Quonset Hut Home Design Ideas Before You Build It

Building a Quonset house? Why not? It’s easy, even you don’t have to build from the scratch –for most parts of Quonset home is prefabricated. It’s also practical to build and very robust and ever ready to protect you from extreme weather.

If you have a Quonset home in mind, the following are several things you should know about Quonset house before you building one. Let’s check it out.

1. A Quonset Homes? What Actually is it?

A Quonset Homes What Actually is it

You can easily pick a Qounset home among other type of house, because it has a plain and characteristic look. It has semi-silindrical look. The name itself, Quonset, is taken from name of the place it was first built in Rhode Island, the USA (and it’s derived from Algonquian language).

It simple construction means lots money saving. It’s also good against extreme weather. At first its most parts were fabricated out of Steel and metal steel.

2. Are There Any Advantages of Quenset Homes over any other Houses?

Are There Any Advantages of Quenset Homes over any other Houses

Yes, at least you have 5 advantages of Quonset houses over any other houses. First, it saves you a lot of money. A regular house can cost you $150 per sq.ft, while with Quonset you need only $5 sq.ft. See how much bucks you can save?

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Secondly, A Quonset house is among the most durable and weather proof. Thirdly, it’s easy to build. Fourthly, a Quonset house is highly customable from its open-floor layout. Lastly, this house is green, it’s environmentally friendly.

3. Any Advantages of Quonset Houses over Pole Barn Houses?

Any Advantages of Quonset Houses over Pole Barn Houses

One of the most typical house is a pole barn house. A Quonset hut house has several advantages over this house. In term of its cost, due to its materials usage, a pole barn a lot more expensive than a Quonset house.

The complicated building processes of a pole barn house will not happen in building a Quonset house. Furthermore, Quonset house proves durable against extreme weather. The storage system also enable you to improvise –things that harder to do with a pole barn house.

4. What About the Price?

quonset hut homes cost

The price of a Quonset house depends on several factors. But, somehow, it relatively cheaper than other houses. For example, if you want to a garage of 144 square ft., it will cost you around US$1,500 to US$15,000 for the kits (minus delivery, the installation and foundation costs).

The bigger the building, the higher the prices. A medium to big Quonset home reaches up to around $5000 -$30.000. These numbers exclude the furniture and interior design costs plus the labors to do them.

5. The Typical Floor Plans of Quonset Homes

quonset hut homes floor plans

Just like a ranch house, a Quonset home applies open floor plan for the interior. This enables you to improvise on how you set the interior layout. A Quonset hut home about 576 sq ft (24’x24’) can hold a one room, 1 bath room, kitchen (plus dining area), and a living room.

Other choice is 800 sq ft (40’x30’) which is comparable to 2 bedrooms house and suitable for small families. The bigger still, 1200 sq ft (30’x40’) suits well for you who want a large Quonset house, which can hold up to 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great room, kitchen and dining areas.

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6. Let’s Build It

quonset hut homes pictures

Though most parts are prefabricated, there still several factors to consider before you start building a Quonset house. First of all, you need to consider the materials.

You have several choices here: aluminum or metal panels (mostly corrugated. The frames are also from metal, only the insulations are not of metal (double-sided tape or super metal sealant, for example).

As for the interior, the choice is wide, you can set a vintage – contemporary styles, depends on your tastes. Don’t forget to take care the natural lighting and the airflow, put some skylight and venting systems.

As about the main entry or back door, use sliding door for efficient space usage. They also relatively maintenance-free and easy to install.

7. A Quonset Hut as Your Home

quonset hut homes photos

The ever rising cost to build or purchase a house forces some to consider the cheaper alternative of owning a house. A Quonset hut house is one of the better alternative. It’s cost-saving and very durable. Whether for small or big families, the options are always available.

The house’s also easy to maintain and you can set the interior design easily as well, for this house has an open floor plan. As you can see, an open floor plan offers you wider freedom in arranging your furniture or certain spot in the house.

8. Quonset Hut as Military Shelter

quonset hut home designs

In the beginning, there was a severe shortage of shelters for the US soldiers and their equipment. This was happened in the beginning of World War I. The conventional shelters were just too heavy and complicated to build quickly.

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A company belong to George A. Fuller offer a solution, they built prefab, semi-circular shelters, which were light, easy to build and durable. Now we know the type of shelters as Quonset shelters (or hut, or even home). Not only for military purposes, civilian began to use it as their home –with all its advantages.

9. Garage in Quonset Style

Quonset Hut Garage

Aside as military shelters or home, a Quonset is handy for garage. By using this style, if you want and have time, you can built it yourself.

As a Quonset comes in prefabricated parts, you need only to follow the manual to build it. This way you can save a lot money (than having to hire contractor), and you can have fun time in building it.

10. A Quonset Hut for Your Workshop

Quonset Hut Workshop

Need a workshop for your leisure activities? Build your own workshop easily and cheaply with Quonset hut prefabricated kits. All you need is a solid foundation and your skilled hand in assembling the kits.

Before long, you’ve had a new durable workshop. And you’re ready to handle any side or main projects without having to worry about weather or any other elemental disturbance.

11. Quonset Hut, Portable Style

pictures of quonset hut homes

A portable Quonset hut is particularly useful for people with high mobility. It’s easy to assembly and to take apart. On portable version, the metal/aluminum panels usually present on conventional Quonset are substituted by coarse PVC fabrics, only the frames still from metal. Though so, the durability is just the same, it can withstand any severe weather and keeps the owner in comfortable condition.