10 Most Inspiring Metal Building Homes

Metal Building Homes – For decades, metal buildings have been used as houses, not just for warehouses or barns. And recently, steel homes have increased significantly due to its long list of benefits. Let’s see what are those benefits which able to turn people to choose metal buildings as a home instead of other common constructions or materials.

  1. Cheaper construction cost compared to conventional construction.
  2. Save more money because it is durable & low maintenance.
  3. Easier to repair makes it convenience.
  4. Strong, good quality of steel that is chosen to used that keeps you safe from storm and any other threat.
  5. Fast construction, you can save more time to build it which leads you to save more money.
  6. Anti mold, anti termites and other pests.
  7. Flexible in design, long expand or combination of other materials are easily solved by steel construction.
  8. And the best thing is, there are many varieties, from shapes to dimensions and you can even ask for custom design to the manufacturer.

So, let’s check out some variation of metal buildings that are being used as homes.

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1. Mixed with Timber Metal Building Home

Mixed with Timber Metal Building Home

The use of timber that mixed well together with the steel material of the house is a clever idea to give a homey feeling to the metal home. It also proves that the steel building can cooperate well with other material, like woods, stones and more. It gives design flexibility for the house’s appearance.

2. Industrial Style Metal Home

Industrial Style Metal Home

Industrial look is a hot trend right now. It is simple, tough looking and it is easily achieved through steel building. Just need a little wooden touch and this dark grey choice of color have already do all the job to get the industrial style to the metal home. And the seating areas on the front terrace is an inviting factor which is a plus.

3. Modern Metal Building Home

Modern Metal Building Home

If you look closer to the metal house, it is a very simple steel building that take a shape of a warehouse, but by adding the sheltered terrace along the side of the house; the metal building suddenly changed into a cozy modern style metal home.

4. Summer Metal Building House

Summer Metal Building House

Must be a dream for most family to have a summer getaway house by the lake or mountains. But often, the cost to build a summer-house is a big burden, especially on the global economic crisis right now.

Well then, this steel building could be a great solution to your summer dream house. This little red metal house could be come a best choice for a summer-house. It is not too big, but not too small either, with the front and back porch, simple and low maintenance.

5. Suburban Metal Home Ideas

Suburban Metal Home Ideas

The size of the house is quite big, simple shape of the letter “L” with additional porch. It is a very humble metal house that fits just right on suburban areas.

It does not need too much style and sophistication, just meet all the requirements of functional and comfortable home. So, if you like the quite and simple life, this suburban metal home could be the right choice for you.

6. Mid Century Metal Building Home

Mid Century Metal Building Home

Steel construction on second floor and part of first floor that combined with stone material definitely bring the mid-century touch to the house.

Even though timber and stone are the combination back then, but the steel vertical profile which painted with white gives the illusions of wooden wall. This house got all the character.

7. Country Metal Home Design

Country Metal Home Design

You can find so many houses like this along the country side. It is a standard style for most of the large house which owner prefers a country life outside the city, but not too far from the city.

This big house might need a big cost and hard labor to build, but with the steel building construction, this country metal home can become cheaper and easy to build. Doesn’t it a great way to have a large house?

8. Barn Style Metal Home

Barn Style Metal Home

A very straight forward and function oriented. Yes, this house does not need any this and that to its look. It is just a plain barn converted into a home with simple terraces.

Even the main door is the signature door of a barn. But all of these barn resemblances makes the metal home unique. And this barn style metal home is unquestionably would not cost you much money.

9. Warehouse Style Metal Home

Warehouse Style Metal Home

Another example of the cheap version of a steel building. This warehouse style metal home is so simple that you can even painted the house in red but still looking adorable.

This house may even be a great choice for a holiday house. It is not that big, but you still can hang around on the terrace to fix some barbeques with friends and family.

10. American Style Metal Building Home

American Style Metal Building Home

Stone chimney as the focal point, attic rooms, big long porch, a wooden look; this house screams for american style indeed. But do not get fooled, this house is build from metal construction too. The whole roof and the entire wall are all from steel.

The profile of the steel is the key to the wooden look, really match a wooden panel profile. Then the steel wall which was painted in wooden color is the adding factor to the wooden material look a like. A good camouflage, isn’t it?

So many shapes, many sizes, many designs, many styles even many looks that a steel building can offers you. Would it be a great choice for a house? With all that benefits mentioned above, plus you do not need to hire an architect or an engineer to build and design your home.

All you need to do is meet up with the steel building company to discuss your choice of home and meet your budget. They will provide you with drawings and budget breakdown.  Once you deal with the design and budget, they will build your steel house into a home in a relatively short time.

Well, it also depends on how big your steel home design is. So, get inspired by all the 10 metal building homes listed above and you can plan a metal home that meets your needs and personality.

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