Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

Gender Reveal Party Ideas – Tell everyone about your baby’s gender by throwing a unique and fun baby gender reveal party. It does not have to be huge and or expensive. Invite some family members and friends to the party, share the happiness to everyone.

If this is your first gender reveal party, we can help you to make it step-by-step from gender reveal themes; gender reveals decoration, gender reveals cake, to a gender reveal party games. Don’t worry about the budget because we try to give your gender reveal ideas as low cost as possible. Let’s begin!

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1. Set Your Gender Reveal Place Themes

gender reveal themes ideas

Step one of making a baby gender reveal party is setting the themes. You can choose something fun or different from geeky or sporty gender reveal theme. It does not have to be all pink and blue; you can choose all the colors you like.

Purple vs. Green can be a great combination, Yellow vs. Black like a bumblebee can be very cute, or Black vs. White with to make the party more simple, neutral, classic, and also elegant. For example, Super Mario Themed Baby Shower.

Who doesn’t like to play Super Mario? This geeky gender reveals party theme can be fun with pink and blue mushroom cookie to tell the guests about your baby’s gender. It’s cute, simple, unique, and memorable.

Another example, if you are a sports fan, you can throw a sport-themed gender reveal party for you baby like this baseball themed one. Plus, it has different choices of colors, not just pink and soft blue but blue and red, or you can choose your favorite sports team’s color.

2. Make The Gender Reveal Decorations

gender reveal decoration ideas

After choosing the theme, it’s time for the decorations. About the colors, it does not have to be soft blue for boy and pink for a girl. You can choose any colors you want.

Besides, pink and soft blue are very common for a gender reveal party, so if you want a unique and memorable party, we recommend to choose other colors like red and blue, black and white, purple and green, black and gold, or others.

To make the party more festive, you can add some ribbons, balloons, cupcakes, and colorful tablecloth. Don’t forget to think about the dress code. For example, if you choose to have a sporty themed gender reveal party, sports jerseys can be a perfect choice.

3. Cakes for Baby Reveal Party

gender reveal cake ideas

The party is not complete without the cake. Also, the cake can be a perfect way to tell the guests about your baby’s gender. To do that, people usually use confetti cake because you can choose what’s inside the cake.

For example, you use color code blue for boy and red for a girl. You can put blue or red candies on the cake, so when you cut it in front of the guests, they can see what’s inside the cake and know about the gender. Amazing, right?

4. Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party Games

gender reveal party games ideas

You have the theme, the decorations, and the cake. Now you need the party games to make the party more fun. You can do a basic game like guessing the gender of your baby or choosing baby names. Decorating baby shirt also can be a fun activity. Want to be more competitive? You can split the guests into two groups, Team Girl for those who guess that the baby is a girl and Team Boy for those who guess that the baby is a boy. Then they can do team games like playing tags, badminton, basketball, or dance battle. The winner will have a privilege to cut the cake or open the mystery gender box to reveal the baby’s gender.

What gender of your baby is not that important but it is not wrong to have fun with friends and family. Be creative with what you have and don’t forget to take some pictures and show them to your future kids years from now.

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