for a desk to fit your room.

You can also make the dividers flexible in such a way that you can adjust them if you need more space in one side.

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8. Attach the storage cabinet to door

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Did you know that you can use your door as a storage? Simply attach the storage cabinet to the hinges of a door.

It integrates with the hardware of your door’s hinge for smooth opening and closing. You can store your toiletries, perfumes, vitamins, and medicine bottles in here.

This storage also comes with a full length mirror for a dual purpose.

9. Adjustable clothing racks

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Do you have a lot of clothes but don’t have enough cabinets to store them? Don’t worry anymore. Because this perfect solution for your problem.

The adjustable clothing racks suction to the ceiling and floor. It is easy to setup, organize, move, and customize.

The vertical poles are heavy duty and the horizontal bars don’t easily bend so you can hang as many clothes as you wish. The horizontal bar has a double locking system to make it sturdier.

10. Bed with a hidden storage

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It’s not actually a storage for bed but rather a bed with a hidden storage underneath it. You can store a lot of things in the hidden storage.

You can easily lift the bed with minimal effort because of the gas lift mechanism. The bed has a modern design with tufted details and it includes a wooden slat system for better ventilation. This is a perfect storage solution for small rooms and condo units.

11. Toy Storage for Kids

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Teach your kids how to organize their toys by giving them storage bins where they can store their toys after playing.

The bins can be easily removed and are also interchangeable. It come with colors and It’s easy to assemble as well.

The wood construction where the bins are attached is very sturdy, easy to clean, and comes with steel dowels to support the toy bins. You can put this in your kid’s room, in the living room, or playroom.

12. DIY Lego Table with storage

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Build a DIY Lego Table with storage so that the kids can store their toys after playing. You can use scrap wood for this project and just base the size on the size of the Lego that you are planning to attach to it.

Attach wheels at the bottom of the table so that the kids can bring the table anywhere inside the house. They will surely enjoy playing with the Lego and will also learn how to keep them in place.

13. Holder for hair supplies

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It’s always a problem to store hair supplies such as combs, brushes, hair dryers, blowers, curling irons, and other hair styling tools.

They tend to be scattered all over the bathroom. You can use a holder that can hang on cabinet doors to store all your hair supplies.

The storage has 3 compartments, a basket, made of steel and has a chrome finish. The hooks have foam backing to protect the cabinet doors.

14. Adjustable hooks

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You can mount adjustable hooks in different parts of your home so that you can hang different things such as towels, jackets, bags, clothes, and a whole lot more.

You can use this in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the garage, in the living room, in your bedroom, or even in your closet.

The swivel hooks are made of solid metal making them heavy duty and they come in three foldable arms.

15. Round ottoman

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Get a round ottoman that can act as a foot stool and a storage. You can store slippers, shoes, and other footwear in this round shaped storage.

The storage has 12 separate storage compartments that could fit a pair of shoe in each compartment. The lid is removable for easy access and it comes in different colors that you can choose from to match the paint and style of your home.

16. Putting fabric storage bags

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That empty space below your bed can be maximized and used as storage by putting fabric storage bags to store things while protecting them from dust.

You can label them to identify the items that you store in each storage. The storage comes with a handle for easy access and for portability.

It has a clear top to visibly see what is stored inside and also a zipper to protect the things from dust.

17. Wall shelf with hooks

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Hang a wall shelf with hooks where you can hang keys, hats, coats, scarves, leashes, accessories, etc.

This is perfect to place near the entryway for easy access to your accessories before you leave the house or as soon as you arrive home.

The hooks are made of metal which is very durable so you can put books or decorations on the shelf.

The maximum weight capacity for everything on the shelf and whatever you hang is 10 lbs. It is easy to hang on the wall using the keyholes on the back.

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18. Multi-purpose wall mount

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Mount this multi-purpose wall mount to any wall to store towels or wine bottles. You can also use it as a bathroom holder hat rack, or a multi-purpose display holder.

This mount rack is actually perfect for the bathroom wall since it has a lot of uses in the bathroom. It is made of steel for more durability and bronze in color which can match a lot of wall colors and home styles.

19. Exposed shelves

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Put exposed shelves on your kitchen island to make the dishes, bowls, glasses, cups, and utensils more accessible and also to showcase them.

You can either have your kitchen island customized by a company that specializes in customized furniture, have it done by a carpenter, or do it your own.

Instead of buying a new cabinet for the kitchen, you can improvise and just do a makeover of your current kitchen island.

20. Use pillow case or storage bag

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You can store bedsheets in their matching pillow case to keep them together. You can also use a storage bag where you can store each set of bedsheet, blanket, and pillow case together.

The flexible storage bag is easy to carry, pack, and store things. It has light weight to transport it easily and also clear to visibly see the contents.

This flexible storage can be placed inside the closet, under the bed, or can even be used for traveling.

21. Sliding racks or pullout wire baskets

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Sliding racks or pullout wire baskets can be used in the kitchen cabinets to store cookware, dishes, and even food.

This two-tier basket uses a full-extension ball bearing slide system. There is mounting on the rear, side, and bottom for stability.

The multiple mounting points ensure that the side to side movement is limited. The racks are sturdy that you don’t need to worry about overloading or bending the wires.

22. Plastic shoe organizer

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The plastic shoe organizer can be used to store snacks, bottled drinks, stuffed toys, cleaning supplies, socks, underwear, and other things in one place that is easily accessible.

You can hang the shoe pocket organizer on the door using the 3 steel over the door hooks. This shoe organizer is made of clear vinyl.

It has 24 pockets that can be used to store different things that can be perfect for the bedroom, play room, dorms, condos, laundry room, or closets.

23. Under sink tray

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Most sponges and brushes are left on display near the sink which is not really sanitary. They can actually be stored in concealed trays that can be placed under the sink.

These trays can be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It comes with self-holding hinges and mounting hardware. The set includes an open tray, an accessory tray with a soap dish and a ring holder.

24. Slide out storage tower

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The tight spaces in the kitchen or in any place at home can actually be used as storage by using a slide out storage tower.

It has wheels below it that’s why it can smoothly and easily roll or glide out in between shelves or cabinets. It’s a durable product that is easy to build and move.

The rack can be used to store spices and snacks in the kitchen; detergent and fabric softeners in the laundry room; or cleaning supplies in the bathroom.

25. Storage shelf and paper towel holder

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Simply hook this storage shelf and paper towel holder on a cabinet in the kitchen to store paper towel, extra brushes and sponges, cleaning products and other small kitchen items.

It is made of steel and has a chrome finish for a durable and sturdy product. This item doesn’t require installation and all it need is to be hung on the cabinet. Perfect for lessening the clutter in the kitchen.

26. Simply clip on the plastic bag holder

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Hide your trash bag and store all your plastic bags inside the cabinet by using a hook that hangs on the cabinet.

Simply clip on the plastic bag holder on the cabinet and start hanging the plastic bags that you have. Now storing your plastic bags won’t take up space inside the cabinet anymore. The plastic bag holder is made of steel with a chrome finish to make it durable.

27. Pull-down spice rack

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Put all those spices together in a pull-down spice rack which mounts on the shelf of the cabinet. The pull-down design allows visibility of all the spices and it makes all the spices easily accessible.

The spice rack is made of steel to make it durable and to be able to hold all the spices together and it is also epoxy coated.

This spice rack can also be used for medicine cabinets to store all your vitamins, supplements, and medicines.

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28. Cabinet under the sink & adjustable shelve

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You can use the cabinet under the sink despite the pipes that seem to take up space inside the cabinet and leave only a little space for storage.

You can still maximize the space inside the cabinet by using adjustable shelves where you can store laundry soap, detergent, fabric conditioner, or materials for cleaning.

The shelf organizer can be adjusted horizontally and the height of each tier can also be adjusted. There are 7 steel wire panels which include 3 large panels and 4 small panels.

29. Attachable durable hooks

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Your garage door can be used for storing ladders, electrical cords, and hoses. This can easily be done by attaching easily attachable but very durable hooks to your garage door.

The hooks come in 4 and they are made of steel for durability and they can actually hold the ladder no matter how heavy it is. Each hook is covered in a padded no slip material.

30. Kitchen compost bin

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One of the necessary sanitary practices at home is the proper throwing of trash that easily composts. There should be a separate trash for them and the trash should be closed so that it won’t attract flies and other insects.

It’s ideal to have a compost bin that fits inside one of your kitchen cabinets so that you can easily throw compost trash. Find a compost bin that can be mounted on the cabinet door for easy access.

31. Store your pans on a rack

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Pans take up a lot of space when storing them because they are bulky. You can store your pans on a rack to protect their non-stick surface and also to maximize space instead of storing them on top of each other,which is also a hassle when you need to unstack them and find the pan that you need for cooking.

The solution is store your pans vertically or horizontally on the pan storage rack. The rack can stand on a secure position through the screw on the bottom screw hole that holds the rack so it won’t move.

32. Pot lid rack

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It is hard to find a place to store pot lids especially those that are made of glass because they are not flat and they usually take up a lot of space inside a cabinet.

A great way to store pot lids and also make sure that they won’t break easily is to use a pot lid rack that can be mounted either on a wall or on a door.

The pot lid rack is made of heavy and sturdy gauge metal for durability. It also has an elegant chrome finish.

33. Use food towers to store dry food

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If there are beer towers, there are also food towers. You can store dry foods such as cereals, nuts, trail mix, coffee beans, chips, etc. on mountable dry food dispensers.

The food dispensers can be mounted on the wall to save space. It’s made of clear plastic to visibly see the food stored inside and the material is designed to store and keep food fresh for up to 45 days. With this dispenser, you can also control the amount of food that you will be getting.

34. Attach small containers to the side of the washing machine

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Use your washing machine or dryer for storing laundry materials such as detergents and fabric conditioners.

You can attach small containers to the side of the washing machine or the dryer to store laundry materials.

Attach these small containers by using a strong hold adhesive backing which can stick on wood, metal, glass, tile, mirror, and fiber glass. The plastic container is made of sturdy and clear plastic.

35. Broom and mop holder

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Store your cleaning materials such as brooms and mops on a broom holder that can be mounted in the garage. This broom and mop holder can hold up to 5 cleaning tools.

The rack uses rolling balls to automatically adjust to the thickness of the tool handles and to grip it securely.

36. Storage organizer holder

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Store your materials for baking such as baking pans, muffin pans, cookie pans, and cutting boards on a storage organizer holder that you can hang on your kitchen cabinet.

It will look neat just like files put together. The bakeware and cutting board holder is made of sturdy steel for durability.

The hook and the basket are detachable so you have the flexibility to move them around. It has a non-scratch coating to protect the stored items from getting scratched or being damaged.

And that’s all storage ideas for small spaces you can try. For more DIY hacks and organizing ideas, stay tune to our blog. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you.