20 Aesthetical Industrial Decor Ideas for Home Design

Home is not only a shelter to keep the inmates safe. It is also a representation of the personality inside house. One of popular and aesthetically pleasing interior design is industrial decor.

Industrial Decor

What is Industrial Decor?

Industrial decoration design is a mid modern design combined with contemporary design. It is a mix of industrial era interior design with minimalist that has been popular lately. The combination creates a pleasing and artsy design as follows. Here are some industrial decor ideas for you:

1. Fancy Bookish

industrial farmhouse wall decor

A studious room for reading with tons of books on case is what this design aims for. This is suitable for wide space room that can contain a long table with six to eight colorful chairs. The inner wall of the room is of red brick walls with black, minimalist window frame.

A square bookcase in the corner with soft and black color matches the design. To the addition, a hanging, contemporary lamp in black and a small, silver one on the left side. A sliding door for the room is even better to create this design.

2. Bold Brick

industrial style wall decor

Another industrial décor for reading room is this bold, black brick all with classic grill lamp, and thin, square book case. It would be even better with windows facing the quite sunshine and the beautiful scenery outside. A combination of black, brick wall with wooden tiles combine the beauty of industrial era with vintage style.

Contrary to the vintage brick, the table and stool or chair should be of contemporary design. This will create a perfect combination of both vintage and modern reading room.

3. Chick Brick

decor industrial

A livelier living room that represents both modern and vintage design is something this design will suit. A chick brick wall has the company of brown leather vintage sofa, frill lamp, and wooden drawer. You can also put armchair to relax during the quiet afternoon.

While there is much vintage furniture in this design, there should be some contemporary ones to accompany and balance the design. A small, minimalist chair with stool and contemporary painting on the wall complement the room. As for the fixture, a white-framed minimalist one will be the perfect match for this chick, brick design.

4. Industrial Kitchen

industrial apartment decor

The industrial décor is not exclusive for relaxing room only. Owner can also incorporate the design on a kitchen. A combination of vintage fixture with industrial furniture will bring the kitchen aesthetic into a whole new level.

Above the dining table, owner can install a super vintage lamp (can be more than one) set to a cart-like table with bamboo chair and bench as well as red brick wall. Adapting a warm, light brown color, the design should be in balance with the compliment of modern furniture and fixture of minimalist window and galley kitchen.

5. Industrial Vintage Grey

industrial style home decor

The next design of industrial décor is a perfect combination of vintage industrial era décor with minimalist design. With both designs being really popular, a room with this design will look solemn but aesthetically pleasing as well. Start with minimalist furniture of square-edged table and curvy chair along with upholstered sofa and modern wall painting.

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To add the vintage design, the wall is painted in solemn gray, the lamp fixtures are all in vintage design and those lamps dominate the room with variation of the lamp as the point of the design.

6. Industrial Rustic

industrial country decor

An industrial rustic is not all about polished and smooth design. It emphasized on the rawness of the nature as well as the rusty industrial era where most interior design came from industrial building design, stark and cool as many factories in English industrial era.

To create this design, start with raggedy wooden floor or rug, with unpolished table and chair. To balance the color, add some black paint on the edges of those furnitures. There is also wooden cupboard and drawer.

The room may look to stark so balance with white window and black hanging lamp. This design is suitable for those who want a quiet night or to cherish old memories together with loved ones.

7. Modern Rustic

industrial wall decor ideas

Another design for a comfortable guest room is by combining modern furniture with a touch of industrial decor. The difference on this design compared to others is the modern and classic design complements each other in softer color. A decoration cupboard and some plants will do the best to accompany those furniture.

Start with fluffy and grand sofa for guest to sit with printed plants on the cushion. The main point of this design is the cart-wheel table in the center of the room. This table has wheel similar to industrial era cart and carriage. Table with this design accentuate the industrial and vintage feel of the room.

8. Vintage Black

industrial home decor ideas

A touch of vintage with minimalist black color really suit for a studious apartment. It has an elevated bedroom connected with a black ladder. Below the bedroom is reading room, galley kitchen, closet and armchair.

Owner can insert many furnitures that have black or brown color. The closet and the wooden wall have wooden color while the ladder, armchair, stool, fridge and moving furniture has black color.

The combination of those colors makes a good look of both modern and vintage decoration. The design is good for an apartment or studio.

9. Vintage Minimalist

vintage industrial decor ideas

The next industrial decor for home is vintage minimalist design. Minimalist design is very well-known and favored by house owner. Incorporating vintage and minimalist will bring us the most aesthetic room. It can start with minimalist sofa and windows as well as table.

As for the vintage furniture, add bookcase, lamp, hanging lamp and even television desk with design similar to industrial era. Combining vintage and minimalist is good for a wide room such as guest room or living room for owner need to mix many furniture to carry out this design.

10. Industrial Coffee Shop

rustic industrial wall decor

If you want a small, fancy coffee shop either for yourself or for business, industrial coffee shop is trendy. The coffee shop comes with a warm, wooden feel of many wooden furnitures and fixtures. Wooden tables with stool of bend steel and thin frame is really suitable for industrial decor coffee.

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Moreover, this design also brings back to the little shop in town square during industrial era where relaxation is a luxury. Being able to sit, relax and sip the coffee is a luxury on its own.

Owner of the house can own this design by hiring home interior or its expert. Those who have the skill can also try to build on their own to save cost.

11. Fancy Ball in Black

modern industrial home decor

One of intense industrial and vintage design is this fancy ball in black. The main point of this design is the black balls lamp hanging on the ceiling. Moreover, it has the vintage, witch-like design in which owner use rug, drapery, and dark-tone wallpaper.

To avoid the room looking too dark, add some bright furniture to reflect the light. It can be cupboard, book case, or cushion.

As this design may look too intense, this is good for those who want to reminisce the old times with a touch of contemporary design to add looks on. To get this look, owner can hire interior designer or mix and match furniture on their own.

12. Transparent Roof Décor

industrial shelving decor

Victorian houses often have open roof to let the lights come in to the house as electricity was not present at that time. Now this transparent roof is also a trendy combination for industrial decor.

This decoration requires a glass roofing that lets so many lights inside. The wall uses red bricks with fire station-like design.

Owner may add story above to look at the star at night through the transparent roof. Moreover, owner can invite friends to join on indoor picnic with savory dishes.

Owner does not have to follow the picture as long as the elements of vintage and industrial are on it. To be able to have this design, one may require professional help.

13. Vintage Spiral

industrial decor diy

Another idea for industrial atmosphere in a house is by adding spiral stairs to connect ground story to the above one. A big, clear hanging lamp also accentuate the room.

The furnitures in this design are all thinly and the dark grey color dominates the room. A round table with steel chair and flower vase has the modern and contemporary look.

While the spiraled stairs, bookcase, and wall have vintage look. The book case can be from a color that stands out just like what is shown in the picture where orange or brown bookcase is against dark grey color.

Wooden tiles also emphasize the vintage feel of the room. As for window, make sure it is wide enough to give sufficient light to the room.

14. Industrial Home Office

industrial office decor

Home can be the place to do some work. We can create an office inside house so there is no need to go outside and travel to different places while can enjoy the comfort of home. An industrial decor with vintage design for home office will enhance the aesthetic of the house.

All needed in this design is chair and desk for working with wheel on the desk for easier movement in case we need to renovate the room. An upholstered chair, and open book case behind.

Moreover, it is simple and gives room for worker to be mobile inside room. Thus, they don’t have to worry of bumping to furniture while walking around finishing project in the office.

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15. Contemporary Brick Wall

industrial bedroom decor

Contemporary brick wall bedroom is a unique and artistic design combining vintage industrial furniture with contemporary ones. In this design, it has bedding and pillow that has neutral color combination, lamp desk with warm color, floor lamp on wooden stand, and an entirely white brick on the wall.

People can also add some pictures of quote or other painting on the wall with neutral color. Thus, it does not have vibrant and colorful color but rather a bold, minimalist neutral color with industrial accentuation on some designs of the furnitures, not the color.

16. Industrial Loft Bedroom

industrial wedding decor

Another excellent industrial decor for bedroom is this loft bedroom. A bedroom on a small flat or high story may have small space. Thus, in order to create wider room, it uses the contrast of black and white along with wooden touch in it. The furniture people can use to create this design is by giving accessory case that is leaning on the wall.

Moreover, there is a black wall with white flat to separate bed with the wall. People can put picture on the wall. Furthermore, a sliding door is also better for it does not reduce space when it is open.

17. Monochromatic Living Room

industrial room decor

Monochromatic color screams vintage. Colorful color was not that popular in the past due to the limitation of color additive. People can add back the monochromatic color in their room. In this monochromatic room, dull color of light grey and light brown dominate the room.

The furniture consist of upholstered sofa and chair, black and white rug, small wooden table and clock on the wall. Combination of dull color brings out the industrial feel of the room. People only need to exclude vibrant and bold color to create this room.

18. Urban Vintage

urban industrial decor

The next design for an urban industrial decor is by combining urban brick wall with vintage furniture. A brick wall with wooden furniture and wooden tile coupled with chimney is really good to represent urban industrial and vintage atmosphere.

This design is close to Victorian era houses with the exception of current house has lamp as lighting instead of candle. A standing lamp will help to illuminate the room with this decoration.

19. Big Lamp Kitchen

industrial bathroom decor

Another kitchen design for those who want to be taken into different era is this industrial decor of a vintage kitchen. Using wooden furniture and warm tone, there are two big hanging lamps to accentuate the vintage feeling of the room.

The dining table is centered in the middle with some dining chair. Galley kitchen is in square position with drapery and window sill. It is perfect for a warm, summer day in industrial era. People can enjoy family meal in a warm atmosphere.

20. Industrial Reading Room

industrial kitchen decor

The last design in this list involves reading book with a vintage and industrious look. Add wooden chairs and table in front of book shelf with brown and black furnishing against wooden floor and you can enjoy read in peace in this room.

Furthermore, lighting should be sufficient since reading requires enough light to keep eyes healthy.

Those are 20 beautiful and aesthetically pleasing industrial decor for home.