20 Beautiful DIY Pallet Bar Ideas You Can Try at Home

When life gets people down, a shot of whiskey or a sip of wine can made the day. However, the access of atmospheric alcoholic experience is often only present in bar. Nonetheless, one can still enjoy the delight of sipping and enjoying beverages with pallet bar ideas to design at home.

Pallet Bar Ideas

People can start by making a wooden bar of pallet pattern with 20 design as follows:

1. Outdoor Pallet Bar

Outdoor Pallet Bar

Loving outdoor atmosphere while enjoying favorite drink is the definition of having an outdoor bar. Building a small bar outside provides freedom of space where people can enjoy fenceless nature and beautiful scenery.

Instead of making a warm and closed bar inside the house, an outdoor bar is a good choice to refresh the mind both with fresh drink and fresh air. Simply use and arranges wood to create this type of bar. Start by making several stools from woods cut short.

Stick them together by nailing it. After that arrange the next by making a longer surface and table foot to support it.

It does not need to be wide just enough to put beverage and some snack. Neither polished stool nor bar table either to match raw nature setting.

2. Galley Bar

Galley Bar

The next pallet bar design that people can made from wood waste is galley bar design. The design is inspired by galley kitchen layout where counter dominates the look.

Instead of just single counter, the layout of this design has two counter creating 90 degrees angle shape. With this shape, the bar can fit more people.

Moreover, to upgrade the look of the wood, furnisher and some highlight light color will help to create an earthy yet sophisticated bar inside the house. This bar is suitable for house party or friends gathering. All needed are woods, saw, furnisher and some grainy paper to smoothen the surface.

3. Beach Pallet Bar

Beach Pallet Bar

Bar relies on the atmosphere it gives that could enhance the taste of beverage. Certain mood will create certain impression as well. One that leaves strong impression with cheery mood is beach mode.

A bar does not need to be night style, but people can cherish summer feeling through this beach pallet bar design.

Unlike other bars, the design of this pretty much relies on the decoration centered on beach theme. Live safer, surfboard, sea wave picture, colorful stools and straw roof will help to boost beach mode of the bar.

At this point, DIY maker needs to gather or make their own beach-related stuff in order to bring the feeling in full anticipation.

4. Classic Mini Pallet Bar

Classic Mini Pallet Bar

Limited space often becomes a problem of positioning an indoor stall inside the house or on a small yard. However, with just the right number of woods and design, people can still enjoy the mood of sipping alcohol on a sophisticated bar.

With this design, people can create a bar just by nailing some woods together, creating a rack underneath to create a space to store beverages. Moreover, the bar table is set higher with upside down rack to put cup and glasses.

This bar is compact and simple, yet this small bar gives an intense and earthy atmosphere with bare minimum decoration and furnishing.

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Put this bar in the corner of the room or in a private room to relax and the house is immediately turn into a fancy, relaxing bar. Prepare chunks of wood, nails, glue, saw, and furnisher to build this bar.

5. Rusty Pallet Bar

Rusty Pallet Bar

Another design idea for pallet bar is by designing a rusty yet fanciful bar inside the house. The rusty patterns come from the intentionally asymmetric wood pattern left unfurnished.

A thin long counter with thin pillar and basket of beverages make this bar suitable in the kitchen. Owner can serve meal to eat with the drinks.

Set of drinks will be on the hanging rack or saved in the drawer along with glasses and cup. This will create a clean slate of table bar. Wooden stools with circular shape will add dynamic to the atmosphere of the room.

Prepare solid wood, can be oak or other big trees, cut them according to the shape and form the chunk of wood into circular stools and rectangular counter. House owner can taste the feel of bar inside the house.

6. Little Deli Pallet Bar

Little Deli Pallet Bar

A single counter bar can be boring and plain, but this design is refreshing. Combining shabby deli into a minimalist bar is winning the best of both world.

Unlike other bars, designer can set the bar to look like tables and stool in a small, Western deli. Owner attaches the table on the wall and surrounds the angle with rectangular stools.

Made from wood, owner can make those furniture’s glossy by adding furnisher and touch of patter.

For example, only the wood with symmetrical patterns face up while the less symmetrical one becomes the back of the table and facing down to not ruin the wood pattern. Deli bar can be a great idea for those who want a fresh-looking bar in the house.

7. Shabby Pallet Bar

Shabby Pallet Bar

The next design of bar that people can bring in the comfort of their house is shabby pallet bar. The bar is a good choice for outdoor setting with low table and chair.

Therefore, the design is more similar to restaurant table, however, it still brings the shabby and warm atmosphere of bar.
The table is rectangular one with deeper surface on the center to put on bottle, cup and lower decoration.

The chairs are made in rectangular shape as well with lower stool. The table can hold 6 to 8 people. Therefore, owner can hold a drink party as well with family or friends.

Materials needed to make this bar are woods from young age and nail. People can either choose to furnish or to let it on its natural color depend on preference.

8. Minimalist Pallet Bar

Minimalist Pallet Bar

If you wishes for a private time alone drinking and reminiscing the day, this type of home are is what you look for. Instead of full with decorative pattern or frills and pretty light, this bar is simple and minimalist with no distracting design.

The combination of black color is also a good way of creating serene and calm atmosphere. All needed to make this bar is by sticking chunk of wood in rectangular pattern and furnish the stool with black paint.

People can also add drawer or just simply let it be and enjoy drink in a simple and calm atmosphere.

9. Pallet Bar and Grill

Pallet Bar and Grill

Enjoying drink while having barbeque party with family and friends sounds to be a good idea to spend weekend. Instead of going to fancy restaurant, enjoying the comfort of home and togetherness is what this bar and grill can bring.

Designed as outdoor pallet bar and grill, partygoers can enjoy drink as well as feast on barbeque together with friends and family. Make a toast together to celebrate special day with people on double counter design table and hut, with stools as well as grill machine.

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Unlike other bars, this bar is more of a hut because it has straw roof and has bigger space. Therefore, it can hold more people. The more people the merrier party will be.

10. Warm Brick Pallet Bar

Warm Brick Pallet Bar

Another design of bar for those who wish to spend a homey and comfortable drink outside house is this warm brick bar with soft and warm lighting. Moreover, the addition of bricks accentuates a retro-ish and vintage feeling suitable for both older generation and vintage lovers.

To make this bar, it will take more materials and energy as it has more width and structure compared to single bar. Bricks are also added to strengthen the structure of the bar. For those who want a rather permanent bar, can choose this warm, brick bar.

11. Outdoor Café Pallet Bar

Outdoor Café Pallet Bar

When coffee accompanies drink, it would be a sleepless night of togetherness and deep interaction. For those who love both coffee and alcoholic beverage and does not mind to eat out at their bar with family and friends, can choose this pallet bar.

In this bar, there is not only counter but also racks to place beverage, coffee maker to make coffee and menu list to choose. Owner can also install display to watch movie or match together while enjoying drinks to pass the night. Made of wood and leather stool, this café and bar looks sophisticated for both outdoor and indoor setting.

12. Pallet Bar with Drawer

Pallet Bar with Drawer

Storing precious wine and champagne and easily reach it out when we want to drink them is why the idea of having drawer on a bar counter sounds well.

In this mini bar design, it has one elevated counter to serve while the lower one is to make and mix the drink.

On the inner side of the bar, it has several drawers to place utensil and cutleries as well as glasses and cups. A higher drawer is good to store old drinks and convenient to pick up once we need it.

Someone needs a good skill of making woods into this with precision. However, it is not something impossible to do at home.

13. Earthy Pallet Bar

Earthy Pallet Bar

Other options to create a small, personalized mini bar at home is by trying this design. Relatively small and simple, it is a dark-colored bar with gaps on the side to let the light seep out from the inside. This is suitable for enjoying tequila or cocktail with partner or best friend.

Furthermore, an addition of flower vase or other decoration coupled with lights and dark design of the bar will make the night much more intense and intimate. Unlike outdoor bar that mostly for many people, this suits for couple or two people to have an intimate moment or conversation.

14. Mini Trolley Pallet Bar

Mini Trolley Pallet Bar

If need a new and non-mainstream design to cheer up the crowd in party or just want to have compatible mini bar that we can stroll around, this type of unique mini bar will be the answer. While other bars have permanent design, this bar is mobile with small wheel for people to stroll it around.

It also has smaller design with squares box to store drinks and bottle. Owner can easily pass the bottle to the crowd by pushing it.

Moreover, it also needs less material and easier to make with nail and saw to piece them together. Placing the wheel may be tricky, but as long as the wheel is available with the screw and metal, this bar is pretty simple to make.

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15. Diamond Pallet Bar

Diamond Pallet Bar

An ethnic bar with distinctive pattern will not only give the function of bar but also enhancing the aesthetic of the room. This pallet bar has diamond pattern made from wood placed on forty five degrees on each side.

The darker woods lining the counter to create a solid, ethnic bar. To provide glossy look to it, add a clear paint to create shiny look to it. Thus, the bar will look both traditional as well as modern.

16. Neon Pallet Bar

Neon Pallet Bar

A more modern and futuristic look for the bar is by adding neon touch to it. To light up the bar inside the house for livelier look, we can add neon lights inside the counter. Before that, the counter needs to be designed with gap pattern to let the lights leak.

There is also hanging shelf to store bottles and cup and racks to put cutleries. The lamplight above it is set to have neutral light and not over shining the neon light. With this, owner has both futuristic and calm bar inside house.

17. Classy Red Pallet Bar

Classy Red Pallet Bar

While other pallet bar may play it warm and earthy, owner can also add boldness and sensual touch by adding red color onto the design of the bar.

Red circular stool with ice bucket and champagne will make this little bar the best place to spend the night together with loved one. the compact design also makes it pretty mobile for us to move it around.

To add a sophisticated look, owner can also decorate the wall with object according to preference. This bar is easy to make at home and does not need to follow the sample. Owner can add personal touch on it.

18. White Classic Pallet Bar

White Classic Pallet Bar

Another unconventional bar with soft and simple design, yet a little livelier design is by combining white and flower. A bar full of frills and light design is suitable for outdoor event in a sunny day. This is an easy little bar of slim counter in which we can place picnic basket, drinks and fruits.

Add a touch of flowers by placing flower vase or greenies near them. A day out with someone special with this bar definitely will create flowery atmosphere that is rather bright than the usual atmosphere of conventional bar.

19. Man Cave Pallet Bar

Man Cave Pallet Bar

A little eccentric bar design named man cave bar is a design that does not exactly resemble cave man, rather the raw design it has may look like something a cave man has inside his cave.

Big and spacey, the bar is neither furnished nor painted. It uses the raw color of woods to create a natural and simple design. Despite the simple theme, this bar needs stronger and sturdier wood to be able to have solid design.

Furthermore, the bar is pretty heavy for something unpolished because it rather has long-lasting presence than a gaudy look. Along the counter, there is wood stick to pass on the drinks with guest.

20. Nature Green Pallet Bar

Nature Green Pallet Bar

Unite with nature and bring its atmosphere at home is the purpose of green natural bar. For those who love greenies and want to create environmentally friendly bar, this design pretty much live up to the expectation.

This is an ordinary DIY bar with counter, but additional decoration of wild plants and flowers cover almost all sides of the bar. With this design, the bar will look very suitable for natural atmosphere.

Those who miss nature can make this pallet bar at home just with woods, paints and simple wood making skill.

Those are all DIY beautiful bar that you can try to create at home to create atmospheric and aesthetic bar inside the house