10 Inspiring English Cottage House Plans

A cottage lets you cool down for a while, away from the busy world and all the humdrum accompany it. Hearing the name, our mind will mostly wander to a small, neat and charming house sets on beautiful meadow or hill.

In short, a cottage always promise you a quiet but pleasant living in a small but attractive house. English cottage house is popular again recently. The following is 10 Inspiring English cottage house plans for you.

1. Elegant English Cottage House

Elegant English Cottage House

This elegant English cottage house loves to greet you in any of your leisure days. The facade is beautiful, and so is the interior. This house uses living room as the social hub in the house.

Along with it, a dining room area (with bay window) and kitchen arranged so to easily access from any part of the house –for easy refreshment or meal.

This house has 2 floors, with master bedroom on the first floor. You can use the attic in case you need additional room (or kids want to play seek and hide).

2. Compact English Cottage in Tudor Style

Compact English Cottage in Tudor Style

If you in need of solitude moment in style, this compact English cottage will serve you better. This First, this house is small (only 1 bedroom). Secondly, it has the Tudor style –which is enchanting.

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This small house is self-contained. It has a living room with fireplace, a laundry room, kitchen, plus the dining area. Front porch serves for any outdoor activities.

3. Brick-Timber English Cottage House

Brick-Timber English Cottage House

This Tudor cottage house gives you love and a great life. It’s great for your retreat place or your daily living. Inside, this house will pamper you with all its comfort zones: the wide and cozy living room on the first floor, vintage-modern kitchen and dining room (also on the same floor), and bedrooms on the second floor. All this is still added with open porch for your outdoor activities.

4. Victorian Cottage

Victorian Cottage

Thick brick wall lends a stable and solid beauty of this Victorian English Cottage home. It’s warm and inviting. This house has 2 bedrooms, all with modern bathing amenities, including whirlpool, walk-in closet and shower.

The living room shares floor with an open kitchen and dining area. A two-car garage attached to the cottage for easy access to your car.

5. Modern-Tudor English Cottage

Modern-Tudor English Cottage

A Tudor style in modern-contemporary tone is a new luxury, just like this English cottage house idea. The solid lines, combined with stone work is charming –suitable for a needed rest.

This home has 2 floors, with the first as the social hub, being the place of a great room, dining room and kitchen. The second floors are 3 bedrooms, with the master bedroom laid separately for privacy.

6. Romantic English Cottage House

Romantic English Cottage House

This cottage is big enough to contain your whole family. It has 3 bedrooms with 2.5 bath. Master bedrooms pampers you with walk-in closet, whirlpool, dual sink, shower, and access to the patio.

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The great room offers pleasant moments, complete with fireplace, kitchen, island, and dining area. For your car, a two-car garage is available.

7. Modern-Minimalist Victorian English Cottage House

Modern-Minimalist Victorian English Cottage House

From the exterior, you already can feel the warm and cozy living inside. Upon entering the arched main door, you’ll find the vintage living room.

A chic kitchen plus dining table (also vintage) are ready to serve you any meal or else. For outdoor activities, front and rear porches are available.

8. Modern-Vintage English Cottage Home

Modern-Vintage English Cottage Home

The perfect blend of wood, stone, and singles makes this beautiful cottage. Upon entering the gorgeous double door, you meet a family room warms with fireplace.

The first floor, aside of housing the hall, also where the kitchen and dining room are. Upstairs, bedrooms with all the bathing amenities are housed. For outdoor activities, a patio is available on the rear house.

9. Luxurious Tudor English Cottage House

Luxurious Tudor English Cottage House

If budget won’t trouble you, this place of retreat might be your best choice: classic, grandeur, and luxurious.

This house’s perfect for big families, it has 5 bedrooms, all are equipped with equally luxurious bath, walk-in closet, and shower. A big open layout kitchen’s ready to serve you, so with the large garage.

10. Two Floors English Cottage Home

Tudor-Gothic English cottage

This Tudor-Gothic English cottage house will comply well with your need to rest (or to live peacefully). It large enough to contain all your family and friends with 4 bed rooms. The kitchen is big, complete with dining area.

Living room accommodates your pleasant days with fireplace (there’re 3 of them). For outdoor activities, covered porches serve you well.
That’s all the list.

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So, do you find any interesting ideas from this 10 Inspiring English cottage house plans? Hope so.