Modern Kitchen Sinks for Corners

The presence of kitchen sinks for corners helps houses to be looked neat and clean.

However, sometimes people do not realize that not all placements can avoid them from the messiness.

It might be from some factors to consider, for example, lights, kitchen furniture, and space. Many elements also influence how the corner kitchen sinksoutstanding.

This kind of designs actually has been available since the 18th century, and it is still popular until now.

Even property developers adopt this idea to adjust the need of today’s people in modern houses. It is also applicable for apartments, offices, and private houses, especially which have narrow spaces.

The people demand something more practical, beneficial, and sustainable. That will be difficult for them who are busy and have limited time to think about the interior design.

So, when kitchen is made, better if the setting has already been fixed and no need much improvement in the future.

Not merely about space matter, kitchen sinks for corners may advance the performance of spacious rooms.

The sink seems invisible but gives surprises inside the house. If the view is flat or bland, putting some other stuffs or decorations are advisable, for example placing a vase of flowers at the corners or hanging cooking pots above it. That will be very nice!

Is A Kitchen Sink for Corner Okay?

Of course, we should admit that there are always plus and minus things in realizing corner kitchen sinks.

But even so, let’s think again in what way they affect the kitchen performance.

If you find more positive ways to install this design, just do it! On the contrary, if you cannot deal with the negative impacts, perhaps you can see another kitchen sink designs for the betterment.

Advantages and Disadvantages Corner Kitchen Sink

Advantages :

  • Save Up More Spaces

First think first on why we should install kitchen sinks for corners is because it saves up more spaces!

Usually, we have the sink in the middle part of the kitchen place it near the window. That’s so common.

But, even if it looks good, don’t you know that it exhausts the space?

Compared if you have kitchen sinks for corners, you can use other spaces for something else.

  • Enliven a Corner

The sinks help us to change a dead corner into a lively one. Corner side, that usually looks dark and empty, gets enlightened with this design.

  • Have a Neater Look

Having a corner kitchen sink makes the appearance neater. Because the sink is like hidden from the view, the kitchen looks tidier and cleaner.

Even if you are in a hurry and have no time to clean the dishes, just sink it in the sink. It seems disappear!

You will have no embarrassing moments when some guests come in.

  • Add More Aesthetic Value

Corner sink may add aesthetic value for the interior. The design exhibits a distinctive shape that makes it more interesting.

It will avoid a boring appearance for the room. At last, the positive thing we get by installing this kitchen sink is to present a charming look of the kitchen.

Disadvantages :

Now, let’s see the negative things that sometimes become the issues.

  • More Costly

The first one is that it is little bit costly. It is undeniable that having a kitchen sink for corner will spend more budgets.

This price is for the installment which is unusual and more complicated. So, you have to prepare the money if you are willing to have such beauty.

  • Lighting Matter

The second is related to the lighting. Because it is on the corner, sometimes it receives less lights than the other parts.

  • Not So Enjoyable

The third one, the position of the sink sometimes makes people uncomfortable to wash the dishes.

It is because the person will face the corner side and the view is not that good. To lower the bad impacts and unsatisfied design, it is better for you to consult it with the expert to get some more advises.

Similarly, to help you remodel your beloved kitchen, or to find something fresh about the kitchen design, here we discuss the things you need to know about kitchen sinks for corners.

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Not only about the sink, it includes the other things that support it.

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas

1. Simple Kitchen Sinks for Corners

Kitchen Corner with Caddy Rack

Let’s begin with the styles of corner kitchen sink. It is started with the simplest one. You will get mesmerized by its unique look in simplicity.

This design is what usually comes up for a corner kitchen sink. The appearance is very simple but thanks to the flowers and the clock hanging on the wall above it that makes the sink more attractive.

However, this setting has no place for the racks. We may add a shelf above or near the sink so that it makes us easier to put the clean dishes after washing.

2. Marble Top for Kitchen Sink

Excellent Kitchen Sink Corner Caddy

Having a simple design is good, but don’t be too minimalist to create something different.

Marble top sounds great to be applied for kitchen top in order to enhance the performance of simple sink.

So, installing kitchen corner does not mean everything is done; it needs more efforts to make it beautiful, not merely a part of furniture that must belong to the kitchen.

The benefit of owning marble top is you do need to do much effort to decorate the room. It is because this natural material already exposes its beauty with natural pattern.

3. Wooden Kitchen Sink in Corner Cabinet

Wooden Kitchen Sink Storage

It is so amazing to see the magic of kitchen sink in corner cabinet. Besides performing unique interior design, the sink itself looks gorgeous to be installed inside of a wooden cabinet.

Perhaps, this work will be more complicated, but it is worth enough to create something interesting in the kitchen.

You can imagine how hard to adjust the wooden materials to the sink size. It must require high carefulness and should be done by the expert.

This design is appropriate for you who are willing to have a contemporary style of kitchen sink by a combining traditional look with the modern one.

4. Farmhouse Corner Kitchen Sinks

Storage Rack for Corner Kitchen Sinks

Brown is so typical with traditional style. Just like this one; it is a corner kitchen sink designed in a farmhouse theme.

The interesting thing is that it is far from the rustic impression, but just sturdy and elegant.

The material takes from granite composite that is similar to kitchen top. The sink is so matched with the urban design which tends to meet traditional and updated styles. We can see in the choice of faucet; that’s so classy!

5. Stainless Kitchen Sinks with Rounded Corners

Double Kitchen Sink Corner Drain

Do you realize that the shapes of kitchen sink can point out the theme of your room?

Well, usually we find a kitchen sink with a rectangular shape. It looks formal and not flexible.

But, how about kitchen sinks with rounded corners? You can feel the difference, right? Made of shining stainless material, the rounded sink will be more appealing.

6. Monochromatic Rounded Kitchen Sink

Small Kitchen Sink with Corner Faucet Design

The corner side of the kitchen will never be boring anymore since we have a rounded kitchen sink.

Its unique shape decorates the top flawlessly. We can opt the mounted sink model for the preference to underline its beauty, especially to perform the uniqueness of rounded kitchen corner.

The color option can be matched to the main theme as well so that it looks harmonious with the environment.

See this example, the double basin kitchen sink in rounded shape is very nice attached to the black marble countertop. It is shining beautifully in monochromatic hoes.

7. Chic Undermount Rounded Kitchen Sink

White Fireclay Basin for Corner Kitchen Sink

Perhaps, you seldom spend your time in the kitchen, but having a kitchen sink is a must.

One of the designs of kitchen sinks for corners suggests a rounded typed sink with undermount style.

Its narrow shape is suitable to fulfill the corner side. Because of its tininess, the sink seems invisible from the sights.

However, the weakness of having this design is that it cannot load more things to wash.

You have to be careful so that the water is not splattered anywhere and get the kitchen top wet, thus manage its usage well.

8. Enchanting Top-Mounted Kitchen Corner Sinks

Fabulous Kitchen Sink Faucet

This model is also referable for kitchen sinks in corner design. It is a white mounted sink that looks stunning with its big size. The corner will be more containing.

Moreover, its bright color contrasts with the environment which can be a good point to stand out the interior.

Because the sink is huge, it will be better to complete it with drains and caddy.

If it has more spaces nearby, you can put racks or add it with decoration. At last, this design demands you to keep it hygiene because it is susceptible for the dusks in its sidelines.

9. Gorgeous Kitchen Sinks for Corner Cabinets

Movable Facets for Two Basins

To give you a clear description of what corner kitchen sink is like, this picture may represent your imagination of a perfect kitchen sink in corner design.

Even though it has no window to allow the light coming in, an excellent setting of kitchen furniture evokes good atmosphere in this area.

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The sink placed in the corner works well with the big cabinets above it. For the luxury, the corner cabinet is also equipped with the television or monitor to play some videos or to enable us to watch our favorite program while washing the dishes.

If we see the kitchen at a glance, sometimes it is hard to recognize where the sink is because it seems invisible.

This is what so-called the illusion of a corner kitchen sink, especially for the undermount types. It will be an incredible experience of having this magic inside your home.

10. Small Kitchen Sinks for Corner Cabinets

Bright Kitchen Sinks for Corner Design

Perhaps, by seeing this picture, we want to add one more positive thing about kitchen sinks in corner design.

Do you realize that when we build a corner kitchen sink, space underneath will also be cornered?

We can use the empty space under the sink to storage our kitchen appliances.

Meanwhile, it is fine to install a set of cabinets above it only in one side since another side is for the window.

It is purposed to let the light in. The room becomes brighter and healthier by personalizing this setting.

11. Big Kitchen Sink Corner Shelf

Small Kitchen Corner Sinks Under Windows with Good Lighting

In today’s design, it is easy to find products related to the kitchen which have a multifunctional purpose.

Even we can request the designer to create something by adjusting to the available space, for example kitchen sink corner shelf.

It is also the way to maximize the area. This design tries to combine a corner kitchen sink with the shelf underneath.

No problem if we pick a big basin as long as it suits the size of the corner shelf. The choice of color theme will solve it, for instance.

The sink is made of white porcelain, while the cabinet is also colored in white.

Added by good lighting, it gives a spacious illusion for the narrow room.

12. Hanging Décor for Corner Kitchen Sinks


Let’s be creative with a simple design! Kitchen sinks in corner design need to be upgraded in term of its style, but how it turns out into a messy look?

Well, basically you can also start with a minimalist model for the decoration; not costly, but it is quite interesting and beneficial.

Sometimes we do nothing with the sink; we just change the things around it to enhance the performance.

Here we have hanging racks attached on the ceiling. Cooking pots and other kitchen wares will be more organized with this stuff.

However, you have to consider the height; don’t be too high or too low because it makes difficult to reach it or you get distracted by its presence.

13. Small Kitchen Corner Sinks Under Windows with Good Lighting

Big Kitchen Sink Corner Shelf

A simple sink in the corner will be nothing without having an excellent placement.

More windows help the room to get more lighting, especially to keep the humidity well.

Sunlight that enters in the kitchen is also good for our health, while the window makes a good circulation.

The sink has two basins here. That’s a good idea to do by having both of them; one can be used to put the dishes and another one is to clean up the dishes.

For another option, you may use the right basin for the dishes and the left one is to wash the fruits and vegetables.

14. Bright Kitchen Sinks for Corner Design

Small Kitchen Sinks for Corner Cabinets

Don’t forget to think about color since it has huge impact on the ambiance inside the house.

White color can be the best choice for a limited space kitchen. The building with a high ceiling will be more stunning as well by personalizing this idea.

Moreover, white is so harmonious with the color of corner kitchen sink basin that makes it looked clean yet elegant.

Surrounded by clear glass, washing the dishes may give you an enjoyable moment because you can the beautiful view outside the house.

15. Movable Facets for Two Basins

Kitchen Sinks for Corner Cabinets

Having two basins makes you easier to wash the dishes or cooking ingredients.

You can install one facet for all in order to save up the budget as well as to be more practical. The facet is movable which enables you to turn it right or left freely.

See how the water outs, it has a smooth flow but it can be changed into a gentle setting.

The water also directly comes to the point, so it will not spread out of the basins and you will get wet.

How far the facet can be flexibly moved should be set in the installation.

16. Fabulous Kitchen Sink Faucet

Enchanting Top-Mounted Kitchen Corner Sinks

The kitchen is not merely a kitchen anymore since we have a kitchen sink with corner faucet in luxurious design.

The faucet model refers to the Victorian style which has curves on its shape. What makes it interesting is it is equipped by the hot and cold mode, so that the owners can customize based on their need.

The faucet is also appropriate for corner kitchen sinks with one big basin.

This design is suitable for you who likes simplicity but wants an interesting thing to point out the interior.

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17. White Fireclay Basin for Corner Kitchen Sink

Chic Undermount Rounded Kitchen Sink

Is it okay to have a big fireclay basin for a corner kitchen sink? Why not! But even so, you have to consider the kitchen corner space as well as your need.

This kind of sink is so adorable with its mounted apron that little bit comes out; that’s why people are interested in it.

Colored in white, sometimes we wonder about how we clean it. Don’t worry about it because this clay material is quite easy to be cleaned up by using a chemical product for porcelain.

The design is just perfect completed by the natural material for the kitchen top.

18. Small Kitchen Sink with Corner Faucet Design

Monochromatic Rounded Kitchen Sink

Minimalist home design often adopts a simple style for its interior without leaving beauty and elegance, just like this one.

Small kitchen sink with corner faucet suits the space of a narrow kitchen. Unlike common sink which is built at the corner of the room, it is installed at the corner of kitchen island.

Its shape is so hilarious with trapezoid form consisted of three parts; one for draining, the center for washing, and the small one for the caddy. It has a mini faucet that takes an important part for the sink.

19. Double Kitchen Sink Corner Drain

Stainless Kitchen Sinks with Rounded Corners

Kitchen sinks in corner design are not only functioned to wash the dishes, but any kinds of cooking appliances including foods are cleaned in this area.

Hence, it is better to simplify our tasks by having a kitchen sink corner drain. Some have the drain installed at the corner but some have them attached in the basin.

When it is united with the basin, it makes us easier to wash vegetables or fruits, for example, since it can avoid the ingredients from getting fallen in the sanitation.

Even though it is a little bit difficult to clean it up, this drain is recommended for practical use.

20. Storage Rack for Corner Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse Corner Kitchen Sinks

Putting a lot of things on the kitchen top makes the view messy. Such untidiness can be solved by having a kitchen sink corner storage rack.

It is so common for us to place the rack in the nearby area that easy to be seen. However, to make the kitchen neater, the storage rack under the kitchen sink is a good idea to do.

The rack is very simple to be pulled and pushed, and we are also easy to store away the kitchen wares on it.

After pulling it off, do not forget to reenter the rack in the cabinet to avoid you from an unexpected accident of hitting the rack.

21. Wooden Kitchen Sink Storage

Wooden Kitchen Sink in Corner Cabinet

If you like something simple, this wooden storage sounds great for corner kitchen sinks.

The model is not really complicated and easy to clean. The rack is also removable so that you can wash it sometimes when needed.

Not only kitchen wares in a big size put on it, but you may also choose the storage with narrow racks to manage dinnerware as well.

22. Excellent Kitchen Sink Corner Caddy

Kitchen Sinks for Corners

Think about the sink, it is not detached by where the caddy should be set. There is no fixed rule, but it all depends on the need and your creativity.

You have to consider the design so that the caddy will not bother while doing the activities in here.

This one is an example of an excellent placement of kitchen sink corner caddy.

The caddy is inside the basin and attached on its side. It is a smart idea to do to save more spaces, even more, it helps you to keep the top side clean.

23. Kitchen Corner with Caddy Rack

corner kitchen sink

Perhaps, it is a little complicated if the caddy is set inside the basin, although it makes the kitchen looked tidy. However, the pieces of stuffs will be easy to become dirty.

That is why we give you another preference by owning a caddy hanged on the basin. Moreover, after using the sponge or brush, they are surely so wet. This small rack enables water drops to flow directly to the drainage.

You do not need to prepare a small pot or box to put the washing sponge, but just put the brushes on it. Kinds of stuffs become so simple to take and to put.

So, by looking at the references above, have you found an idea that suits your need?

There are a lot of things you can explore more by picking up some ideas. You can start from deciding what type of corner kitchen sink to be installed and then continue to the things you may add to make it more fashionable.

To sum, there must be a risk in each choice, but how we can deal with is the matter.

Even in building kitchen sinks for corners, it has plus-minus things to consider, such as the issue of cleanliness.

However, the effort to have such beauty is worth it. And, hope owning this design will make you satisfied.

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