Awesome DIY Computer Desk Ideas

As the supporting part of your computer, a computer desk can play major role in maintaining your work pace. Ergonomic aside, you’ll have many computer desk styles.

Here we offers you some 25 coolest DIY computer desk ideascomputer desk ideas which, even, you can set them yourself in DIY style.

1. A Rustic Computer Desk Idea for A Warm Home Office

Wooden Computer Desk With File Cabinet #diy #desk #homedecor

Rustic style is getting popular recently. For the urban people, it promises a refreshing back-to-the nature tone which has getting scarce along in modern life. The serene, warm, and pleasant feeling the style generated is just irresistible.

Here you have a simple way to make a rustic computer desk. All you need is some unused wooden planks. Planks from unused wooden boxes will do well for this purpose.

Just like the example, the design is simple, so is the set up. All you need is a simple layout plan and deft hands in sawing and nailing.

2. Minimalist Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Sweet Computer Desk with Drawers #diy #desk #homedecor

Not all of us has spacious working area. Some probably has enough working area, but some other will only have limited space to work.

They probably present some unpleasant experience, like the cramped feeling. This problem, though, can be eliminated with a simple trick.

That’s it. Build your own computer desk wall mounted desk to accommodate it.

A slab of solid wood (or whatever planks’ type you can find), metal plumbing pipes, the joints, and their brackets are the ingredients. See the gorgeous example? It’s easy to assembly too.

3. Simple Gaming Computer Desk Idea From Recycled Stuff

A Modern Computer Desk with Leather Containers #diy #desk #homedecor

Still with the previous frame of mind, you can expand the idea into a more complex way by building a computer desk for gaming.

This time you need a wider table surface, an unused table surface will do. As this example shows you, the legs are also from pipes and joints. The results is a nice industrial gaming desk.

4. Splash the Old Computer Desk with Pops of Color

Wall Mounted Folding Computer Desk #diy #desk #homedecor

The kids probably won’t use their old computer desk anymore. They hate the dilapidated paint or it has no fresh look anymore.

In short, the desk is not presentable anymore in their eyes. So, you decide to get them the new desk and throw away the old one?

No, don’t get rid of your boring and old computer desk yet. You still can cheer it up and boost the overall of their working (and playing) station room with a little trick on it. Splash it over with their favorite color, like this example. Nice, isn’t it?

5. DIY Cross-Legged Computer Desk Plans for a Starter

Computer Desk with Drawers In Mid-Century Style #diy #desk #homedecor

It’s refreshing to do a DIY project, mainly if you want to build a stuff for your own needs, like building a computer desk for your home office.

For a starter, you have many simple table designs to try. A cross-legged table is one worth to try.

This time we will offer you another minimalist computer desk, only now this one has cross-legged legs.

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Now if you feel your desk needs to have a refreshing makeover, try to change the legs with this legs type.

You need strong metal pipes, some screws and simple symmetry in mind to assembly this one. After finished, don’t forget to paint it white for lighter feelings.

6. Industrial Look With Pipe Computer Desk Idea

DIY Corner Small Computer Desk #diy #desk #homedecor

Industrial look back into the mainstream furniture style these last years. The exotic nakedness always attracts many to admire.

The raw and plain beauty is simply irresistible. It also relatively easy to build, for this style only needs basic materials.

If you’re into an industrial style, this one idea can be your next project. As you can see from the example, this table has an airy feel with its slim leggings with heavy industrial look.

They’re made of pipes, finished in vintage style. The combination of the legs with its minimalist wooden surface makes the computer table looks clean and charming.

7. Fun Steampunk Corner Computer Desk Idea for Limited Space

Wooden L-shaped Computer Desk with Style #diy #desk #homedecor

Unleash your love for steam and Victorian engine into a computer desk idea. This minimalist steampunk table can be your guide into exploring the enchanting world.

Several old pipes and joints and a slab of vintage-finished table surface is enough to start this awesome project. And you can see the classic-modern result!

8. Repaint the Old Computer Desk with Color Accents

Computer Desk Case #diy #desk #homedecor

We have many reasons to get bored with our old computer/working desk. The style is outdated probably is one of the main reasons.

Apart of that, you probably feel that the desk is not as shiny as it used to be, but you still cling to it anyway.

Yes, you probably bored with your old computer desk, but you still love it and won’t throw it away.

All you need is a bucket of good paint to bring back its past glory. If you feel enough with the original color, try a new updated color you like. Charming.

9. Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

Belt Under Desk Computer Mount #diy #desk #homedecor

Some of us prefer (or needed) to work while standing. To accommodate the need, you can build an adjustable computer desk.

As you can see from the construction, the main adjustment unit is a pair of hydraulic hands and locking systems on their sides. It is simple but effective.

10. Pallet Computer Desk for Greener Working Space

DIY U Shaped Computer Desk #diy #desk #homedecor

If you the big names like Google, Apple, Facebook has magnificent and green working areas for their workers, now we aware that a greener and healthier working space is not a jargon anymore.

You can start a greener home office with table out of recycled stuff, wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets are not only indispensable for packaging, they are also great for your barn-style liking.

This example shows you a DIY computer table from wood pallets. It’s mostly of pallets, with addition of 2 aluminum bar for the legs. It’s easy to construct and giving a warm atmosphere to the room.

11. Mini Stand Up Desk as a Regular Desk Extension

An Awesome Computer Desk with Shelves Idea #diy #desk #homedecor

To sit all day long behind the desk would only make your back and digestive systems (to mention two of the problems) go sour.

Standing up every sometimes will help you to avoid the annoyance. To get the goal done, a stand up desk will be useful for your table extension.

If you have time, you can make the table yourself out of pallet woods. See the example for one of your inspiration.

The layout is simple and you can easily set it into the real thing. Set it on your regular computer table and say goodbye to the naughty back problems.

12. Built in Computer Desk for The Practical Minds

DIY Modern Floating Computer Desk #diy #desk #homedecor

If you have no time for picking or even DIY, when it comes about furnishing your room, nothing is more practical or convenience than fill it with built in stuff.

You just pick your most favorite model out of a catalog, purchase the stuff, assembly it and have the product in minutes.

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This computer desk model is only one of so many built in desk around in the market.

The design has clear lines and fewer parts. It means that you can assembly the desk easily, without having to worry about lost screws, missing parts, or any other problems. You can buy this desk via amazon here.

13. Solid Wood Computer Desk for a Rustic Working Space

undefined #diy #desk #homedecor

A solid wood plank is incomparable in giving you a warm and homey atmosphere to your working space.

It is also light and flexible enough to shape and put in any available space. Whether you have it in its plain look or in the finished product, it always gives off its natural sensation.

This solid wood computer desk example (tandem as a working space) offers the same sensation. It has minimalistic design with rough, vintage-like, finish. The design is plain enough for you to build it your self and you feel great for it.

14. DIY Modern Floating Computer Desk

Built in Computer Desk for The Practical Minds #diy #desk #homedecor

A modern look tends to minimalistic in its design. It always emphasize on the functionality of a product, rather than to the frills or finishes.

The result is a seemingly bare products, accompanied with nakedness which is often referred as modern beauty.

If you find a modern style agreeable, then a floating table like this example will be suit well.

The visible design, as you can see here, consist of wood slab and wire systems (as the table support, apart from the invisible planted support on the wall). The layout presents very light and modern tone.

15. An Awesome Computer Desk with Shelves Idea

Mini Stand Up Desk as a Regular Desk Extension #diy #desk #homedecor

For some, a working space won’t be considered fully furnished without shelves on it.

Yes, even with the working desk around and handy for whatever job needed. For the reason, then shelves pop up as a single furniture, or attached on the walls.

Here you have computer desk complete with its own shelves. This inspiration is suitable if you happen to have a limited working space. The shelves is handy for some stationeries, paper, or even printer.

While under the table you still have spacious shelves for storage box (or books).

16. DIY U Shaped Computer Desk

Pallet Computer Desk for Greener Working Space #diy #desk #homedecor

As your work keep expanding, an office table probably won’t be enough anymore.

The increasing work load forces you to enlarge the working place. It means that you need to change the old existing computer/working table with the new larger one, or you can modify it into a U shaped desk.

To have this efficient U shaped desk, you need only to have three similar desks. If you already one long desk like the example in the picture, then you need two other similar desk. And then, as finishing touch, arrange them into a U shaped desk. Simple, isn’t it?

17. Belt Under Desk Computer Mount

Adjustable Standing Computer Desk #diy #desk #homedecor

We love to see our working place clean and easy to maintain. One of the better alternative to achieve the goal is by keeping your working room’s floor free from any stuff, including your CPU.

Once put on the floor, it’ll be easily forgotten. And over the time, it gather dust and other sinister particles.

To avoid them, hang your CPU under the table. This example is the simplest design of the CPU holder.

It only need a pair of brackets to arrest the pair of belts used to tie and hang the CPU. You can set it up easily with screw drivers and a little preparations.

18. Computer Desk Case

Repaint the Old Computer Desk with Color Accents #diy #desk #homedecor

Sometimes, just sometimes, some of us want a clutter-free working area. We want our floors are free of CPU, power plugs, or tangled wires.

To avoid the problems, you can put the CPU into a special box, in the form of a computer desk case.

In this example, the computer engine (aka CPU) has a special drawer on the table. It makes the overall appearance of the table and the room looks cleaner and organized.

As a note, when you make this kind of computer desk case, give it enough ventilation to prevent the CPU from overheating.

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19. Wooden L-shaped Computer Desk with Style

Fun Steampunk Corner Computer Desk Idea for Limited Space #diy #desk #homedecor

To have a representative working table is important for your image as a professional.

To have it chic yet representable is another story. Not only better and spacious enough for your daily job, it also should have the aura of your good taste in furniture.

A lover of vintage stuff will love this table. This L-shaped beauty is made of salvaged wood. It made of unused old floor boards.

The L-shaped design enable you to work efficiently, and the rough look of the wooden table represent your love of warm and casual air. Nice.

20. DIY Corner Small Computer Desk

Industrial Look With Pipe Computer Desk Idea #diy #desk #homedecor

A super limited working room need a super creative mind to accommodate a neat and ergonomic working table. It should fit enough to occupy the available space.

And it should not become a source of annoyance from becoming a hindrance to your movement.

In a limited space, working table or computer desk placement is important. From this example, a chic small minimalist table occupy a corner snugly.

You can see that this design blends well with the corner, increasing your mood to get the job done.

21. Computer Desk with Drawers In Mid-Century Style

DIY Cross-Legged Computer Desk Plans for a Starter #diy #desk #homedecor

After all your success, all you need of your working space is a stylish working desk. A table that won’t only show your professionalism, but also shows you how you appreciate good things.

In short, wow your client with your choice of your working (or computer) desk.

Now if you love Mid-Century style, this computer desk will be charming for your room.

It gives off the light, playful feeling, not to mention the post-war classic style. The design is clean, you can even build it yourself in your leisure time.

22. Wall Mounted Folding Computer Desk

Splash the Old Computer Desk with Pops of Color #diy #desk #homedecor

The real problem of having a working desk in a very limited room is that the room feels cramped sometimes.

This mostly because of the unsuitable desk sizes or the wrong placement on the room. The effective solution is by setting a foldable desk.

This foldable computer desk offers more than a foldable desk, but also serves as a shelve cover.

Once folded up, it also good for a mirror, picture (or any other art stuff). If you like to build one like this desk, it easy to build in your free time.

23. A Modern Computer Desk with Leather Containers

cheap diy computer desk #diy #desk #homedecor

A modern furniture, including computer desks, might make you think of glittering but cold stuff.

Due to the media expose or Net catalog, the view probably is not wrong after all. But, seeing this beauty, you might need to rethink your view on modern furniture.

This working desk idea is the thing you should put on your home office. This simplistic but superb table is from the designer Giorgio Bonaguro, and you can take inspiration out of the look. The slim design and its flexible leather containers is simple great.

24. Sweet Computer Desk with Drawers

diy computer desk ideas #diy #desk #homedecor

As your needs grow, a bare minimalistic table won’t cope anymore. You need additional holders, then the room has shelves, table shelves, standalone shelves or wall shelves.

The table also need drawers for practical and handy storing. Here’s an inspiration of computer table with drawers.

It has three drawers, each adored with lines of small knobs. The largest one at the bottom right serves as printer’s keeper.

The other two drawers serve as utility containers. The design is cute and feminine, suitable for ladies or girls.

25. Wooden Computer Desk With File Cabinet

Rustic Computer Desk Idea for A Warm Home Office #diy #desk #homedecor

Lastly, here we offers you a charming computer desk table for your DIY project.

It practically made from a slab of wood and two similar filing cabinet. Arrange them as the picture shows, and don’t forget to put the legs. As the finishing touch, give them your favorite color.

That’s all our 25 Awesome Computer Desk Ideas in 2018. All are simple, and some are easy to build for a beginner. We hope you enjoy the list and, even, can have some ideas or inspiration out of them for your DIY Project. Have a nice day.

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