20 Interesting & Delightful Gambrel Roof Ideas for 2018

Gambrel Roof – So, what is a gambrel roof? A gambrel roof is a gable roof with 4 sides: 2 upper sides and 2 lower sides, with lower sides are steeper than the uppers. But what is a gable roof? A gable roof is one of the simplest roof’s constructions. There are so many roof types in USA house. It consists of 2 sides which meet at the top and making triangular areas (the gable) if seen from the front. Back to the gambrel, if you happen to have gambrel roof plans to redo or even build your dream home, the following are 20 gambrel roof ideas to inspire you.

1. Modern Gambrel Roof with Large Dormer

Modern Gambrel Roof with Large Dormer

One of the gambrel roof advantages is that you can have ample room right under the roof. Building a room or an attic is not a problem. A dormer which would charm your house is most suitable with this roof. Just like this example, you can see an elegant gambrel house with twin large dormer flanking a balcony. They compliment so well on the overall architecture of the gambrel house. They are large, but not inspiring a sense of heaviness. On the contrary, the house looks so light, elegant and chic with them.

2. Gambrel Roof House for Beach House

Gambrel Roof House for Beach House

A gambrel house always an air of elegance anywhere it’s built –including on the beach areas. This one is one of the most gorgeous examples. It combines several gambrel roof combinations to provide this the splendid view. The large dormer-like attachments at the sides of the roof turn the gambrel into an astounding viewpoint. The distance beach blends so well with this modern gambrel roof. With large windows, it inspire an airy and cottage-like house –which is the essential in a beach house.

3. Vintage Gambrel Roof Barn House

Vintage Gambrel Roof Barn House

Gambrel roofs always inspire us to the quaint and calm cottage life. They also remind us of barn house of good old days. In this example, you can feel the soothing and calming atmosphere of the house. Constructed with gambrel roof in mind, and then combined with double semi-hexagonal dormers which lend the air of spaciousness to the upper part of the house. The horizontal plank along the front porch, serves as the gambrel roof addition, provides a nice touch. Overall, you get all the charm of a barn house with the simple gambrel.

4. Awesome Gambrel Roof Cabin

Awesome Gambrel Roof Cabin

A gambrel roof is so versatile that you almost can put it on top of any building, including on your cabin –just like this example. Unlike the gable, a gambrel roof provides better spaces right under it. Tiny as a cabin, this one with gambrel still can accommodate an ample room for an attic or storage room. The extension sidings serve efficiently as the front and the back porches. The minimalist front railings transform the otherwise too modest cabin into a simple yet simple cabin.

5. Gambrel Roof Garage with Loft

Gambrel Roof Garage with Loft

You don’t need a complex gambrel roof geometry calculator to build this beautiful garage with gambrel roof. The lines are simple and it lends an air of warmness. At the top, right under the roof, you can built a loft as well. You can utilize the loft as your additional room, emergency room, or any storerooms that suit your needs without feeling cramped. This because the loft is spacious and almost as big as the garage space itself –thanks to the gambrel roof design.

6. Gambrel Roof with Sloped Dormers

Gambrel Roof with Sloped Dormers

This one is another examples of a gambrel house with dormers, but not with typical dormers –it comes with elegant sloped dormers. With the regular houses, you see that almost all of its gambrels have flat roofing. This one is an exception, with the sloped dormer which seems to extend from the upper portion of the gambrel. Meanwhile, the lower sides flare out a little, resulting a slight graceful curves. The effect of those combinations is an elegant old-new fashioned gambrel house which would not wither its style along with time.

7. Timeless Dutch Gambrel Roof

Timeless Dutch Gambrel Roof

Dutch gambrel house is one of the most iconic house in history. Its hazy origins (some said that the ideas are from Indonesian house, while other said that it’s the creative minds of the Dutch carpenters itself) won’t prevent its beauty to penetrate the artistic tastes of all people around the world –to this day.
This example proves it. A gorgeous Dutch gambrel house stands with its simple beauty. The twin facade gives the needed balances to the lower portions of the houses. The mini gambrel between them serves beautifully as the balcony roof. It gives an important point of view to the whole house.

8. Light Wooden House with Gambrel Roof

Light Wooden House with Gambrel Roof

There’s no other house styles which comparable to the wooden houses in giving out the warm air to its hosts or top the beholders. They also inspire the feeling of lightness and airiness. Just like this gambrel wooden house. The wooden constructions offers the feelings. Due its size, the gambrel roof may look bulky if set as it is. Fortunately, with the big dormers, the small cupola, and all the horizontal sidings, the impression can be prevented –resulting a charming, warm, and light wooden house.

9. Robust and Stylish Metal Gambrel Roof

Robust and Stylish Metal Gambrel Roof

Of all roofing materials, one of the most dependable roofing is metal roof. It’s weatherproof, flexible, and easy to build as well. This picture is an example of metal as the materials of gambrel roof. The already geometrical form of the gambrel, enable the metal roof to be spread evenly and efficiently on the gambrel frames. The result is a neat row of metal roof. It also great if you want some extensions for other needs under the roof, such as the double dormers in the picture. Because of its flexibility, you just extend the length of the roofing materials right onto the intended parts. The result is a good-looking and seamless gambrel roofing.

10. Classic Shingles Gambrel Roof

Classic Shingles Gambrel Roof

Roofs are not only protecting you from the elements. It also serves you as the decor, or adding beauty value to the houses. Adding singles to the existing gambrel roof can add its aesthetic level considerably. The shingles offer classic look to almost any type of buildings. Though it has multiple pitch, you can still shingle a gambrel roof. It’s not far different from regular roof, so it won’t present any significant problem to the roof frames, or to the house itself. In fact, it only add charm and additional protection from harsh weather conditions.

11. Trendy Home with Gambrel Roof

Trendy Home with Gambrel Roof

If you want to go back in time without leaving the modern touches, this idea is yours. It’s a trendy gambrel house. At the first glance, the house is like two similar houses side-by-side, but it actually a single house twin gambrel roofs separated with an alley between them. The similar large windows right under the roof themselves further deceive our perceptions. Only when you see the first floor that you aware if you see only a house. This contemporary gambrel house is an example that you can build a classic house with fresh modern tones.

12. Gambrel Roof With Large Overhang

Gambrel Roof With Large Overhang

Roof overhangs protect your outer doors and windows from rain. They also protect the siding from the direct influences of the elements. They exist on all houses –due its important roles. With a gambrel house, you can utilize the overhang as house features. In this example you can see that the designer use the overhang as the shade or covering for the front porch. It joints seamlessly with the lower part of the gambrel, offer an integrated and elegant view. The small dormers above further enhance the elegance.

13. Chic Gambrel Roof Storage Shed

Chic Gambrel Roof Storage Shed

A barn is a must have building if you live in a farm. It provides shelter to your cattle, their food, or the farming tools –it also could be the best hiding place if you want to enjoy time alone. Here is an idea of a chic gambrel barn that you could build on tour own garden. This example is a low-wall barn. This barn type offer less cost to build. It also provides greater value of floor areas. It only has a window and a door at its ends, but as a mini barn it would be enough for your purposes.

14. Barn Styled House with Gambrel Roof

Barn Styled House with Gambrel Roof

This one is a proof the versatility of the gambrel house. You can combine the rooflines with other roof style. In this case, the gambrel blends well with the gable roofs. The main gable roof is split by a large gable dormer small gable extension. Meanwhile, you can also see that the house also utilizes the overhang as the shades for front porch. An additional balcony adds artistic values to the overall look of the house. It’s just great.

15. Modern Victorian House with Gambrel Roof

Modern Victorian House with Gambrel Roof

The Victorian era spans so long almost a century, from the first half of 1800s to the early 1900s. With those much time, no wonder that it has its own style and characters, including its house styles. One of the styles, the gambrel houses, are still has strong influences in this modern time. This example is of modern gambrel Victorian house. As you can see, without much changes from the original style, the house is still capable to compete head-to-head with the modern house in its styling.

16. A Minimalist House with Gambrel Roof

A Minimalist House with Gambrel Roof

In this example you have a minimalist gambrel house. It’s just like a cabin, but larger in sizes. It also has vibrant colors for more refreshing atmosphere. The gambrel roof provides additional rooms for a porch or storage room. It’s neat with the simple lines and trims. This ideas is suitable for you, if you want a room to enjoy your own time alone.

17. An Elegant Gambrel-Gable Roof Combination

An Elegant Gambrel-Gable Roof Combination

If you like to blend things, including rooflines, try this Gambrel-Gable roof combinations. Actually, this example is not only offering two roof combinations, but 3: the gambrel roof, hipped roof, and the gable roof. And these combinations is still enhanced with modern lines on of windows and the garages. So, here you see and elegant blend of old and new house style. If you also prefer an exclusive, conservative and different look for your house, this ideas is worth considering.

18. A Classic Gambrel Roof with no Overhang

A Classic Gambrel Roof with no Overhang

Previously in this list you have the idea to use overhang as the shade or coverings for your porches. Here you see something of the opposite, a gambrel house with no overhang. It looks simpler and rustic. It could be a good idea provides that you have quality materials for your outer doors and windows, because those parts will have direct impact with the elements, such as rain, wind, or snow –for there’re no coverings above them as when there’re overhangs above them.

19. Delightful House with Gable-on-Gambrel Roof

Delightful House with Gable-on-Gambrel Roof

The combination of gambrel and gable has no ends. This examples shows you how a gable roof stacked on top of gambrel can give whole lots difference. The slightly curvy of the gambrel combines nicely with the straight lines of the gable, resulting a delightful scene. Bricks wall, white color of the doors and the trimmings are splendid complement for the roofs. Good.

20. A Charming Rustic House with Gambrel Roof

A Charming Rustic House with Gambrel Roof

The rustic style back again in recent years. The increasing awareness of the people to go back to nature probably the essential factor for the popularity of the style. It’s simple and always offer warm atmosphere to the owner. Here is a rustic gambrel house. The gambrel roofs cover the wooden structure of the house neatly, and also serves as the aesthetic point of the overall house. At the back, a gable cabin is added as house extensions –which complement so well with the main house.

So, that’s it. You have all the 20 gambrel roof ideas which may suit your purpose well. You can implement the plans as they are, or you may combine them so you can have a whole new gambrel roof design for your dream house. Either way, happy constructing.

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  1. I am purchasing a house… a small gambrel. I was looking for ideas on the internet and came across the house under your #1. Simple, pretty, just what I want to do with my new house. The house I am buying does not have the addition you show on the back. Can you send me additional pictures of this house? Do you have plans for this house?

    Thanks for your help!


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