27 Cool Shower Ideas for 2019

Cool Shower Ideas – HL Mencken once said that the first bathtub in America belonged to a cotton dealer from Cincinnati. This man, Adam Thompson, was enamored with the new habit of the English upper society of taking a bath.

Though, decades later, this story proved hoax, we can see that taking a bath is a relatively new habit in the USA.

Only after president Millard Fillmore (1800 –1874) install his bathtub that do bathing slowly gained momentum to became a culture for the American. Once considered bad for health, bathing now became a daily routine.

Now you may choose to dip down in your tub, or take a swift and fresh shower. For you who want to find the coolest shower designs, here are some coolest bathroom shower ideas for you.

Cool Shower Ideas

1. The Minimalist-Contemporary Open Shower

shower update ideas

The thrilling sensation of being one with nature is explored to the fullest in this shower design. Except for the glass wall, the bathroom has no border whatsoever between it with the garden.

So you’ll be one with the nature whenever you have your shower. If you like to have more privacy, draw the curtain fixed along the glass wall.

2. The Simple and Elegant Shower-Bathtub

shower layout ideas

First, the design looks simple. It also is elegant. Thirdly, you have a combo of shower and bathtub.

So, you can do your shower plus, if you want to relax, soak in in the bathtub. The cream-white tone of the room add the needed calm and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Minimalist Granite Shower

shower ideas for slanted ceilings

You can stay low profile but still keep the classy style with slabs of granite. Put those beautifuly polished stone all over your bathroom, combine them with quality showerhead.

And you have the most coveted bathroom in your apartment building. The city scenery and the LED light stipes are only added bonuses which makes you like to enjoy the shower all the time.

4. The Borderless Shower

shower ideas without doors

With this shower, you have the sensation of having the rain down right next to your bed. This shower has no border between the bed and the shower itself.

The only border is the glass panes dividing it from the wardrobe. So, now you have no reason of not getting shower. It right next to the bed.

5. Shower with Back-to-Nature Theme

shower tile ideas grey

Showering can be a romantic affair for some. They need special scene to make their shower complete and refreshing.

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Now if you’re the one who love the nature and want to enjoy the sensation of showering outside anytime, this shower scene is yours. The wall is full of naked stones, it reminds you to some remote stream in the wood.

There’s no shower heads, water flows from an outlet, resembling a minim waterfall just like in nature.

6. The Colorful High-tech Shower

shower ideas for small spaces

When you’re a tech geek who happen to have unlimited bank account, and you want to look cool in your bathroom, try this one.

This bathroom has 18 showerheads, each different from others. They’re separated in 6 zones. To control them, a computer system is installed.

So, you want to have your back squeaky clean? Just ask the computer to do it. For all those coolness, you need $ 100,000 for this shower.

7. Rustic Shower with Body Jets

shower curtain ideas pictures

Rustic style promises a slow-moving but pleasant living. For you who want to slow down your living paces, Hank Mitchell designed this shower room for you.

The combination of rough finish of the wall and wooden roof makes it warm and unique. The opaque windows provide abundant of natural light. And body jets add its exclusivity. See the complete layout on this link.

8. Classy Granite Shower Enclosure

shower curtain ideas for slanted ceiling

So you like minimalist stuff? Here’s your bathroom. But you also love an opulent bathroom as well? So here’s your bathroom too.

This bathroom has so minimalist style, only a glass enclosure and shower. But with the premium granite material and glasses, this bathroom transform into a luxurious bathroom.

With the bluish LED and advanced overhead shower, this bathroom’s futuristic as well.

9. Futuristic Shower Pod

shower curtain ideas pinterest

The future is here. At least if you have this shower pod. It doesn’t look like a bathroom at all, it almost like your new time machine.

The design is simply unconventional and futuristic. Inside you’ll fine shower heads surrounded with pools of blue LED light. So you can imagine how futuristic it is to shower in this pod.

10. The Grand Medieval Shower

shower trim ideas

How is it like to shower inside a medieval bathroom? This shower probably can satisfy your curiosity. You’ll have a spacious bathroom with naked-rough beams on the roof.

You’ll also have a bathroom full of slate all over the room, including the shower tower in the center. It combines vintage and modern style. You have the oldies tone, but still have the comfort of modern amenities.

11. The Loop Shower for a Futuristic Refresh

shower makeover ideas

Want to see the most unconventional shower in this list? Meet this special shower. You may call it a standalone shower or circle shower. But we prefer to call it loop shower.

You stand in the loop, and water will shower you from all its inners shower jets. Apart from its use as shower station, it will be great as your kind of contemporary art.

Put it on the corner of your pool, and that’s it. Your piece of art is ready. See Diego Granese of idiha Design for details.

12. East-West Shower Style

shower seat ideas

Serenity is what you feel of a Japanese garden. It neat and always in tune with nature. So what it is like to have a shower and then take a dip in a Japanese garden?

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Try the sensation with this shower. It combines the smooth atmosphere of the East with the practical shower of the West. Feel the harmony?

13. A Luxurious Green Shower

shower head ideas

Almost all shower in in this list seems to lack of greenery. This one will give you the real green right inside your shower.

Apart from the beautiful layout (plus its modern-minimalist style), this shower also offers racks for the evergreen. They gives the necessary nature tone to the shower, which easily raise up your mood.

14. Modern Minimalist Shower

shower ceiling ideas

A modern shower tends to minimalist in its design. The materials make them mediocre or high-class. This shower also has minimalist style. But, with superb materials, this shower look stylish and classy.

The combination of quality steel, glasses, granite, and showerheads, makes this shower awesome. The lighting, of blue LEDs, makes the overall shower looks so futuristic.

15. Shower Room with Color-Changing Tiles

shower lighting ideas

When you have tiles which response to temperature difference and change its color, you don’t need fancy bathroom design.

This shower use those tiles. So when someone shower and the water splash onto the tiles, they may change their color –depending on the water temperature.

Now if you want to turn your bathroom into disco room, change your bathroom tiles with this one. See this link for details.

16. Minimalist Shower with a Touch of Nature

shower ideas pinterest

The touch of nature is still the best. Take a dip in a sparkling pond, play under the rain, slip under mini waterfall, are only a handful nature-connected activities which give you the best sensation.

Now you can reenact and reconnect with the nature in this shower room design. It open to the outdoor, divided by huge glass doors.

Close the door when the element turn colder, or open it when the nature offers its beauty. It’s up to you.

17. Minimalist Shower in Slim Style

shower enclosure ideas

This minimalist shower design is too cute to be left out of this list. The overall layout offers you the simplest shower.

But, behind the simplicity, you can feel the charm. The teal accent of the lighting and striped brown benches (and mat) accented its slim design.

18. The Classic Shower in Brown-Beige Combination

shower room ideas

Wood is calming. Beige is casual and warming. The combination of both in a shower room is calming, warming, and so refreshing.

The illustration shows you the effects. This bathroom has a classic and conventional style, which itself is chic and tasty. The wood color and beige finishes offer fullest charm and cozy air to this shower room.

19. The Outdoor Natural Shower

shower door ideas

To play under a shower of water (from rain, your lawn sprinkler, or even the hydrant) is always fun. There’s certain refreshing freedom in it. This shower want to replicate those fun time.

So it has an open layout, with sky above and high wall plus greenery about. The bamboo poles gives the rustic and romantic effects. And showering will be always fun time.

20. Modern Shower in Rustic Style

shower bathtub ideas

Rustic style gets you near to the nature. It also gives you pleasant atmosphere. This bathroom also offers pleasantness with its rustic-modern style.

The minimalist-modern tone of the shower combines well with the naked and rough logs.

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The stone slaps, also unpolished, further enhance the rustic effects. In short, if you want to closely connected to the nature (without having to lose grip with modern comfort), try this shower room.

21. The Artful Shower

shower bath ideas

Seeing this illustration, you’ll probably a kind of abstract art. Yes, from the angle, it looks like of some contemporary artist.

But this one is a shower. A shower built by an architect in, maybe, his/her top mood. And the result is a simple but artful shower.

The symmetry of the body jets is nice. Coupled with the overhead shower, the shower is cool.

22. Elegant Shower Room with Glass Partition

shower ideas for small bathrooms

A borderless bathroom has lots fans today. It’s elegant and classy. Instead of conventional wall, you put huge glass wall in its place.

Making your bathroom see-trough from the bed, just like the illustration here.

To add the chic level, add the cute shower on the center. Please check the water pressure to get the visual impact like this one.

23. The Ultra Modern Horizontal Shower

shower ideas small bathroom

Want to raise up your lazy moment’s level? Try this horizontal shower. It consist of 4 showerheads, hung from a huge slab of granite.

Lay down on the slab of the granite at the bottom, face down, and feel gushes of water massage you down all over.

Just imagine the sensation. The bathroom is of ultra modern style. Minimalist in design and all of premium materials. Nice haven –surely.

24. Luxury Body Jets Shower Bath

shower ideas bathroom

Need an overall shower room? Then you need to try s shower with body jets. You have the shower sensation from many sides, instead from above alone.

This bathroom offers luxury and body jets at once. It made from composite materials of granite, glass, and wall cladding with wood tone. So, along with thoroughly clean body, you also get the classy style.

25. Modern Cave Shower

shower ideas for bathroom

Really? You want to take a shower in a cave? Real cave? It’s dark, damp, and probably some snake lurks under your foot.

Still want to shower in a cave but without all the disadvantages? Try this modern shower cave. It’s clean, warm, and full of modern comforts.

Including the charming lighting and mirrors –which make you feel like in a futuristic Stone Age shower house.

26. The Minimalist-Ultra Modern Shower with Teal Ambient Light

shower ideas with tile

This elegant minimalist shower is already a masterpiece of high-class shower design in itself. The choice of materials and lay outing is cool.

The subdued teal lighting further enhance the chic levels. It also gives refreshing and calming air.

27. The Futuristic Shower Capsule

shower ideas tile

No, this is not an abandoned teleport capsule of the Star trek starship. This one is your futuristic shower capsule. It consisted of a glass capsule and showerheads above.

Enter this capsule and you’ll shower in style. The shower and the rest of the bathroom area are on a raised platform, making your shower ritual like a performance on a stage. What a sensation! If you’re a thrill seeker, try this shower.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best shower designs around, we hope now you have an inspiration for your shower room. Or, maybe, you are already in love with one of the design? Then, go get your shower room project done.