Steampunk Bedroom

It sounds interesting to have unusual bedroom ideas in order to boost your mood.

And, here it is! This one suggests you with steampunk themed bedroom. Steampunk refers to science fiction in which the concept takes science, history, and future at once.

It does not determine to the place, but it can be identified from the characteristics of the design.

Two words that may represent steampunk theme is timeless and futuristic; those two are combined and produce awesome performance for home interior.

Now, you are invited to explore more about steampunk bedroom and other things related to this. Enjoy!

1. Steampunk Bedding Ideas

Steampunk Bedding Ideas

It is kind of challenging to embrace historical moment with the updated style.

This steampunk design proves we can deal with it. In a bedroom with queen-sized bedding, it has massive expansion wallpaper with old type machine picture.

It only uses two main colors, dark brown and the light one, to decorate it, but the result makes us speechless.

Besides, it gives visual illusion towards the room that seemingly turns to be higher and wider because of its 3D effect.

2. Rustic Steampunk Bedroom Interior

Rustic Steampunk Bedroom Interior

Rustic becomes the modest interior for steampunk bedroom. That is because of the natural performance that appears from nature material, for example woods.

However, we should be creative to set the furniture unless the room will be messy.

Rough wooden materials may help you to emphasize rustic impression, as seen on the backwall and the old-styled cabinet.

No color sticks out the decoration; all is in natural hoes, such as brown, grey, green, white, and peach.

This combination makes the room looked soft and comfortable. To be more stylist and updated, the unique pattern of rags sounds a good idea to do, for example cow-skin pattern.

3. Outstanding Contemporary Steampunk Bedroom Design

Outstanding Contemporary Steampunk Bedroom Design

Let’s have fabric to decorate your steampunk bedroom with contemporary design!

The fabric beautifully covers the ceiling, and thanks to the wooden frames that make the fabric installed well.

The room is actually for apartment, but it looks homey and so comfortable just like we are on a vacation.

This design adopts the concept of pirate ship that is characterized with the old-looked fabric, woods, and brown bedcovers.

However, it has modern touch by setting up a long yellow lighting and metal cube storages on the wall.

Although the room is full of furniture with some accessories, it still looks shiny because of the wide window connected to the outer space that keeps the sunlight in.

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4. Graceful Steampunk French Bedroom

Graceful Steampunk French Bedroom

French style always successfully touches our heart with its romantic design. It also suits best with the steampunk theme for modern contemporary bedroom.

The carvings seem to tell a lot about French design itself, which pinpoints the characteristics of French empire: dignity and gracefulness.

Typically colored in gold, French bedroom looks good to be combined with other white or gold furniture, such as French table and cabinets that have beautiful carvings as well. Owning this at home just make us think like a princess!

5. Industrial Kitchen Design for Steampunk Bedroom

Industrial Kitchen Design for Steampunk Bedroom

It is the time to invite industrial kitchen for steampunk bedroom. This innovative design is basically quite simple since it adapts the décor usually used for the kitchen into the private room.

We can see it on how the wall looks like; it is made of bricks that perform as it is.

Instead of having a natural and industrial appearance, the design is also timeless.

6. Steampunk Bunkbed Ideas

Steampunk Bunkbed Ideas

By seeing the picture of this bunkbed, you must remember the memory during the trip by boat, right? Or, if you have not experienced yet, steampunk bunkbed ideas will make you feel like being in a ship bedroom. Stairs that connect the upper and lower side bedding are the main characteristics of this model. The design is suitable for guesthouse that accepts more visitors because of more beddings installed in the room. Cozy ambiance, but tends to be dark, is set for having a good sleep, especially at night. Equipped with a heater, perhaps this room gives an imagined experience of having a cold weather on your journey.

7. Amazing Round-shaped Window

Amazing Round-shaped Window

Installing a round-shaped window does change your room into submarine-like.

It is actually similar to common window but the circle frame made of metal attached on the wall interior makes a rectangular window amazing.

Meanwhile, metal frames also beautify the corner side of the ceiling. Just imagine you are standing here and seeing the trees outside the house, or if the room is in the second floor, that will be more interesting to enjoy the surrounding from here.

To support the ambiance, just give rustic touch for the wall interior by arranging wooden boards horizontally.

8. Pipe Lighting Ideas

Steampunk Wall Surface Decorations

Look! The pipes are stunning with some lightings. It signifies that beauty can come up from a simple thing, like some used metal pipes.

How to arrange them to be sophisticated decoration is just smart. The pipes seem connected to each other and complicated, but it results beautiful views by adding some lamps on some parts.

This is also an excellent way to make an empty wall more exciting.

9. Industrial Pipe Table Lamp

Industrial Pipe Table Lamp

The lamp is no longer used for merely a functional use but for more decorative purpose as well, as seen in this unique industrial table lamp.

Made of iron pipe, perhaps, the material is from the used one. However, an innovative design has successfully transformed its look to be more attractive and valuable.

This pipe lamp is appropriate for reading. Because the bulb is removable, you may customize what kind of light you like: yellow one or the white one?

10. Eccentric Pipe Rack

Eccentric Pipe Rack

Who says that the used pipe is useless? Let’s gather it and make an eccentric rack with the pipes!

It is because of the brownie color appealed on it. Moreover, the pipe is also added by some mounted gauges that are used to measure the machine temperature.

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This becomes the most creative DIY project where the owners can determine how big the rack will be.

For example, if you want to create high rack, just add some more pipes at the top.

The important thing to notice is we have to be aware of the room capacity so that the decoration will not get the interior bulky.

11. Globe Wine Storage

Globe Wine Storage

The wine storage is just awesome with its globe shaped. It performs an extraordinary display in your bedroom that brings back historical story to the present.

Even though it is mainly functioned to store away the wine collections, you may also put perfume bottles or cosmetics in here.

If you are a man, you may think of saving your watches or even your gadgets. This metal globe storage has three-feet buffer. Strong and sturdy impression comes up through its look.

Hence, we do not to worry about any destruction, such as getting hit or fallen, since it is quite big, heavy, and tough.

12. Out-of-the-Box Furniture Setting

Out-of-the-Box Furniture Setting

It is so common to have everything in order; fixed to the available lines. How about trying something different with the asymmetrical furniture setting?

That sounds interesting! When a working table is usually facing the window or the bookshelf, you may have some little move on its one side, so that it is not in line with window or the rack.

It does change our perspective of being formal which is kind of boring and little tiring.

13. Unique Accessories for Steampunk Theme

Unique Accessories for Steampunk Theme

By using steampunk theme for bedroom ideas, it gives us freedom to explore so many things related to science fiction and adventurous moments.

Besides, it drags our mind into the journey to find a treasure box or to have an invention, just like in One Piece comics, Pirates of Caribbean and Indiana John movies.

The décor of giant clock with Roman numerals and a big treasure box, for instance, refers to the ancient time where people explored the world across the ocean.

It becomes more festive with some other antiques that looks gorgeous.

14. Comfy Furniture for Steampunk Bedroom

Comfy Furniture for Steampunk Bedroom

When your bedroom has more spaces to put some more furniture, placing a set of sofas will be the best choice.

You can enjoy some private talks with your best friends or your spouse, for instance, or you can read your favorite book here.

Interesting! But, the most important thing is the set should comfort you well since it is used for relaxation and helping you boost the mood here.

Dealing with steampunk theme bedroom, furniture with brown color is the most appropriate one.

It underlines the theme as well as gives modern classic design towards the room.

15. Steampunk Bedroom for Kids

Steampunk Bedroom for Kids

Steampunk bedroom has no exception for the kids. Moreover, it is good for them to develop their knowledge and imagination.

You may pick it as the main theme, but you have to be more playful with colorful ideas and choose right decoration.

For example, we can paint the wall in navy color and draw a picture of steampunk airship.

By using 3D effect, the painting is like real. Perhaps, if you find the accessories related to steampunk, that will be great to hang them on the ceiling.

For the bedding ideas, it is better to have other bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and green, in order to create cheerful atmosphere.

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The kids will be happy playing in here!

16. Steampunk Bedcover Ideas

Steampunk Bedcover Ideas

By owning steampunk theme, it does not mean the color must be natural or monochrome.

Just be creative with the design, including the simple thing like duvet cover. This is one of steampunk bedcover theme with futuristic print colored in yellow and orange.

Those colors represent characteristics of being cheerful, friendly, and warm. Kids will be happy by having this stuff for their bedding ideas.

17. Cute Steampunk Bags for Girls

Cute Steampunk Bags for Girls

Steampunk theme is usually dark and manly. However, the bags with this theme changes the style of girls in different way.

It is unique, cool, and funky! To have girly impression, the bags have flower accessories that make the owner more stylist and stunning.

18. Steampunk DIY Bulb

Steampunk DIY Bulb

From a simple thing, let’s change the lighting into something unusual and creative.

We can paint the bulb with black permanent marker. See the characteristics of steampunk design and create your own pattern on it; that will be beautiful DIY projects for home décor.

19. Stunning Metal Gears for Display

Stunning Metal Gears for Display

The used stuffs, for example metal gears from a ship machine, may be your choice to decorate the room. Just pick some other round-shaped machine from metal, it is nice to display them all either in the living room or in the bedroom.

20. DIY Steampunk Bedding Ideas with Canopy

DIY Steampunk Bedding Ideas with Canopy

Sleeping is what you are waiting for. It becomes what you feel and dream when a steampunk bedding idea is yours.

The fabric added on each frame as well as the canopy is the key how to style it.

The fabric can be changed depending on your taste and season, for example white for winter, yellow for summer, pink or green for spring, and orange for autumn. So, have a nice dream!

21. Gorgeous Steampunk Working Table

Gorgeous Steampunk Working Table

The table performs the combination between traditional, futuristic, and modern touch at once.

It becomes must-have item in your bedroom when you deal with steampunk style. This working table is ready to get you more spirited in doing the work.

22. Adorable Steampunk Curtain

Adorable Steampunk Curtain

The curtain has been transformed into an attractive home décor due to the touch of steampunk theme.

It is not merely covering the room from the dazzling sunlight, but also giving decorative function.

Look at the picture printed on it; picture such as clock, gears, control button, and big monitor, remarks the them well.

23. Enchanting Clock in Love Shaped

Enchanting Clock in Love Shaped

The clock is like giving a magic for the bedroom nuance. It is rendered by its sophisticated appearance in love-shaped.

The scratch with an arrow looks gorgeous; it makes the clock unique and distinctive. Everyone seeing this beauty must be mesmerized.

24. Unique Common Room in Steampunk Design

Unique Common Room in Steampunk Design

The design tries to make over living room to be much interesting without disregarding the comfort.

That will be matched to an open design home where the rooms are connected to each other.

Thanks to the big round-shaped wine storage and lovely seats that help gathering to be more enjoyable.

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