15+ Hottest Kitchen Remodel Before and After On A Budget Ideas

Wants to remodel your kitchen? Tired of the old kitchen? The following are 16 inspirations of kitchen remodel before and after for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Shining New Kitchen from an Old Kitchen

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Old Kitchen

Before: Old Kitchen

This kitchen is old and has a poor layout. It also There’re so much unused spaces in this kitchen, while the stove occupies one of most suitable place for storage cabinets. The exposed bricks are also add a heavy tone to the kitchen.

Light and Open Kitchen

After: Light and Open Kitchen

The stove finally removed, and replaced by an L-shaped counter. The layout now is optimized so you can see dishwasher, sink, countertop, are now in efficient settings. The wall now plastered and painted with olive green. It’s so soothing and nice now.

2. Poor Layout-ed Kitchen

Poorly Layout-ed Kitchen

Before: Poorly Layout-ed Kitchen

The owners knows that their kitchen’s poorly layouted. But they also understand that to redo the kitchen needs substantial cost. The most economical alternative is by using and optimizing the existing stuff.

A Chic Modern Country Kitchen

After: A Chic Modern Country Kitchen

The first step is moving the fridge. The owners need also remove the cabinets separating the kitchen room and replacing it with a granite countertop. To give symmetrical accents, cabinets were placed on its each sides.

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3. Old into Modern and Sleek Kitchen

Old Small Kitchen

Before: Old Small Kitchen

This small kitchen has retro a nice touches, but the lay outing make it unsuitable to cook. So it needs some re-lay outing.

Sleek and Effective Kitchen

After: Sleek and Effective Kitchen

Now with the new layout, you can immediately see the difference. The serving area were added, plus the breakfast nook for a cozy moment. The stove now placed in a more strategic place, and so with the sink. Now the layout is far effective and sleek.

4. Plain to Classy Kitchen

Another Plain and Heavy Kitchen

Before: Another Plain and Heavy Kitchen

So, this is another kitchen heavy laden with wood stuff and flooring.

Classic Country Style

After: Classic Country Style

Change the laminated floor with red oak flooring. Add classic wall cabinets and a vintage chandelier. Now your kitchen looks charmer and classic.

5. Get the Happy Kitchen Back

Heavy and Serious Wood Kitchen

Before: Heavy and Serious Wood Kitchen

This kitchen has no problem –actually. It only a little heavy and serious for modern mind, and it happen to have a piping problem under the sink. So, it’s time (at least from the owner views) to remodel.

All White and Fresh

After: All White and Fresh

No, it’s not all-white. But the linen white now dominate the overall view of the kitchen. The floor’s color deepens, setting a nice contrast to the white. Now it has a happy feeling that once lost in the seriousness of the kitchen wood color.

6. Get Rid Of the Dark Paneling

Dark and Gloomy Paneling

Before: Dark and Gloomy Paneling

This is nice, only it has now shine at all. The tone of the paint tend to make you sleep, it feels dark all over. The cabinets are also seems awkwardly placed.

A Spacious Open Shelves Kitchen

After: A Spacious Open Shelves Kitchen

By get riding the cabinets and a little rearranging, you can have the most refreshing kitchen ever. In the place of the cabinets, now you see open shelves, which offer an open atmosphere to the kitchen. They also inspire handiness, where you can readily reach all the stuff you need in the kitchen. The change of color tones also a special treat to the kitchen.

7. Smalish and Dark Kitchen

Smallish and Dark Kitchen

Before: Smallish and Dark Kitchen

The kitchen is part of the living room. Unfortunately, it looks smallish and dark. It also looks cramped.

Spacious Kitchen Afterward

After: Spacious Kitchen Afterward

With a little rearranging and removing, the kitchen looks spacious and airy. A classic Kohler sink replaces the old one. An accordion table serves as the base of the sink. An open shelve also added, making the overall kitchen now feels so open and pleasant.

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8. A Messy-Mismatched Kitchen

Terrible Kitchen

Before: Terrible Kitchen

Here you can see here a kitchen with an incongruous window treatment. The venetian blinds, cafe curtains, and the valencias are all wanting to stand out. The result is a messy style. The cabinets are a bit of old. In conclusion, it needs to have a change.

Fresh Kitchen with Simple Surprising Hacks

After: Fresh Kitchen with Simple Surprising Hacks

The blinds and curtains are all removed. Now the out views flooding in with all the fresh scenery. The white theme still remains, but now the old cabinets turn into a chic farmhouse sink and small stylish cabinets. Shelves are added to make the room even more airy. The rustic atmosphere further enhanced with minimalist table, stools and the wood flooring. And as the result, you have a fresh kitchen, full of sunshine.

9. Old-New Kitchen

Derelict Cliche Kitchen

Before: Derelict Cliche Kitchen

I short, you see here the old, cliche, and full of faux stuff: backspalsh, flooring, counters, and more. It’s dull and unpalatable to the eyes.

Bright and Beautiful Kitchen

After: Bright and Beautiful

To get rid of those unsightly effects, you need only a few Ikea cabinets, a farmhouse sink, butcher-block countertops, and much white paint. To enhance the overall tones, add vintage bakery table plus pleated baskets. The table serves as a kitchen island. Now you can see the differences, can’t you?

10. No More Gloomy Kitchen

Gloomy and Messy Kitchen

Before: Gloomy and Messy Kitchen

A gloomy and messy kitchen before the renovation.

Airy and Spacious Kitchen

After: Airy and Spacious Kitchen

The Ikea units replace its existing surfaces and cabinets. A Barely Beige color is chosen and the heavy air (that previously pervading) now turns light and cheerful. The cabinets partly replaced by open shelves to remove the cramped effects. To further refresh the kitchen, a creamy white kitchen applied.

11. The End of a Cramped Kitchen

Oudated and Cramped Kitchen

Before: Oudated and Cramped Kitchen

Here you see an uninspiring kitchen. You can almost feel the cramped feeling generated by it. You probably can feel the lethargic air as well.

Modern Classic Touches

After: Modern Classic Touches

You can see the differences at once. The light and airy spirits seems to pop up into the room –and cast away its lethargic effects. You can feel the spaciousness as well. Furthermore, combination of vintage and modern styles refresh overall the look. The using of antique lightings (with still functioning pulleys) only make it even better.

12. A Heavy-Boring Kitchen into The Most Refreshing One

Dull Wood-Themed Kitchen

Before: Dull Wood-Themed Kitchen

This kitchen could have to warmness of the wood. Because of the appliances layiouting, this one looks dull and messy.

Black Accents white Accent for Freshest Mood

After: Black Accents white Accent for Freshest Mood

The asymmetrical and mini kitchen island now replaced by a bigger one. You have the character and also have a bigger storage place. Black and white colors add a modern tone into the kitchen.

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13. Light and Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen

A Typical Lackluster Kitchen

Before: A Typical Lackluster Kitchen

Ok, this kitchen has the beige stuff and wood colored parts –charming. But, it look so usual that you might want to have it fresher look.

A Light and Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen

After: A Light and Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen

You don’t have to get rid of your cabinets, just paint them with bright and white color. Replace the regular knobs with cast-irons type. Don’t forget to add accent by fixing new backsplash. Now the kitchen has its most needed freshness –and, of course, its lightness.

14. No More Dated Kitchen

Spacious, Classic, but Dated Kitchen

Before: Spacious, Classic, but Dated Kitchen

This kitchen must have seen its heyday. It has all the glorious components of the past which is great for its day but probably not in your taste today.

Airy and Shining Kitchen Afterward

After: Airy and Shining Kitchen Afterward

Now you can see the differences. The once sumptuous atmosphere (though classic and elaborate) now turns into a gay and fresh air. To achieve this feat, you need to overhaul a bit: remove the elaborate stuff and decor. And you can see the difference, just like this picture of kitchen remodel before and after.

15. A Modern-Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Typical Farmhouse Kitchen

Before: Typical Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen has already its charm, but a little glitch in lay outing make its potential less expressed. A small changes will revive its elegance.

A Modern-Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

After: A Modern-Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Here’s how to update the kitchen: remove the stainless steel sink and replace it with a much elegant porcelain one. You need also change tap. A copper tap will do well as the stainless steel tap replacement. The fridge seems to overwhelm your kitchen, remove it put your stove in its place. To add warmness, add wood panel to the wall behind it. Now you can see the difference in this kitchen remodel before and after.

16. Dull into Fresh Bright-White Kitchen

Before Old Dull Cabinets

Before: Old Dull Cabinets

You have two stuff to update immediately here: the cabinets and counters. As about the stove, you can see, the baby’s too dear to redo completely: it’s just way too charming.

An Elegant Bright-White Kitchen

After: An Elegant Bright-White Kitchen

The solutions of this kitchen remodel before and after are simple: Replace the backsplash, formica counters, and paint all with a bright-white color –in tone with the stove. You can see now that white subway tiles taking the place of the dark backsplash. Marble counters are in the place of the old formicas –and bright-white all over. A rug and modern stool finish the update.