21+ Smart and Cheap Ideas to Organize your Kitchen

Are you having problems organizing your kitchen? Check out these tools that can help to organize your kitchen. These are 23 Smart and Cheap Ideas to organize your kitchen.

1. Wall Rail to Hang Your Pots and Pans

Triangular Sponge Rack #lifehack #kitchen

If you don’t have enough space in the cabinets to store all your pots and pans, don’t fret. You can use a wall rail to hang your pots and pans.

Your pots and pans will make a beautiful decoration on your otherwise empty wall once they are neatly organized and hung on the wall rail.

This is especially good if you have a small kitchen and you want to save space.

2. Heavy Duty Pan Organizer

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Don’t you just hate it when you have to stack your pans on top of each other because there isn’t enough space to store them?

It’s time consuming and it makes you less productive in the kitchen. The perfect solution for this problem is by using a heavy duty pan organizer where you can organize your pans according to size.

Its space saving, easy to install, free standing and the package includes optional mounting hardware. You can use this versatile rack either horizontally or vertically inside the cabinet or on your kitchen counter.

3. Tree Rack Mug Stand

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer #lifehack #kitchen

Rack stands are useful for a lot of things and they are also great for storing mugs in the kitchen. A stylish, sturdy, and durable tree rack stand goes well in a countertop, coffee table, or also for storing inside cabinets.

The rack stand is made of steel and is sturdy enough to hold up to 15 mugs, cups, or glassesand the hook length of 3. 5 inches fits most standard mugs.

4. Use Coffee Caddy

Over-the-cabinet Lid Organizer #lifehack #kitchen

If you love coffee, there must be a point in your life where you wanted to become a barista. While you display your coffee mugs using the rack stand, you can use a coffee caddy to hold all the condiments and accessories that you need.

The coffee caddy is perfectly designed for home or office use and it holds a lot of stuff like napkins, cups, stirrers, coffee sleeves, coffee creamer portion cups, and packets of sugar.

The design is modern and it makes you feel like you are really in a coffee shop. You can easily turn your home into your very own cafe just like Starbucks.

5. Iron Storage Rack for Wine

Cabinet Organizer Set #lifehack #kitchen

Wine bottles are not meant to be stored inside cabinets and you should be proud of your wine collection. If you are rich and have enough space to have a wine rack or a glass cabinet to store your wine collection, then go for it.
But if you have limited space and only own a few bottles of wine, an iron storage rack would be perfect for you.

The wine rack can store up to 6 bottles of wine and you can put this in the dining room, in the kitchen, at a counter top, or at a bar table if you have your own bar at home.

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6. Mounted Stemware Holder

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When you display your wine bottles, it would also be fitting to display your wine glasses and have that bar feel or atmosphere at your kitchen or in your home bar.

Using a mounted stemware holder is a classy way to keep your wine, cocktail, and beer glasses, and even champagne flutes in sight without taking up too much space.

The stemware holder is made of stainless steel for a long-lasting quality and to hold the glasses securely. It fits most kitchen cabinets and it’s easy to mount using screws on your home bar or under your cupboards.

7. Three-tiered Fruit Basket

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder #lifehack #kitchen

Displaying fruits in a basket makes your kitchen look more colorful and lovely. Instead of using the traditional fruit basket that can only hold so much fruits, why not try using a three-tiered fruit basket?

This basket can hold a lot of fruits with its three tiers, plus this is perfect for those who are obsessive compulsive and want the fruits to be organized per type of fruit.

It has a creative and artful design so that you can display on your table as a centerpiece and it can also be used to hold vegetables, garlic, and onions.

8. Fruit Basket with Hanger

3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer #lifehack #kitchen

If the three-tiered fruit basket might be too tall for you, you can opt for a heavy duty fruit basket that comes with a hanger for hanging bananas.

It keeps bananas fresh for a longer period and the elegant design makes it a perfect display for your kitchen.

The spaced out and thicker wiring allows air to flow easily to keep the fruits fresh for longer periods.

The hook for the banana is wide to be able to hold a large bundle of bananas so that the bananas can stay fresh and ripen without having to bump other fruits in the basket.

9. Hanger Under Cabinet or Cupboard

2-tier Dish Rack #lifehack #kitchen

Another option for storing and make sure that bananas ripen evenly is by installing a banana hanger under your cabinet or cupboard.

The hook is easy to install and the package includes screws and a strong self-adhesive tape. It can also be used to hang coffee mugs, towels, or other kitchen items that have a light weight. It is heavy duty and is made of high quality material that can hold up to 10 pounds of bananas.

10. Wall Mount to Store Paper Towels

Adjustable WrapStand Kitchen Wrap Organizer #lifehack #kitchen

Aside from the hook under a cabinet or cupboard to store bananas, you can also use a wall mount to store paper towels.

The arm has thin metal rods that are sticking out to keep the paper towel roll in place that when you pull it, it won’t let you pull out more than 10 towels at the same time.

The wall mount is easy to mount, either horizontally or vertically under a cabinet and the mounting hardware is already included in the package.

The mount can fit any size roll of paper towels and it uses a perfect tear mechanism that allows you to tear off a single sheet or multiple sheets with ease.

11. Egg Holder with Cover

Pull Down Spice Rack #lifehack #kitchen

Most refrigerators are built with an egg tray but the egg tray can only hold a couple of eggs, maybe up to a dozen eggs.

If you are planning to buy more than a dozen eggs, it probably won’t fit in the egg tray. Instead of using the egg cartons to store the extra eggs in the refrigerator, you can use a clear egg holder that comes with a cover and keeps your eggs secure and fresh.

The cover is made of sturdy material that allows you to stack other food or objects for an extra storage space.

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12. Drink Can Organizer

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This organizer looks similar to the clear egg holder but is designed to store soda, pop, and beer cans or other beverages like bottled water or drinks.

It allows you to store up to 9 cans and the top is removable so you can store more cans as you wish to maximize the storage space inside the refrigerator.

Made of a sturdy BPA free plastic, it is designed to be transparent so that you can instantly see if you are running low on beverages.

13. Pull Down Spice Rack

Egg Holder with Cover #lifehack #kitchen

Spices and condiments are small, and yet they take up a lot of space when stored inside a cabinet. A better and more practical way to store it is by using a pull down spice rack.

The spice rack has a pull down design to make all the spices visible and to let you easily find the spice or condiment that you need.

You can easily mount the spice rack on the cabinet shelfand it can hold up to 21 spice jars of McCormick, medicine bottles or vitamin and supplement bottles.

14. Adjustable WrapStand Kitchen Wrap Organizer

Wall Mount to Store Paper Towels #lifehack #kitchen

Are you one of those people who stores aluminum foil, wax papers, sandwich bags, and zip locks on top of cans or bottles? If so, you are not alone. It saves some space in the kitchen but the problem is you tend to knock over spices and condiments, and by doing so it create a mess.

A handy kitchen wrap stand can help you organize aluminum foil, plastic food bags, plastic wrap, zip locks, parchment paper, and wax papers in a pantry or cabinet.

The wrap stand has 8 wires that can easily be adjusted to accommodate various box sizes and shapes that includes family size bags.

15. 2-tier Dish Rack

Hanger Under Cabinet #lifehack #kitchen

You use dishes more than once a day and it takes time to wash and dry them before keeping them inside the cabinet.

If you want to save space and time, a 2-tier dish rack is perfect for your dishes. It comes with a drain board to catch the dripping water from the dishes while allowing the dishes to dry off after washing them.

It has a durable design that can fit 17 plates on the top, 4 bowls or 8 cups on the bottom, and hang 4 mugs on the side.

16. 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer

Fruit Basket with Hanger #lifehack #kitchen

If you insist on keeping your plates inside a cabinet, you can use a 3-tier corner shelf to store your plates without taking up so much space inside the cabinet.

You don’t have to stack 20 plates together which is dangerous and may cause the plates to break. It is made of sturdy iron that and you could also use this to stack food choices on plates inside a refrigerator.

It can hold really large plates on the bottom tier, medium-sized ones on the middle tier, and small plates, cups, or bowls on the top tier.

17. Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

Three-tiered Fruit Basket #lifehack #kitchen

Are you wondering where else you can put large utensils used for cooking aside from hanging them on the kitchen rail?

Don’t try to put them in storage spaces that are only meant for spoons, forks, and knives because they are too big for those spaces.

You can use a stainless steel holder that can hold large utensils which has an elliptical shape in order to save space.

It has a large capacity and it can hold more than 16 large cooking or baking utensils and it also has a contoured bottom to keep your utensils upright.

18. Utensil Organizer

Mounted Stemware Holder #lifehack #kitchen

Do you want to keep your utensils all together in your kitchen drawer without creating a mess of it?The best way to organize these utensils is by using an expandable utensil organizer.

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This utensil organizer has different compartments and dividers for you to be able to organize the utensils according to their type or to their use.

The dividers can easily be adjusted to be able to accommodate utensils of different sizes and shapes. You can actually stack utensils in opposite directions in one compartment by adjusting the dividers.

19. Cabinet Organizer Set

Iron Storage Rack for Wine #lifehack #kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, your priority is to maximize all the space storages that you can have and do whatever it takes to keep everything organized in the kitchen.

You will have a hard time preparing meals if your kitchen is not organized because you will have a hard time looking for the things that you needand cleaning up the mess will take some of your time too.

A cabinet organizer set allows you to keep pans, plates, lids, spices, condiments, wraps, tea cups, mugs, glasses, and other kitchen utensils inside a cabinet.

20. Over-the-cabinet Lid Organizer

Coffee Caddy #lifehack #kitchen

It’s quite challenging to look for a space to keep lids where they won’t easily break or get damaged, especially if they are made of glass.

You can’t just stack them up inside a cabinet because they are bulky and they won’t balance inside a cabinet.

You can either hang them on wall rails, organize them carefully inside a cabinet organizer set, or you can use an over-the-cabinet lid organizer which is a good option. It will not damage the cabinet since it has padded foam brackets to protect the surfaces of the cabinet.

21. Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

Tree Rack Mug Stand #lifehack #kitchen

Everything in the kitchen has to fit somewhere but what about those other kitchen products that don’t have a specific place?

The over the cabinet door organizer is the perfect solution for this dilemma. You can either hang it over or mount it on a cabinet door or mount it on your kitchen wall.

The hook is ultra-thin and comes with a foam pad to fit the cabinet door and protect the cabinet from scratches. It is made of sturdy steel which can hold up to 4 or 5 regular cutting boards.

22. Adjustable Bake Ware Rack

Heavy Duty Pan Organizer #lifehack #kitchen

You now have a solution to your cookware storage problems. What about your tools for baking? Where can you store them when not in use?

They are meant to be kept in cabinets but how do you do that without taking up so much space inside the cabinets?

The answer is, store inside the cabinet by using an adjustable bake ware rack. You can easily adjust the dividers to fit bake ware and keep them upright and easy to find. It doesn’t need any installation or mounting and it can hold everything in place including chopping boards and round pans which stay centered in the base.

23. Triangular Sponge Rack

Wall Rail to Hang Your Pots and Pans #lifehack #kitchen

Aside from aesthetic reasons, it’s also good to store sponges and scrubbers in a suction cup sink caddy for good sanitation.

It keeps the sponge from being sinked in water and the excess water and soap instantly drips into the sink.

Its triangular design is perfect for saving space because it doesn’t make use of the space in the sink’s corner and it also doesn’t take additional space inside the sink.

The slot with a big hole allows you to store cleaning brushes too since it can also hold your liquid dishwasher or your hand wash.

And that’s all for now. For more DIY hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our blog. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.