21 Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Can you name one of the most disturbing sights in the morning? Yes, the cluttered kitchen. Dishes are piling up on the sink, row of dirty glasses, over-stuffed dustbin, open jars of kitchen stuff, etc. In short, you had just lost your taste for a cup of morning coffee – and your mood gradually shifts from better morning hope to an awry morning emotion. So, to avoid spoiling the morning cup of Java, here we have 21 tips to tidy up your kitchen by maximizing your kitchen cabinet storage capacity. Let’s begin.

1. Get The Cabinet Doors Working

kitchen storage cabinet with recipe

If you’re a fan of cooking, the measuring cups are indispensable. Unfortunately, out of their handiness, they are easy to slip out of your sight –if not stored properly. Just like this example, you can get creative with the measuring cup by utilizing the kitchen cabinet’s doors. Put a piece of black board on the door of your cabinet just like the picture. Write your notes as the example as well. Don’t forget about the hooks for the measuring cups. And you can see how handy and useful your cabinet will be. This way you can locate (or put it back after using) the cups easily. Want to try?

2. Use The Under Sink Areas

under sink kitchen cabinets storage

The area under the sink usually allocated for the grey water pipes. From the intricate pipes set up, the area often let alone as a void place. Now, as you see the example, you probably want to use the void area under the sink of your kitchen as additional storage. You can put one or two drawers on it. Choose the sliding type, so you can access the contents easily by pulling it out. Put your cleaning stuff, aluminum foils, detergent or any kitchen stuff on it for easy access.

3. Use Open Cabinet for maximum Storage & Neat Appearance

open cabinet kitchen

If you want to have better storage place and neat kitchen at once, choose the open cabinet. It easy to access, and the cabinet force you to be a neat person. Once you have rows of kitchen stuff on it, those beautiful rows you’ve set for probably hours, you don’t want to ruin the next day. As an open cabinet, everyone can see the contents of it, and you don’t want messy stuff displayed to them. So you will need to keep the cabinet tidy all the time –which is better for your kitchen.

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4. Use The Under Cabinet –add Kick Drawers

cabinet toe kick drawers

Now you need to use the areas under the cabinet. Those areas are often left unused. So, just like this example, add kick drawers into them. Use the cabinets to store kitchen utensils such as crockery, kitchen utensils, towels, or any other small/flat items. In this manner, you can locate your stuff easily and save considerable places.

5. Hang The Mugs

under cabinet hanging mug

From now on, store the mugs under the cabinets. Get some hooks, fix them under the cabinets –and hang your mugs just like the example. You’ll have rows of mugs neatly hanged –and lots empty spaces in your cabinet. The regular way to store is in the cabinet, and it takes considerable spaces. When you take the mugs out, you have created an extra space out of the previously allocated space for the mug. And so you have created new spaces and creating a beautiful way to store the mugs.

6. Use Under Shelves Jars

under shelve jars

Another way to maximize your kitchen cabinet is by using under shelves as jar hangers. Therefore, you can utilize the spaces (that on regular cabinets are empty all the time) as the additional storage places. Fix some jars (choose the uneasily broken jars) under your kitchen shelves, it they will be handy to store the spices or any small stuff in your kitchen.

7. A Roll Out Pantry Will be a Good Idea

roll out pantry cabinet

You can save lots spaces and energy by using a roll-out pantry. You don’t need to have wide and occupying regular cabinets to store the kitchen stuff. Just like the example, with a roll out (or pull out) pantry, you can store any of your stuff easily. And you can locate them easily, just by pulling out the pantry cabinet.

8. A Wine Lover? Put Your Wine on the Kitchen Island

wine rack built inside

See the beauty of the picture here? The idea is putting your collection of wines onto the wine rack on the side of the kitchen island. It’s simple and won’t eat up your kitchen spaces in any ways –and it’s also elegant and stylish without overpowering the whole appearance of the kitchen.

9. Decorative Jars for Clutter-free Countertops

decorative jars on countertops

To have an efficient and clutter-free countertop, place decorative jars on it. Two or three decorative jars will be enough to adore the countertops. Not only to please the eyes, but also use the jars to store grains, snacks, or any other of your favorite condiments. They also serve as a center view for the countertops, and to remind you to always tidy up the top.

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10. Use the Corners, Slip Drawers on Them

kitchen corner drawers

Corners are the most neglected parts of the kitchen cabinets. They’re easily overlooked, and most of you probably won’t believe that you can put drawers on them –just like this picture. You can see that the drawer makes use of the corner effectively. And you can store kitchen utensils like glasses, spatulas, or spoons on it.

11. Declutter and Rearrange The Kitchen Pantry

kitchen pantry organizer

Open your kitchen pantry; if you see something like this picture, you have the neatest pantry. If not, or if it was even messy, rearrange your pantry to resemble it –not only for the look but the storage efficiency. It’s easy to do. You need only to sort the kitchen stuff out of its similarity and functions. So, you should arrange glasses with glasses items, cans with cans, etc. As a result, you have better spaces and better accessibilities.

12. Consider to Buy Custom Made Cupboard Kitchen

custom made cupboard kitchen

A one-for-all cupboard kitchen is better for an organized kitchen. It’s better for room arrangement and even better and efficient for storing kitchen stuff. To have the one like this picture, you need to have it custom made, as industrial cupboard generally will suit well with your kitchen’s needs. This picture shows a custom made cupboard which contains almost all you wanted of a kitchen: integrated cooking sets, kitchen appliances, and neat rows of shelves.

13. A Refrigerator Integrated Onto a Kitchen Island is a Good Idea

kitchen island with built in refrigerator

One of the bulky things in the kitchen that need your attention is the fridge. Make a room by integrating the appliance into the kitchen island. The picture shows you the idea. The kitchen island has a built-in fridge in it. It saves lots space and makes your kitchen clutter-free.

14. The More Functional Dish Drawers, the Better

dish drawers

As you can see here, the dish drawer is utilized to the utmost. With the help of several pegs, you can divide the drawers into several sections. You can use each section as holders of different sizes of dishes/ bowls. So you need no separate places for each of those items, which means you can save more space for other stuff.

15. Find Your Most Suitable Pocket Drawer

pocket drawers

If you don’t want to have a messy kitchen, use pocket drawers to hide all the unnecessary stuff. Microwave, toaster, juicer, or other appliances you don’t want to see when not in use are welcomed into these pocket drawers –just find the right one that fit for your stuff.

16. Improvise with Cupboard to Find New Storage Places

extra storage in cupboards and shelves

You can always improvise to extend the usability of your cupboard. This picture is the perfect example. On the lower part, it’s stacked with drawers. The upper part is for the shelves. You can fill the drawers with any of your kitchen utensils, crockery, or jars. The shelves are reserved for the glasses, though not only glasses will do well with the shelves. Overall, you can always find ways to extend the storage spaces of the cupboard.

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17. Install Floating Shelves

floating shelves

By installing floating shelves, you can have two benefits. Floating shelves are not only making your kitchen tidy but also stylish as well. As you can see in the picture, the floating shelves serve as storing places, and as the showcase for your kitchen collections.

18. A Wall Rack for your Pans & Pots

pot rack on wall

If your kitchen already has the industrial style, find a wall rack like this picture to store your pots and pans –it will also complement your kitchen’s style so well. Hang the pots and pans on it, and you can save considerable areas in your kitchen with only a fraction of your budget.

19. An Additional Spice Rack under the Kitchen Cabinet

spice rack under kitchen cabinet

As previously mentioned on this list, you can hang your mugs under the kitchen cabinet. Here you have another function of the under a cabinet. You can add a special rack right under it for storing your collection of spices. In this example, the opening is limited by the length of the chains, so you can put in or take out the spices easily –without the risk of jars having to fall.

20. Arrange Similar Items Together

arranging similar things together in shelves

You can arrange the kitchen items according to its functions or types. This picture shows you how you can allocate each shelve for similar items: sweet, snacks, spicy, etc. You can save time in finding them. The arrangement also makes your kitchen cabinet more organized and efficient.

21. Organize Items According How often You Use Them

Arrange items meticulously

If you don’t want to be practical but also need to have an organized kitchen all the time, prioritize which items you should put on the countertop, lower shelves or upper shelves. The items you need for the daily cooking activity should lay on the countertop. You also can put them in on shelves for easy access. Meanwhile, for rarely used items like crockery, dinnerware, or glasses, put them on the upper shelves. The picture shows you how to organize kitchen things in those manners.

That’s all the tips. As you can see, you do not need a heap of budget just to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage. With several tips here, and your creativity, you can always have extra spaces for your items –and you still have the neat and charming kitchen. So, are you ready to rearrange your kitchen for better storage?

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