10 Awesome Raised Ranch House Ideas

A raised ranch house is an effective solution to the needs of additional rooms. The outline is based on the regular ranch house, only it has been raised from the ground. You can see it raised only partially off the ground, or fully raised.

The upper part of the house will be the bedrooms and kitchen. While the lower part is for living room, garage or any other rooms. The following are 10 elegant raised ranch house ideas for your inspiration.

1. Contemporary Raised Ranch House

Contemporary Raised Ranch House

This example gives you a look on a contemporary raised ranch house. The exterior looks simple and minimalist with the combination of sidings and concrete. Below you can see 2 car garage’s ready to shelter your cars.

Inside, on the upper floor are bedrooms (fully equipped with bath luxuries) and kitchen. The kitchen has open layout, complete with kitchen island overlooking to the patio on the rear of the house. The living room sets in the lower room.

2. Elegant Contemporary Raised Ranch House

Elegant Contemporary Raised Ranch House

This raised ranch house is simply elegant. The exterior is adorned with light and harmonious lines. A charming gable roof covers the main entry. Cute. The lower serves as a great room, connected to the garage through mud room and laundry room.

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Upper house’s for bed rooms (1 master, 2 additional), kitchen and dining area. For outdoor activities, a covered porch is ready on the rear house. A raised ranch house will still be one of the most iconic house style –and one of the evergreen style so far. If you like to have one, you won’t be outdated for a long time. So, got an idea?

3. A Classic Raised Ranch House

Classic Raised Ranch House

The house looks like a classic raised ranch house with its horizontal sidings, almost square window frames, and its side garage. Inside, you’ll find all the comfort of a house: and open kitchen plus its island on the second floor.

In this area you can see neat bedrooms as well. On the lower part, aside of the 2 car garage, you’ll find cozy great room.

4. Contemporary Raised Ranch House in Villa Style

Contemporary Raised Ranch House in Villa Style

This raised ranch home is simply gorgeous. The combination of stone, wood sidings and glasses offers light and homey atmosphere. A lovely living room greets you on the second floor.

Coupled with kitchen, they provides happy air to the house. Bedrooms, three of them are fully equipped with modern amenities. A patio gives you freedom to any outdoor activities.

5. Country Raised Ranch House

Country Raised Ranch House

You can negotiate an uneven land with a raised ranch house. This picture is the example. The house stands on a slightly sloping land and hug to the slope nicely.

This house has 3 rooms, with master bedroom separated from the other for the needed privacy. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are in an area for any pleasant moments. On the rear, you can see wooden deck for comfortable outdoor activities.

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6. Vintage Raised ranch House

Vintage Raised ranch House

This raised ranch home has a charming vintage look with its vertical wooden sidings and classic windows frames. Inside is an open layout floor containing 2 bed rooms (with 1 full bath room), a great room, dining area and a modern kitchen. In the lower part is additional rooms and garage.

7. A Traditional Raised Ranch Home

Traditional Raised Ranch Home

This ranch house looks elegant and chic in its old traditional livery. The exterior promises a comfortable and settle living. In the inside, you’ll find the most gorgeous master bedrooms, complete with walk-n closet and whirlpool bath.

The living room is one with dining area and kitchen. You’ll find cozy moment outdoor with covered porch on the rear house.

8. Raised Ranch House in Minimalist-Contemporary Style

Raised Ranch House in Minimalist-Contemporary Style

A sloping lot won’t be a matter for this ranch house idea. This partially raised ranch home use its advantage to overcome the rugged land under it. The wood and steel combination inspire warmness.

The open layout of the interior enables you to easily modify the furniture setup. Kitchen is in the second floor, so with the dining area and great room. A two-car garage attached to the main house for easy access.

9. Contemporary Concrete Raised Ranch House

Contemporary Concrete Raised Ranch House

If you need something reliable and luxurious, this raised ranch house idea will be yours. It’s robust with concrete construction, and it’s comfortable with all the facilities.

Here you have several rooms to choose for your rest, all with bathing luxuries. The great room offers extravagant vista outside. The kitchen’s big enough to feast all time. This house’s great for your escape.

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10. Inspirative Raised Ranch House

Inspirative Raised Ranch House

This house inspire you to have a raised ranch house with naked lower part. Upper part is your conventional ranch house, complete with open floor and all its comfort (plus covered front and rear porch). Meanwhile, the lower naked part is free spaces for your car or others.

A raised ranch house will still be one of the most iconic house style –and one of the evergreen style so far. If you like to have one, you won’t be outdated for a long time. So, got an idea?