Gorgeous DIY Apartment Decor Ideas

Here are 31 Gorgeous DIY Apartment Decor Projects To Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment.

1. DIY Painted Rug

Use fabric medium and acrylic paint to turn a cheap remnant rug into a custom statement piece. You can usually find remnant rugs at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Just ask for what they might have in stock. Prepare the remnant rug and the shape templates.

After each shape is printed. Cut out the new cardboard template. You can use a foam brush to apply the mix color paint to the shapes on the rug. A couple hours here is the result.

To brighten it up, Started painting around the edges of the pattern using a smaller paint brush and some custom mix turquoise paint. Here is the finished rug looks like.

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2. DIY West Elm Inspired Gold Leaf Pillows

Adhere some gold lead to canvas pillow covers to make statement pillows. You can find the complete DIY tutorial at the gathered home blog.

Although you might want to paint a premade cover instead of using fabric glue to make your own.

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3. Fresh Coat Dresser

Modernize your childhood dresser with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. If you don’t have a convenient flea market near you. Ebay actually has quite a few good finds.

First i sanded the dressers and all the drawers until they were nice and smooth. After that I prompt them both and then painted them both with oil-based paint. And if you don’t want to buy new dresser polls, you can spray paint the current ones metallic gold.

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4. DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard

Paint and frame four doormats for a faux-wood headboard. Here’s how you do it:

• First Paint the mats (spray paint works best).
• Cut a piece of plywood the size you want your headboard to be.
• Paint or stain the plywood.
• Attach your mats to the plywood.
• Trim out the piece to finish things off! and done.

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5. DIY Barn Wood Headboard

Nail salvaged wood together for a minimal but warm headboard. There are two parts in this DIY Project which you could find at Five-o-Eight. check out the this link to make it.

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6. DIY Front Door Headboard

Dumpster-dive for an old door, and paint it a fun color. First find an old door, paint it and let it dry. Drill two holes to attach the actual headboard to the metal bed frame.

Once the holes were in place, we attached the two pieces together with the screws and bolts. Now we had a headboard! You might consider skipping the door knob, though.

So you don’t accidentally slam your head against it when you wake up from a bad dream.

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7. DIY Ikea Hack Sidetable

Turn a 1×1 cubby into a sleek side table. This would work in your bedroom or next to your sofa. Here’s the material you will need:

• Ikea expedit shelving unit
• Waddell 4in. Wooden table legs
• Drill and drill bit

First Use the drill to create holes on the markings just big enough for the legs to screw into while being snug. Twist each leg in, and you’re finished! Easy peasy.

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8. DIY Crate Wall Mount Table

Screw some hairpin legs to a stained or painted crate. And you’ll get a little more bookshelf space as a bonus.

I applied the stain to the rag and in some spots directly on the wood. Once the stain dried. I wrapped the gold string around the handles of the cratefor a touch of bling and textural interest.

Next I used my drill and screws and attached the hairpin legs to the underside of my crate. Simply leaned it up against the wall and screwed the back of the crate into the wall so it’ll stay put. And there you have it!

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9. DIY Mid-Century Modern Side Table

Or you can build your own wooden top for your hairpin legs. Here’s how you do it:

• First Sand your boards in the direction of the grain until it felt smooth.
• Stain your boards and use gloves to apply the stain to the wood and to wipe off the excess.
• Apply clear coat.
• Give it a couple hours to dry and apply it to the other side.
• Assemble your side table.
• Nail the two top boards to the long edge of the side boards, and repeat on the bottom.
• Pre-drilled pilot holes and screwed the legs on with screws.

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And this what it looks like when it finished.

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10. DIY Herringbone Mirror

Cover a boring mirror with a fabric that you love. Here is the instruction:

• Step 1: I started by attaching my wood veneer to the outer edge of the mirror frame. Use painters tape to hold the veneer on while the glue dried.
• Step 2: To deepen the wood tone of the veneer. I stained it with Early American wood stain.
• Step 3: For the fabric strips. I started by cutting a strip and lined up the two strips to trimmed the excess fabric at the ends.
• Step 4: Sprayed the back of each fabric with glue and then pressed. Use your fingers on the fabric to make sure there were no bubbles or wrinkles. The result is amazing.

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11. Cascading Paper Flower Garland

This DIY apartment decor warm up your entry way with an Anthropologies-like paper flower garland. It’s an inexpensive way to deal with that big, blank wall. First prepare all the item here:

Trim all flowers and leaves with edge of scissors, curl each petal, fold leaf in half then curl both edges, glue tab on yellow flowers and attach to edge. So petals curl in ward.

Do the same with white flowers glue tab on large flowers and attach to edge. So petals curl outward.

Arrange flowers in rows and divide the leaves to tread twine through embroidery needle, tape both sides of the end of twine trim off excess tape and push thin taped tip through the needle.

Strings flowers onto twine. Integrate leaves between some of the flowers. Hand branch on wall and tie each strand onto branch spacing evenly.

Adjust flowers on twine spacing evenly and add a bit of glue to keep them in placetrim off excess twine on both top & bottom of strand. And there you have it.

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12. DIY Rock Covered Bucket

Cover an ugly planter in pretty rocks for your front steps. So maybe you don’t have a wrap-around porch. But that doesn’t mean what you do have has to be boring.

Here’s how you do it: first apply a thick layer of thin set mortarthen cutting the mesh tile with a box cutter and layering the tile on the outside of the bucket.

Add the river rock pebbles on the mesh tiles and let it dry. The next evening I mixed up some grout added it with a putty knife, then removed excess with a sponge. After finished this what it’s looks like.

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13. DIY Utility Bucket Ottoman

Pick out some tough fabric and sew a slipcover for a utility bucket. This is the material you will need:

• Yardage for fabric
• Chalk
• Scissors
• Spray Glue
• Stapler
• 5 Gallon utility bucket
• Ruler
• Turkey carver
• Sewing machine
• Tape measurer
• Piping foot
• Foam
• Dacron
• Square ruler

First, Take off the bucket handle and measure the top of the bucket. Mark out the foam with your ruler and the cut it. Spray glue on the bucket and foam. Cut around the edges of the foam with the lid glued to it. Trim any extra pieces.

Take Dacron and spray it with glue to the top of the bucket. Measure and draw out the longest side of your pattern and mark the center. Cut the piping fabric wide and the top piece in circle. Fold the fabric in half and clip the middle top corner.

Sew in the piping with welt foot. With side panel folded, sew from the top down. Sew the two pieces together. Test-fit the fabric to make sure it fits smoothlyRemove the fabric and cut the extra fabric around the edges. Pull the fabric over the ottoman again, rotate it and staple it. Cut off the extra fabric. Dust cover for the bottom and Voila. It’s done!

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14. DIY Tufted Ikat Ottoman from Upcycled Pallet

Cover an old pallet with foam, batting and fabric for a custom living room ottoman. Enlist a couple of friends or roommates to help you out with the tufting.

First prepare a pallet. After the pallet ready, I added plywood to the bottom side. I nailed the plywood onto the base, and sanded the top of the plywood and along the outside edges.

Next I cut a thick foam to the exact size of the top of the pallet. Before secure it with a thin plywood. Sew the fabric onto the foam and then upholster it to the pallet. Attach the brackets to hold the legs of the half finished ottoman. It’s done!

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15. Mid-century DIY Coffee Table

Add simple legs to an Ikea table top for a midcentury-style coffee table. If you prefer to skip the cushioned ottoman. It’s cheap, and you could probably put it together in an afternoon.

What you will need: Tape half of each leg off with painter’s tape. Spray paint the legs and let the paint dry. Take off the tape. Take each of the leg plates and position them in the corners. Drill the plates in. Twist the legs in. And you got a nice Mid-century Coffee Table with ease.

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16. DIY Shower Curtain

Mount a cool shower curtain on a basic wood frame for a wall-sized statement. The hardware store will usually cut wood to size for you. So all you have to do is nail it together.

First I laid all the wood out with the side facing upscrewed each end of the side pieces to the top and bottom of the frame. I then ironed the shower curtain and laid it over the top of the frame.

I nailed in the top first and then stretched it to the bottom and nailed in the bottom. And then nailed in the sides last. It was super easy with 2 people. It took us about an hour to make it and hang it.

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17. DIY Ottoman

If your small apartment can’t fit a giant pallet-sized ottoman. You can make DIY apartment decor by Make one out of an old cable spool. To find a big spool, try calling up a local commercial electrician who might have one that you can pick up.

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18. Pretty Framed Shadow Shelves

Glue old picture frames onto wooden boxes for pretty framed shadow shelves. Try a locally flea market for cheap but pretty frames. Here’s how to make them: Prepare an old frames or buy a cheap frames from walmart.

Make two cuts on each side to the boards. Add a line of wood glue and used Nail gun to make a box from these pieces. Next, I used a line of wood glue around the edge of the frame.

I laid my frame on top of my box and used brad nails through the frame to hold it together. Painted all of the boxes and frames with your favorite spray paint color. And it’s done.

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19. DIY Magazine Holder

Glue felt around wooden dowels for a cheap and pretty magazine holder. Here’s how to create it: Made cuts on the dowels with a hand saw and then a jigsaw.
Your cuts don’t have to be exact as the ends will be covered up about 1/2″ when slid into the fittings.

I rolled the end over a dowel then marked where to glue. So that it was snug but still gave me room to slide the dowel in after it was dry.

Once the glue was dry on both ends, I carefully slid the dowels through and reassembled. Done and done!

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20. Repaint Chair

Recover and paint ugly cheap chairs for actually pretty guest seating. Ok so maybe this feels a little over the top, but if you’re feeling extra crafty, why not? What you will need: Prepare an old dull looking chair.

Apply two thin coats of spray paint and let the chair dry overnight. Lay out new fabric and place seat cushion face down. Once cut, attach fabric using staple gun when the chair is dry, assemble with new cushion and begin using.

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21. Poster Frame

Hot glue paint chips to the inside of a poster frame for a dry erase calendar that actually matches your kitchen towels. To get the pretty background, you’ll also need a neutral fabric.

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22. DIY Pretty Plant Stand

Balance a marble tile on a copper pipe frame for a pretty plant stand. You can find single marble tiles at most flooring storesand ask your hardware store to custom cut your copper pipe for you.

• Step 1: Glue one tee and one elbow to the ends of each of the 4 – 14 inch pieces.
• Step 2: Glue one 11 inch piece to the elbows on each set of legs.
• Step 3: Glue the 2 inch pieces into the 4 end caps.
• Step 4: Glue the end caps to the open part of the tee on each of the four legs.
• Step 5: Glue a tee to join the 6 inch pieces in the middle.
• Step 6: Glue one 11 inch piece to Step 2 at the tees.
• Step 7: connect it to one side of the legs and then connect to other set of legs!
• Step 8: Glue marble tile onto top. And it’s done!

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23. DIY Small Stylish Bar

Secure an old suitcase to a TV table for a small but stylish bar. What you need is just an old suitcase and a folding table.

To attach the suitcase onto the folding table, I used double stick tape on all corners of the table. You could choose to screw through the suitcase bottom into the table top or some other sophisticated method.

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24. Ikea Trendy Drink Table

Turn a couple of Ikea pieces into a trendy drink table with some gold spray paint.

Step 1: Spray paint the wood disc, planter + serving bowl. Let dry for at least two hours before handling.

Step 2: Superglue the bowl onto the bottom of the planter and the wood circle onto the top of the bowl.

Tips: with this method of fastening, be sure to not pile on the weightif you’re adding heavier decor to the tabletop. We recommend filling the bowl with quick-mix concrete before you spray paint the bowl.

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25. DIY Simple Hanging Shelf

Tie sisal rope onto a painted board to create a simple hanging shelf.

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Step 1: drilled four holes in a piece of wood.
Step 2: drill two holes in the wall for the screw hooks.
Step 3: fed each rope through the holes and then tie a knot underneath.
Step 4: tie the two other ends into a knot and hang them over the two screws to finish!

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26. DIY Colorful Bench

Upholster a piece of wood with a pretty blanket for a colorful bench.

Step One: Cut your plywood to the size you need.
Step Two: Cut the foam batting to fit your plywood bench top.
Step Three: Begin stapling the rug to the edge of the plywood. Think of this process sort of like wrapping a present.
Step Four: Once you have the first two sides stapled. It’s time to fold the end edges and staple those sides as well.
Step Five: Screw the legs of the bench into place. Be sure to measure to get them centered properlySimple and done!

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27. Beautiful Succulent Planter

Turn two bowls and some concrete into a beautiful succulent planter. Literally two plastic bowls. It looks hard to make, but it’s not!

I filled a plastic mixing bowl with the wet concrete mixand gave it a good tap to bring any air bubbles to the surface.

Then I took a small round container and plunged it into the wet mix. The concrete will take a good 3-4 days to become solid.

Tips: you’ll find that the smaller container wants to float up so you’ll need to weigh it down. I balanced a book across mine to keep it in place as it dried.

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28. Mini Hangers for Kitchen Window

Knot together some pretty . Here is how to tie the knot.

Step 1: Take the entire length of twine and cut 8 equal lengths. Once cut, you should have eight separate pieces all about the same length.
Step 2: Gather them all together and tie a knot at one end.
Step 3: Separate the rope into four sections with two pieces of rope per section
Step 4: Taking one section of rope at a time begin to tie the two pieces of rope into a knot.
Step 5: Take the left piece of rope from one sectionand match it up with the right piece of rope from the closest section to the left of it.
Step 6: Tie these two pieces of rope together nabout an inch above your previous knots.
Step 7: Align your ropes again so you can clearly distinguish between each of the four sections.
Step 8: Take the outermost piece of rope from one section and match it up with the closet piece of rope from the section to the left of it.
Step 9: Tie the two ropes together to make a knot about one inch above the previous knots. After you finish all four sections.
Step 10: Place your bell cup in the middle of your ropes.
Step 11: Pull the loose ends of rope up around the sides of the cup. So that the knotted area holds the cup in place and the cup is centered.
Step 12: Place air plants into the bell cups and you’re done

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29. Simple Round Mirror in Copper Tape

  • Edge a simple round mirror in copper tape. Copper tape is usually used as a “shielding tape” in electronic workbut you can use it to jazz up an old mirror.
  • Measure your mirror and mark it out on your plywood to use as a guide to cut out your circle of wood with a jigsaw.
  • Place your wooden circle on its edge. Apply a small amount of glue to the edge and press one end of the tape onto the glue.
  • Take your rope and fold the end over on itself holding between your fingers. Wrap the edge together to secure the ends together creating a loop.
  • Lay your wooden backing on a flat surface with your glue spread down. And carefully place your mirror, back side down and press firmly in place.

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30. DIY Marble Vase

Marble a vase by floating nail polish in a bowl of water. Make it even cheaper by picking out your nail colors from the clearance bin. All you will need is a container that’s big enough to submerge your entire object.

Nail polish and water. Fill your container with water and drop your nail polish into the water in whatever pattern you desire. Submerge it until you have the amount covered.

Carefully place on a dry surface. Do not touch until the object is completely dry! Once dry, display your piece and enjoy!

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31. DIY Hanging Garden Pot

Drill holes in the side of a ceramic pot to turn your favorite pot into a hanging garden. Measure and mark out where the holes will be on the side of the bowl.

Use a cordless drill and the ceramic drill bit to drill holes at these marks. Cut a piece of jute and put the ends through the holes to the inside of the bowland tie tight knots towards each of the ends.

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That’s all for DIY Apartment Decor Ideas you can try. Before you leave spare few seconds to like and share this article to your social media. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you.