11 Awesome Modern Ranch Style Home Design Ideas

It probably safe to say that a ranch house is one of the most prominent icon of American. After a long fade and regarded as derelict, this style makes a cool come back.

The following are ten of most awesome ranch house for your inspiration.

1. An Airy Minimalist Ranch Home

Warm Modern Ranch Interior

This House, Sunset Knoll House in Oregon, provides you with 2 bedrooms and a breathtaking view. It’s minimalist, and it’s so effectively lay outed. It utilize the most of the nature offers: air, sun, and woods. The result is a ranch house which boast a fresh and airy atmosphere.

2. Modern-Minimalist Ranch Home

Contemporary Platinum Custom Home

You can locate this cool house in California. It’s also known as Caterpillar House. You can see the modern version of a ranch house here. A charming combination of sloping roof, straight lines, and glasses.

In short, it’s designed to look modern and minimalist, yet it also offers the American comfort.

3. A ranch House, A Beautiful Barn Style ranch House

Open and Airy Ranch Home

Without a touch of deft architectural hands, this house will be no different from any barn: boxy, dark and boring. With it, as you can see now, the house’s transformed to a gallery of light and comfort.

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The big glass facade of this McDonald residence (California) gives a lightness to the otherwise heavy-looking barn house.

4. Rustic and Cottage Ranch Home

Ranch Style Interior Office

A combination of old and old style, in this case a rustic style and a cottage one, offers a great refresh for the lover of ranch house, just like this example of Wurster Ranch (California).

The warm elements of rustic style plus a light sensation of cottage style provides the comfort you need in modern living.

5. A Fresh Renovated Ranch House –Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Ranch Dining Room

Instead of bringing down the existing old ranch house – A charming Colorado ranch house in Mediterranean style, the owner only renovates it into the 21 century mood. The result is a modern Mediterranean Frischkorn ranch house with a touch of mid-century and minimalist style. Great.

6. Freshly Renovated Mid-Century Ranch House

Single Story Ranch House

Still with Mid-century main frame, this ranch house also offers refreshing outdoor view. This house has been improved to a 2-story ranch house (from a single-story one), and it effectively add a better view points and natural light. It also offers a lot more outdoor activities –with additional yard.

7. A Ranch House: Modern-Minimalist Style

Californoa Ranch House

The lines is strong and impressive. The geometric is simple yet charming. The combination of cedar siding with the smooth stucco is gorgeous.

Along with them, you can see as well the careful placement of clerestory windows that allow natural light and view freely into the house. This Southern California house is sweet.

8. Black-White Themed Contemporary Ranch House

Black and White Contemporary Ranch House

This house in Paradise Valley (Arizona) offers you a simple but awesome contemporary ranch house. Built in one of the hottest spot in the USA, the designer offers an open theme for this ranch. The result is an open and light ranch house so suitable with the Arizona climate.

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9. A Midcentury Ranch House for Inspiration

Traditional Ranch Style Home Interior

Back in the 40s and 70s, ranch houses are on the rise. This one is one of the perfect example of the era, the mid-century ranch house in Oyster Bay (New York). It comes complete with the exotic and simplistic decor and furniture. Cool.

10. A Ranch House in the Woods

Northern California Ranch-Style Home

Blending in with the surrounding landscape is the main idea of this Los Altos (California) ranch house. This minimalist house blends awesomely with the surrounding flora.

The house designed so that you can be one with the nature, yet you still can have your days comfortably just like in any other modern houses.

11. Your Most Comfortable 1950s Ranch House

Midcentury California Ranch Home

Again, you have an inspiration for Mid-century ranch house. This 1950s house has every modern living you can imagine: beautiful facade, cool landscape, and a pleasant interior.

This Menlo Park (California) house is perfect for daily living, or for retiring after so many years of hectic working life –just like the owner of this house.

That’s all the eleven ranch houses for your inspiration. Seeing all those awesome house, now we’re sure that you already have ideas for your dream ranch house. Right?