10 Most Charming Ranch House Plan Ideas for Inspiration

Low roof, single story, open layout, are only a fraction of a ranch house characters. This iconic house is a staple in American living scene between 40s and 70s.

After fading around 3 decades, this simple but comfortable house makes a fresh comeback. Here we offers you some 10 most charming ranch house plan ideas for an inspiration.

1. An Inviting Modern Ranch House

An Inviting Modern Ranch House

As you can see here, the exterior of this house is designed on modern-minimalist style. It has simple straight lines of minimalist look, and wide windows of modern style.

The front area offers warmness with long porch greeting any one to sit and have nice days. Inside, you’ll have an open layout interior which you can arrange into several house parts, plus big enough kitchen for easy living.

2. Cozy L-Shaped Ranch House

Cozy L-Shaped Ranch House

A fresh atmosphere bursts out of this ranch home design. Built in L-shaped layout, this house offer much pleasant spaces to live on. The light and gay exterior meets a nice balance from the interior side.

You’ll see that the interior’s designed so that you can reach any of your needs easily: covered porches, spacious office (you can use it as a guest room as well), kitchen with separated island, pleasant great room and many more. It’s just that cozy.

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3. An Elegant Ranch House –Traditional Style

An Elegant Ranch House –Traditional Style

This ranch home ideas accommodate your need of an elegant and graceful ranch house. It’s mainly designed to help you optimize the indoor and outdoor living.

Indoor, you’ll find a pleasant great room (featured with vaulted ceilings), an accommodative kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms (master bedroom has bay window for splendid outer view). Included in this plan is a two-car garage.

4. Your Modern Ranch House

Your Modern Ranch House

The exterior looks like a long row of room, but that’s what makes it special. This ranch house use straightforward layout in accommodating your daily needs. The long row are for great room, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Are all connected by covered gallery will doubles as a sitting are. The front porch, running along the house, is pleasant enough to accommodate all your outdoor activities. Nice.

5. An Elegant Ranch House

An Elegant Ranch House

This ranch house loves to give warm greeting to anyone. The traditional style lend an elegant atmosphere. The porch on the front, promises a nice outdoor activities.

Inside, the open layout lends open air, its great room and master bedroom are all facing the patio on the rear end of the house.

6. A U-Shaped Ranch House Idea

A U-Shaped Ranch House Idea

The ranch home main idea is to give the owner most spacious space to live. The U-shaped layout offers a special privacy, also gives a separate air between left and right rooms, connected by a large great room.

The layout also gives you freedom to move or to reach any parts of the house.

7. A Straightforward And Utilitarian Ranch Home Idea

A Straightforward And Utilitarian Ranch Home Idea

This ranch home idea is another example of the simple and utilitarian use of a ranch house. You can build a simple house, like this one, but still can retain the beauty and in one with the nature.

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The interior, are several rooms, like great room, kitchen, bedrooms, and laundry rooms –all in a row. Simple yet effective arrangements.

8. A Contemporary Ranch House Idea

A Contemporary Ranch House Idea

For you with outdoor and indoor living in mind, this ranch house will be yours. It has a large porches for any outdoor activities.

And it’s also easily accessible from any rooms in the house. This house has 3 rooms, and a great room (plus kitchen).

9. Ranch House in Cottage Style

Ranch House in Cottage Style

A combination of ranch house and cottage house, this house ensure you have most of your happy days. The exteriors is of classic ranch house, built with separated master bed room for added privacy.

It has 4 bed rooms, a big kitchen, great room, and a dining area. The beamed ceiling add the warm atmosphere in it. Great.

10. A 50s Ranch House with Modern Touch

A 50s Ranch House with Modern Touch

Simplistic lines of modern style looks obvious in this ranch home design. The 50s ranch look is also so pronounced by the low sloping roof.

The interior offers comfort like separated master room with luxurious bath, large great room, and kitchen. For outdoor activities, you can have wide front and rear porch with outdoor kitchen.

Those are all 10 most charming ranch house ideas for an inspiration. Feel like to have or build one?

Hopefully now you have ample ideas to start your project: building or searching for the new dream ranch house. Happy building (or hunting)!