Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas – Children and teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom. For sleeping, playing, studying, and doing their hobbies. A bedroom should follow the owner’s unique personalities. These girl bedroom ideas can be good preferences for you who want to have stylish, practical, cozy, comfortable, and playful bedroom design for little princesses in the family.

If you have older girls, don’t worry, because these little girl’s bedroom ideas are not only for children but also can be used for teenage girl room. By using room spaces efficiently and perfect color palettes, you can change small room in your house into cozy bedrooms with these ideas.

1. Enchanted Pink Bedroom Design

girl bedroom ideas

Sweet and cute bedroom design for a little girl who loves to explore her imaginary world. Pink colored dominated girl room with a little faux leather soft pink sofa, unicorn’s head on the wall to give a cute accent to your little girl bedroom design.

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Simple single bed with a pink curtain to protect her precious dreams, metallic colors star-shaped pillows, and fairytale-themed wall decorations can give the room an enchanted forest vibe. Not just that, with some plush animal toys, they can make the room feel more alive and stimulate the owner’s imaginations. This sweet and charming bedroom design is perfect for your little princess and her imaginary friends.

2. Fairytale-Themed Bedroom Design

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

Living the fairytale dream with the soft pink and white colored bedroom design. With a mini chandelier to give a classic touch to your little girl’s bedroom ideas and yellow LED Tumblr lamp to bring out the magical fairytale fantasies.

You can also put a pink net curtain above the bed to make princess-y looks in your girl’s room. A little table and two tiny chairs for her tea party with friends make the room feels more alive. White soft wool rug on the floor, white window, and white shelf brightening the room, so it doesn’t look “too pinky.” What a perfect bedroom design for the perfect princess.

3. Modern Turquoise-Grey Bedroom

Girls Bedroom Accessories

Neutral colored little girl’s bedroom ideas can be an alternative to a modern bedroom design. Dominated by grey and turquoise, giving the room fresh yet calm atmosphere. To make it more elegant and sweet, you can put some of her pictures and other decorative arts on the wall.

Freshen up the room with a flowery bed sheet and turquoise round ottoman chair. Not only for a little girl, but this bedroom design can also be used for the teenage girls. Save some space with a white three drawers daybed, so you don’t have to buy another shelf or cupboard for her things.

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4. Modern Bedroom Design for Teenage Girls

Bedroom Designs For Teenage Girls

Who says a teenage girl can’t have a cute, cozy, and playful room? This modern teenage girl bedroom design has all the things she needs and not making the room too full because it has simple white wall shelves. Bluish grey painted wall can be a good “canvas” for the room.

Simple, neutral, but not too monochromic. With glass desk, modern roundabout chair, and a daybed are good choices to keep the simplicity and modernity of the room. To make more feminine, give some pink in the furniture, pillow, and wall decorations.

5. Grey Themed Girl Bedroom for Small Rooms

Girls Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Cute bedroom with a monochromic color palette for children? Why not? Plus, you don’t have to worry if the space you have is not big enough because this grey bedroom design can be an alternative choice.

Grey colored wall as a background, light brown wooden tiles, white wall shelves, white and blue daybed frame with six blue drawers to save some spaces, and a white window can freshen up the room. To make it looks not too childish, you can add a simple modern white desk and along with a mid-back white chair.

6. White and Dark Salmon Coloured Bedroom Design

Girls Pink Bedroom

If pink is too bright or girly for her, but she wants to keep the femininity, dark salmon can be a perfect color. You can mix dark salmon with white for your girl bedroom design.

To save some spaces, white wall shelves can be a perfect choice instead using ordinary shelves or cupboard. Below the wall shelves, you can put a simple white desk and chair for her to study. Make the room lighter with a white rug on the wooden tiles floor and white curtain for the window.

7. White Loft Bedroom

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Having tiny room? Don’t worry. You can use loft bed to save spaces in your room. Choose the color white as the main team to make the room looks bigger. You can also have a chandelier to make the room more glamorous and a grey faux leather chair.

Huge white windows also help to make your room looks bigger, brighter, and fresher. Wooden tiles floor to make the room looks clearer and wider, also easier for you to clean it. Don’t forget to put on a white shag rug to make the room warmer and cuter.

8. Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea for Small Rooms

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Brighten up the room with salmon color dominated room design for girls. Salmon colored wall, light brown wooden tiles, a white daybed with four drawers, and wooden desk can be a perfect spring themed bedroom for teenage girls.

Don’t have enough space for her things? No problem because white wall shelves can be used to put on some books or room decorations. To make the room fresher and sweeter, you can put some flowers like hibiscus on the desk.

9. Modern Minimalist Girl Room Design

Teenage Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

White can be glamorous. Mixed with black and gold, it can give the room simple and elegant vibe. With a white frame daybed and white curtain, also a gold pillow can make the room more fabulous but not tacky.

Combined with a simple white desk and white wall shelves to put on the books, give the room more space to express your creativity. If your room is big enough and wants a filling space, the theme can be used as a perfect reading spot.

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10. Purple Bedroom Design

Purple Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girl

Are you a purple lover? If yes, this girl bedroom design is perfect for you. Purple wall, bed, chairs, headboard with every shade of purple and lavender. To give the room a balance, use white to make it lighter and more elegant.

White wall, white bed frame, and lamps can be the perfect choices to brighten up the room. Lighter colored beads curtain to give a modern touch in the room and make it looks futuristic but still classic in design.

11. Light Blue Girl Bedroom

Blue Girl Room Ideas

Lighten up the room, but sky themed bedroom design. Dominated by light sky blue color can make the room looks fresh and wider. Light sky blue painted wall with white window, and yellow wall decoration are a perfect match for this cheerful design.

A bed with light sky blue duvet and hot pink headboard make the room more colorful and chicer. With red and white side lamps give the room braver and a touch of deeper color so the room is not too bright and pleaser on the eye.

12. Bedroom Ideas for Free-Spirited Girls

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Wall Colors

For you, the free-spirited girl, this girls bedroom design can be a perfect room that fits your personality. With the turquoise wall, this can be a unique background to put on your wall decorations. A dandelion shaped chandelier gives the room a fairytale vibe that can fulfill your imaginations.

White and black stripped rug as a neutral accent makes the room looks wider. To give it a chic touch, you can have a pink roundabout chair with a fluffy white pillow. For the bed, a simple white frame bed with white and hot pink duvet.

13. Girl Room Ideas with Bunk Beds

Girl Room Ideas With Bunk Beds

Having a twin or sibling and small room can be upsetting but don’t worry, you can use bunk beds as to put on yours and your sibling stuff as decoration for the room. A pink rug in the middle of the room can be a perfect place to play or spend time together with the sibling.

Too plain? Don’t worry, some pillows with ethnic patterns can make the room looks more colorful and fun. You can use some white wall shelves to put on some things like pictures or books without taking too much space.

14. Reading Spot Decoration

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

If you have an empty space in your room but don’t know how to spend it, make a reading spot on the corner of the room. You can decorate it with white net curtain, some colorful pillows, and a fluffy shag rug.

For the color, you can use matching color as the wall. If you have a light blue painted wall, a light blue or white shag rug can be perfect choices. For the shelf, a white medium sized shelf can be a perfect choice to store your books collections.

15. Retro Artsy Style Bedroom

Colorful Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

A classic girl bedroom design for you, the artsy one. Having a retro classic style bedroom decoration doesn’t mean it’s out of date. With a perfect fusion of artsy stuff like a peacock feather, red desk, white daybed with flower pattern duvet, multicolor striped rug, and a heart pattern ball hanging in the corner or the room make it colorful, retro, and classic vibes.

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Don’t forget to put on some wall decorations to make the room more unique and colorful.

16. Sparkly Bedroom Design

Curtain Ideas For Teenage Girl Bedroom

Now, let’s have fun with LED lamp curtain. This bedroom design is very bold because using bright orange and red color dominantly. Without losing a unique touch, you can use LED lamp curtain to make the room more sparkly and fun.

Orange striped wall, orange cupboard, and a white bed sheet for balancing the red duvet on the bed. You can also put on some pillows with bright colors on your bed to make the room more colorful, but remember to use matching colors.

17. Black and White Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Black And White Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Black and white are the classic basic colors for bedroom decoration, but with a touch of the gold accent, it can be elegant and minimalistic. Grey and white striped wall behind the white headboard with golden wall decoration, white side drawer, and white bed frame make the room looks wider and bright.

Black shag rug on the bed, black and white pillows, and grey carpet give the room an elegant touch and balancing the light colors. Perfect for elegant teenager who loves classic things and having a bold personality.

18. Scandinavian Style Girl Bedroom Design

Teenage Girl Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Scandinavian style bedroom design is pretty huge, lately. Simple, greyish color palette, and elegant. Light grey wall with darker grey dots and gold wall decoration is a perfect background for this bedroom design. Along with dim grey colored headboard and white bed, give the room a good contrast.

For feminine touches, white shag rug, greyish pink side drawers, and dark grey fluffy pillow can be the perfect choices. To make the room looks bigger and wider, you can put on a mirror on each side of the bed. Add a plant or two to freshen up the room, so it doesn’t look too cold.

19. Light Pink Little Girls Room Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Storage Ideas

Light pink is always a cute choice for little girls room design. Sweet, cheerful, soft, light, and delicate. White frame bed with light pink and salmon colored bed sheet and duvet, salmon-colored pillows and pink wall. You will never have enough pink in your life.

White shelf to put on your things and also for balancing the room colors. Light salmon wooden tiles is a perfect match for the room, it’s easy to clean and has the power to make the room looks wider.

20. Purple Heart Themed Bedroom Design

Girl Room Ideas Pink And Purple

Who knows orchid purple can be a good match with hot pink? This purple heart themed room design is a perfect example for that. Orchid purple wall, hot pink heart-shaped headboard and frame bed, and hot pink side table make the room look lovelier.

Don’t forget to put on some pink flowers and white wall decorations for freshening up the room. You can draw some heart on the wall to make it more fun and sweet. Bring out all of your creativity and decorate the room with your masterpieces.

Those are 20 creative small bedroom ideas for girls. Don’t forget to share and pin so you will have the inspirations right on your board. Happy decorating!

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