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20 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas for Christmas Night

Of all holidays, you probably can only have it on Christmas: the outdoor decorations. Christmas is a holiday of light, and you can’t have it better than put your merry display outdoor.

So, no wonder that you neighborhood now seems to flare up with beautiful light. Every garden or porches compete with each other for attention. Had gotten the idea for your outdoor Christmas decorations? Unlike what most people think, it’s easy to turn your garden into Christmas winter wonderland.

With the superb background, the snow, you can practically unleash all your creativity to make one of the most enchanting winter wonderlands in your neighborhood. As inspirations, we have here 20 outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas.

1. Got an Idea for Your Reindeer Decorations?

Reindeer Decorations

The reindeer is the most iconic outdoor decoration. It’s excellent as a center of interest in your garden, and it’s easy to craft like this reindeer cutouts. Here you can see that the sleight lighted up considerably to put some focal point. It also balances so well with the reindeers. Overall, you need to consider this one for your Christmas.

2. The Lighted up Solitary Rudolph

Lighted up Solitary Rudolph

This example is perfect if you prefer the idea of solitary Rudolf pulling the sleigh on its own. With only one or two lights, it would not stand out at night. But with all light all over its body and the sleigh, the scene turns into an impressing display. The play of light on both of the figures seems to light up the night in your garden. It’s so beautiful.

3. Get Your Lighted Snowman

Lighted Snowman

Have you no time to build your snowman? You see, one of the most cherished moments of Christmas time is to make your snowman. Even in your adult life, this activity still haunts you. But, because lack of time or lack of snow, you can’t do it anymore. Fortunately bow you can easily purchase the snowmen. Just like this one. As the reindeer in the previous list, this wireframe snowball comes with the lights. Therefore you just put it in your garden, lawn, or porch, and light it up. See? It’s great at night.

4. Need one of the Simplest Outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas? Light up Your Trees

Great Winter Landscape

If you have plenty of time this Christmas holiday, and if you have trees or shrubs around in your garden, you should light up them all. With the rise of a LED lighting system, you practically can light up any parts of them. The results are fantastic, like this example. The combination of blue and yellow lights presents a warm-cold air on Christmas night. Great.

5. Want to have calm and straightforward Christmas night? Set Luminaries


Some people want to have calm and straightforward Christmas night? If you are one of them, you might wonder that with only a small thing can fulfill those feelings. A luminaire will help you out. Place luminaries along the path leading to your front porch. In this example, the snows provide suitable background for the luminaries. With the lighted up house, the combination gives off the calm and soothing atmosphere you seek.

6. Dwarf Alberta Spruces as the Guardian Angels

Alberta Spruce Dwarfs

When Christmas comes to a northerner, a dwarf Alberta spruces is the number one priority. The tree dwarfed other threes as the centerpieces in your home on Christmas. The North people mostly use the tree as the part of the landscaping in their holiday. The tree will adore their entryway, just like this example. The dwarf tree looks like the green guardians of the house. The symmetry balances well with the double doors. To add the merry days, the harmonious double Christmas wreath also put on the doors.

7. Living Christmas Tree

Living Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree may remind you of a heavily laden dead pine tree at the corner of your room. But what about outdoor Christmas tree with a live pine tree? It would be a great idea for one of your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

You may start by planting a spruce if you haven’t one in your garden. But, if you’re lucky enough to have one (a suitable sufficient for your purpose), you can start to deck it right away. As a result, you have a beautiful outdoor Christmas tree. And it’s alive!

8. Want to have a romantic Christmas? Use the hanging branch

Horizontal Branching

You can find lots inspiration from your garden for a merry Christmas. If you want something romantic, just look up and see if you have any hanging branches available. The most perfect for it is the dogwood tree. The branches hang elegantly over the ground, and all you need is to adore it with your Christmas ornaments.

9. Festive Christmas Window Box

Christmas Window Box

Here you can see the example of how small things can make significant differences. Your window boxes can turn your home into a Christmas garden just with a little tweak. In this case, the differing factor is the red berry and ribbons. With green backdrop, they are elegant and stand out without overpowering tones. The result is a merry Christmas in a window box.

10. Add Swags to Your Christmas Wreath

Swags Christmas Wreath

How do you adorn your door? By hanging a Christmas wreath? That’s great. But if you recently feel that the ornament’s too plain, you can level it up for a fresher look. The trick’s simple, you need only combine the wreath with a door swag. This example gives you a nice combination of a Christmas wreath and door swags.

11. The Most Versatile Christmas Ornaments: Garlands

Versatile Christmas Ornaments

Garland is the most versatile ornament for Christmas. You can put it on every part of the house: the entryway, fences, hall, arbors, or even wrapped around your Christmas tree. It gives a classic look to your Christmas time. Garland also provides room for experiments. It combines well with almost other Christmas accessories. The limit is only your imagination.

12. Big Nutcracker Guarding the Front Door

Large Nutcracker Christmas Decorations

Like something unique for your Christmas? Put your nutcracker stand sentinel on guard your front doors. Their colorful appearance is the attention gatherers. In this example, the two figures are guarding an entrance adorned with big Christmas wreath. Those red-dominated elements blends give warm air to your Christmas.

13. The Symmetrical Porch is a Gift: You only Need to Deck it for a Merry Christmas

Porch Columns Decorated With Christmas Gift Boxes

If you like symmetry and already have regular porch columns, this example is yours. As you can see here, the regular columns have provides the basis for your outdoor Christmas ideas. All you must to do is be creative and adorn those columns with garlands, or Christmas ornaments to your taste.

14. Decking the Fence with Simple Christmas Wreath

Adorn Your Fence With a Wreath

So far you see Christmas wreath as the faithful companion of the door. Not only the door but you can also put your wreath elsewhere, like this picture. You may adorn your fence with Christmas wreath. You can see that the rustic and plain looking fence turns into a gorgeous pint of interest instantly.

15. Don’t Forget the Hedge

Hedge Your Bets

This time hedge can help out to get the whole your property enjoy the spirit of Christmas. You can adorn the small trees along it with Christmas ornaments and bright red ribbons. In the picture, the frost that whiten the green and ground add a nice touch of Christmas air into it.

16. Improvise for Your Tropics Christmas

Christmas in the Tropics

Thought Christmas mostly associated with Pine trees, you can improvise a little if you happen to have not the pine tree in store –or if you live in tropical areas. This pictures attested that you could use palm trees as the alternative of Christmas tree. The key is its lighting. Though the palm itself is the least associated with Christmas, the light provides the air of Christmas to the house.

17. Deck the Shrub

Light Up Your Foundation Planting

You’ve covered your evergreen trees, branches, and the hedges. Now it’s time to deck your shrubs, the bushes that you plant along the foundation of your house. Put colorful Christmas lighting under its foliage. It will give off ambient light that genuinely marvelous at night. And if the snow started falling and wrapped the shrubs, it’s even better –the play of colorful light on the snow is magic.

18. Display the Best Nativity Scene

Decorate for the Nativity in Style

A Christmas without the Nativity scene is no Christmas. After all, the Nativity is the Christmas origin. So, display your best Nativity scene with your quality figurine. Put them in the right view, just like this example.

19. Show off the Holly Basket on the Porch

Holly Basket

A holly basket can be a simple point of interest in your Christmas time. Just put it on your porch. Arrange the holly shrubs, berries, and pine cones, in a pleat basket as the example. It’s cute.

20. Deck the Lawn with Santa’s Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh as a Christmas Lawn Decoration

Put the most iconic Christmas elements on your lawn. Santa’s sleigh is the most apparent sign of Christmas in this modern world. It’s red, and it’s easily recognizable. So, putting Santa’s sleigh is one of the outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas you can have for this Christmas.

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