10 Stylish Contemporary Ranch House Plan Ideas

Ranch houses experience a revival these last years. As one of the most iconic house, ranch house have enjoyed fame for a period (40s-70s), then experienced a decline and makes a comeback only recently as a refreshed and contemporary ranch house.

The following are 10 stylish contemporary ranch house ideas for your inspiration.

1. Contemporary Mountain Ranch House

Contemporary Mountain Ranch House

This U-shaped ranch will satisfy your wants of outdoor and indoor activities plus fresh air.

This ranch house has all the stuff for your healthy daily living: a separated master bedroom, interior courtyart, great room, covered terrace, and many more. This house has 3 bedrooms, each has private bathrooms.

2. Ranch House in Traditional Style

Ranch House in Traditional Style

This ranch house has traditional look, giving it an elegance and classic American house beauty. Inside, you meet a large great room. The master bedrooms faces back porch.

You can see the back yard from there as well. A luncheon counter divides the dining area and kitchen. If you need more space, and option of basement is available.

3. A Ranch House in Craftsman Style

A Ranch House in Craftsman Style

Here you meet a ranch house with a touch of craftsman style. The gabled front gives a sweet accent to the house, it also serves as a warm cover to the main entrance.

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Foyer and lodge room are vaulted. Uncovered timbers (serves as trusses) give you a vintage atmosphere. The kitchen is set as an open kitchen, easily accessible for any meal or snacking.

It has 3 bathrooms (one serves as master bedroom). To accommodate your outdoor activities all the time, this house also has a covered porch.

4. Simple Bungalow in Ranch Style

Simple Bungalow in Ranch Style

A bungalow always promises comfort and refreshing nature. With a ranch style, like this picture, it guarantees you to feel it just like home as well. The exteriors is simple but pleasant with the combination of stone, shingle, and clapboard.

The front porch offers generous place to do anything outside. Inside, vaulted ceiling covers the living room. Kitchen has counter seating for casual meal. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 car garage on the side.

5. An Airy Ranch House Idea –Craftsman Style

An Airy Ranch House Idea –Craftsman Style

The characteristic gable lends a touch of craftsman style, while the long roof give you an appearance of a ranch house. Those traits make ma beautiful blend with white color all over.

It looks light, airy, and fresh. To add a ranch touch, beamed ceiling covers the living room. This house has split bedrooms to increase the privacy of the hosts. All with luxurious bathroom. If you want more spaces, expanding option’s available on the second floor.

6. A Ranch House in Rustic Style

A Ranch House in Rustic Style

Need a ranch house as your vacation home? Here’s an idea of a rustic mountain ranch home. The exterior’s off clapboards and stone, offers a rustic air to the house.

The interior boast a vaulted great room and fireplace. It also offers an open kitchen. It has a split bedroom, and two additional others –each with its own bathroom. For outdoor activities, you have several decks and porches.

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7. Contemporary Single-Story Ranch House

Contemporary Single-Story Ranch House

The contemporary ranch house here has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathroom. The master bedroom has separated place for an added privacy.

This ranch home has an open floor layout, enable you to move freely –and reach any of your stuff easily. The garage has 2 car capacity, enough to accommodate your transportation vehicles.

8. An Energy-Efficient Ranch House Idea

An Energy-Efficient Ranch House Idea

When it comes in saving the energy bills, you can appreciate this home. The purpose of this house is to reduce your bills up to 40%.

To achieve that number, several parts have been specially designed to reduce the heating/cooling cost, such as the use of raised heel trusses and deeper porches and overhangs.

This 3 bedrooms ranch house is also use solar power to generate hote water. You can also add arrays of solar panels to add the ‘greenness’ of the house.

9. Minimalist-Contemporer Ranch House

Minimalist-Contemporer Ranch House

This ranch house gives you views and open atmosphere. The exterior use contemporary-minimalist design which use lines effectively.

The open floor layout (and the big glass windows) open a casual and healthy air. If you’re looking for a mountain home in ranch style, this one is a great example.

10. A Country Ranch House

A Country Ranch House

The last house in this list is a classic 3 bedrooms ranch house. This ranch house has straightforward design and effective lines. The open floor concept is further added with a wide lanai for summer activities.

It’s also featured with an open kitchen, dining area, and great room. All are designed for your comfort.

The ideas in this list are picked specially for the lovers of ranch house, including you. So have you found the ideas for your dream ranch house yet? Hopefully so.