40+ Cool Ideas of Shipping Container Homes for 2019

Shipping container homes are on demand. For the minimalist fans, shipping containers offer supper affordable material for their minimalist homes.

They are greener for the environment. They are also easy to built. In weeks you can have your dream house. Crave for container homes? Here are some of the cutest ideas for you.

Shipping Container Homes

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Shipping Container Homes

1. The Most Compact Container Home, G-Pod Dwell

Shipping Container Home

The G-Pod Dwell lets you to have a portable house. In its mobile mode, it can fold into a regular 20ft. container.

You can tow it anywhere you want in this mode. In your favorite lot, this home unfolds to reveal the deck, awning and many more cute features. See this video for detail.

2. The Cozy HO4

A Glass House

Yes, this container house is cozy. This house by Honomobo also has compact-minimalist style.

The home has ample interior area, 640 sq. ft. the combination of containers and wooden materials makes this house one of the coziest home in this list.

3. The Residential Shipping Container Building

Modern Minimalist Container Homes

With 19 containers, Kelly Davies & Travis Price of Travis Price Architects, built this residential building.

The result is a sweet and industrial-looking building. This building sits in Washington D.C. and can hold up to 24 residents.

4. The Broadmeadow building, the Container Apartments

Hyper Minimalist Sea Container Cabin

This container building (designed by Christian Salvati of Marengo Structures) has 6 apartments, all in modern-minimalist designs. It made of 27 containers stacked into 4-stories high. It’s also cute and very reliable.

5. Shipping Container Home with Bamboo Finishes

Elegant Industrial Shipping Container Studio

Instead of letting it bare, Aarcgency cladded this house with bamboos. The effects is a peaceful home suitable for a retreat from the busy days. You need 3 containers (40ft. each) and lots of bamboos to build this charming house. See the details via the link.

6. The Container Office Building

The Manifesto House

When economic slumped and you want an office building, do it with shipping containers. This building (location: Rhode Island, built in 2009) needs 32 shipping containers to build, and it can hold 12 offices. This project’s planned by Distill Studio.

7. Eco-Friendly Traditional Container House

The Peralta’s Containers of Hope

This house boasted of being able to reduce 86% carbon reduction from the air. This house by Lendager Arkitekter has lots upsicled and recycled materials in it. And, though conventional-looking, it made of containers as well. Follow the link for details.

8. Calming Shipping Container House

Elegant Stilted Container Home

This house, called NG House, needs only a container to make you feel at home. Wood finishes wrapped around the container, adding the effect with the calming atmosphere.

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This house by Arquitectos Anonimos also lends warmness to the owner (or the beholders).

9. Classic-Modern Container Home

Container Home in the Wood

You can say that this house blends the classic minimalist style with the modern tone of container home. It stands with 2,250 sq. ft. (209 sq. m) living area.

This house in Royal Oak (Michigan) has 3 bedrooms with 2.5 baths, spacious living room, and a garage.

10. Cute Weekend Cabin

Luxurious Contanier Home in Vintage Style

Jure Kotnik Arhitekt might be in their best mood when designing this weekend cabin. Just by stacking 2 containers (plus those polka dots), they can make your eyes ecstatic with joy. Inside you’ll find enough room for your weekend days. Interested?

11. Luxurious Container House

Chic Contemporary Container Home

This container house is luxurios. Not luxurious, this one is also the biggest in this list. Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild needs 31 containers to build this beauty.

And he stacked those containers in superb way, as you can see here. It’s luxurious, big, and beautiful.

12. Container Country House

The House H, for a Hybrid House

You need no fancy stuff in the countryside. Go down to the most essential and get your most pleasant living.

This country house by Tim Steele Design (800 sq. ft.) suffice for your need. It’s neat, rugged, and scenic. Ready for your no-frill happiness.

13. The Modern Casa El Tiemblo

White and Wood Themed Container Home

The Casa El Tiemblo gives you the rough look of containers and at the same time promises you the most comfortable home you ever met.

James & Mau Arquitectura designed this house with 4 containers and got 2045 sq. Ft. (190 sq. m.) of space. This lovely house uses open (lower) and closed (upper) layout in sturdy industrial design.

14. Cozy Container Cabin

The Rustic Style of the Lenzner Residence

Another cabin idea to enjoy your resting time is this one designed by Brad Tomecek of Tomecek Studio. This cabin uses 2 containers and finished with wood themes. This cabin is also eco-friendly to help the world less burdened by carbon footprints or else.

15. The Distiguished Anti Patio House

A Retreat House in Barn Style

This house from Kharkiv (Ukraine) promises you all the open and comfortable living. It has no awning for the added degree of openness.

This special house’s designed by Drozdov & Partners with 3 containers with overall area of sq. Ft. (180 sq. M.). Added to its charm is a swimming pool.

16. Awesome Container Guest House

The Industrial Caterpillar House

Add into your property a gorgeous guest house. Not just an ordinary guest house, but a chic house container full of windows.

The house, designed by Poteet Architects, has an awesome minimalist look. It also boast eco-friendly. Lots of recycled materials are in use here.

17. Minimalist Container House

Elegant Single Container House

MB Architecture, the designer, called the house as The Insta House. Yes, you can order your design and have it built in just eight weeks.

This house needs 4 containers to build. It has 950 sq ft of interior space, ample enough for small family to life comfortably in style.

18. The Peaceful Container House

The Fresh-Green Crossbox

Adam Kalkin built his peaceful house in 2 parts, separated by a charming garden. A bridge connected the houses.

The residence is one part, while the other can be used as a workshop for any other uses. It has soft and charming exterior paint. Nice and peaceful.

19. The Compact Container House

Container Home, Desert Home

You need a compact house to escape from daily routine? This container house will do well. It’s compact enough for your retreat needs.

And you can build it easily, just by using 3 containers. The illustration is designed by Architect Chris Bittner for the McConkey’s, San Diego.

20. Modern Bright Red Container House

The Container Farm House

This bright red house sits in Lille, France. The architect Patrick Partouche used 8 shipping containers for this iconic shipping container home.

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The interior has 2,238 sq.ft. (208 sq. m.), roomy enough for your daily activities with the whole member of family.

21. L-Shaped Modern Minimalist Container House

The Cliff-side Container House

ARQtainer built this L-shaped house with several containers. It has several warm bedrooms, a living room, and kitchen.

The colorful paint make the house a standout in this vastness of land. It also offers warm air to the surrounding environment.

22. Simple And Elegant Modern Container House


For some, to be simple and elegant is real challenge. This container house offers you both. It has simple design, build with only 2 containers.

And it has an elegant finishing, with the wood finishes. See Container for Storage for details.

23. The Modular Commercial Building with Containers

Simple And Elegant Modern Container House

Yes, you can make a modular building. So, you can reduce or extend the building as needed. All you need is containers. This riverside building has 73 containers as its parts.

It took only eight days to build. And you can see how amazing this London-based industrial building look like.

24. The Cliff-side Container House

L-Shaped Modern Minimalist Container House

Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez designed this container home right next to a high cliff. The building processes was tricky.

Trickier style, they used 15 shipping container. And they built the house in three stories. But the result, this Marseille (France) home is awesome.

25. The Container Farm House

Modern Bright Red Container House

The architect Patrick Bradley Architects of North Ireland build this container home in his farmland.

This probably the most contemporary farm house in the world. The simplistic design and modern-rustic blend nicely with the quite countriside.

26. Container Home, Desert Home

The Compact Container House

This house in San Bernardino (California) offers you how to live coolly and pleasantly in the middle of a barren land. EcoTechDesign built this house from 5 containers (20ft long each).

It took only around 15 minutes to put each container into its places. Se the charming design? It only takes a day to build.

27. The Fresh-Green Crossbox

The Peaceful Container House

Stack 4 shipping containers and paint the upper parts with fresh green paint, and you got this contemporary container homes by Clément Gillet Architectes.

The French Architect helps you to see the beauty behind this unconventional house style, and he did it. This 1,120 sq. ft. beauty is functional and iconic.

28. Elegant Single Container House

Minimalist Container House

All you need is a container. And the add spacious deck up the front. And don’t forget the wanings.

You’ll get an elegant single container house. The house’s designed by Studio Arte, and located in Algarve Portugal.

29. The Industrial Caterpillar House

Awesome Container Guest House

Sebastián Irarrázaval, the designer of this house, needs 11 containers of two different sizes (40ft and 20ft). The effects is an asymmetric but delightful house.

Supported by huge steel beams, this house is also strong with industrial accents. It’s cool and fun in a sweep.

30. A Retreat House in Barn Style

The Distiguished Anti Patio House

A barn style helps you to cool down –fast. Its simplicity’s simply charming. This examples shows you how a container home has the role as a retreat house, in a rustic barn house style.

This house (built by Tomecek Studio) sits Canon City (Colorado), made of 6 containers (20ft. each). Among its pleasant interior stuff, it also has large deck to enjoy the night.

31. The Rustic Style of the Lenzner Residence

Cozy Container Cabin

If you’re into a serene and rustic living style, this house is yours. Travis Price Architects and Diego Balagna design this container house with those distinguishing features in mind.

The result is a rustic container house with nice exterior finishes a warm inside. Outside is a serene pool amidst a green garden.

32. White and Wood Themed Container Home

The Modern Casa El Tiemblo

White offers light and clean feeling. Wood tones inspires warmness and casual living. Those two traits combines well in this elegant container home.

Patrice Rios, the architect, uses 7 containers for this house, resulting a spacious 2-stories home with 3 bedroom (plus 3 baths) and an open deck. All warm and airy.

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33. The House H, for a Hybrid House

Container Country House

Just like its name, the house resembles H. It consists of 2 similar container homes connected by a wall between them.

This house is a project by Hybrid Architecture and completed by Barcelo Homes. It promises 4 spacious bedroom, kitchen, and beautiful living room. Nice.

34. Chic Contemporary Container Home

Luxurious Container House

A container house inspires an open and pleasant atmosphere. This house design added light and chic air into it.

The architect Maria José Trejos built this house from 8 containers (40 ft. each). This house, located in Costa Rica, feels full of light from its excellent open design.

35. Luxurious Contanier Home in Vintage Style

Cute Weekend Cabin

A container home can be anywhere, from the wood to the most expensive lot. This one is on one of the luxurious areas in NY.

This house needing you $1,395,000 to own. It has 4 charming beds and the most pleasant living room, complete with pool. All in an elegant vintage styled container home.

36. Container Home in the Wood

Calming Shipping Container House

Don’t be fooled by the modest and naked exterior. This house of Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt is worth more than $400.000!

Built by Modulus, this house has many luxurious living stuff inside. But not the stuff that made it costly. It’s the fire protection systems that make it so.

37. Elegant Stilted Container Home

Eco-Friendly Traditional Container House

Want to build a gorgeous house in the wood? Thry this design. It’s easy to build, made of shipping containers. And it stands on stilts.

Apart from being able to watch around more freely, you’ll feel secure on top of the pillars. This house is designed by Giant Containers.

38. The Peralta’s Containers of Hope

The Container Office Building

Another iconic Shipping container dwelling is the Container of Hope. Benjamin Garcia Saxe built this house with 2 containers (40 feet long each), and made it a 600 sq. ft. of cozy living space.

The iconic orange paint makes it warm and appealing at once. It costs around $40.000 to build.

39. The Manifesto House

Shipping Container Home with Bamboo Finishes

Designed by James & Mau, The Manifesto House probably is the most famous container home in the world. It has eye-catching design, different and iconic.

And it made of containers plus 85% other recycled materials. So apart from its unique design, the house is also terribly eco-friendly.

40. Elegant Industrial Shipping Container Studio

The Broadmeadow building, the Container Apartments

Taynr build this studio with a belief that a container housing can be stunning. So you see the beauty. This studio has a rough industrial aura.

The wood tones and glass railing soften the atmosphere, turns it into a charming and pleasant studio.

41. Hyper Minimalist Sea Container Cabin

The Residential Shipping Container Building

If your lot has lots cute sceneries, you need no fancy house. All you need is a cabin, a double shipping containers cabin will do.

This house, build by Larry Wade, only cost $35.000 (2010). It’s also environmental friendly, using solar panel for the lighting and for the water heating systems. Enough for you retreat with a cup of coffee.

42. Modern Minimalist Container Homes

The Cozy HO4

This Texas modern minimalist house needs 14 shipping containers to build. With 3700 sq. ft. (343 sq. m.) of inner space, it can hold 3 big bedrooms, kitchen and spacious living rooms.

Outside you can see sizable swimming pool as well. It’s a dream house comes true for the host, Matt Mooney.

43. A Glass House

Shipping Container Homes

By stacking 12 containers, Adam Kalkin (the architect) makes a charming glass house. In a whole, finished house has the inner area of 4000 sq. ft. (or 371 sq. m. for the non-US).

This house, located in Northern Maine, also boast huge glass walls to cast off the cramped feeling of the containers, and also offers more connectivity with the nature.

So, that’s the ideas. Hope you enjoy the list and, even, sparked to build your own shipping container home.