10 Coffered Ceiling Ideas: Create An Elegant Impression for Your Room

Coffered Ceiling Ideas – Basically in a structural building, the ceiling is not part of the structure. However, the ceiling has an important role in a building structure such as temperature stabilizer and beautify the interior.

One of the famous architectural styles of the ceiling is the coffered ceiling. Talking about coffered ceiling actually coffered ceiling has been around since the 7th century. Coffered ceiling can provide luxurious impression on all rooms, such as living room, bedroom, study room, billiard room, library, kitchen, and others.

This type of ceiling is most suited for a room with a height ceiling (not less than 2.5 m) where the impression of room is very large. In a small room, such ceilings do not look impressive. Also, coffered ceilings are best suited for classic or traditional room design. The following is the inspiration ideas of coffered ceiling design for your traditional room.

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1. A Touch of Contemporary Coffered Ceiling in Farmhouse Room Style

Contemporary Coffered Ceiling in Traditional Room Style

The white coffered ceiling with wide detail, columns, and hardwood floors is a perfect blend. The blend visualize a classic, clean, bright, and spacious kitchen.

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For the kitchen, it is advisable to choose a bright white ceiling. Because the ideal kitchen is good lighting. The kitchen should be bright enough to be safe, because in the kitchen (which is usually small and limited) there are three specific areas of work: preparation, cooking, and serving areas. And white color, can support the need for such lighting.

2. Sky-down Coffered Ceiling With Accent Pendant Light

Coffered Ceiling With Accent Pendant Light

As we can see, the dining room has a ceiling that is not too high. That’s make the room seem narrow.So, the solution is used supporting items such as large pendant lamps to make the impression of the room lmore spacious.  Blue wall alloys and traditional white-style chairs accents make the dining room seem more relaxed.

3. Detail Grid Pattern of Coffered Ceiling for Small Room

Coffered Ceiling for Small Room

In order, to make the reading process more convenient, we need an ideal library room. And so as not to damage the eyes, we need a room with good lighting. If possible, a room that doesn’t need a light during the day.

As we discussed above, white color can be very helpful for lighting the room. So, choosing white walls and white ceilings is perfect. In other hand, the ceiling detail size that not too wide very suitable for a room that’s quite narrow like the room on the picture.

Then, wooden flooring with Elegantt rug, supportive furniture (like comfortable chairs and adequate bookshelves), and others make us more comfortable in reading.

4. Contemporary Coffered Ceiling: Very Classically Look

Contemporary Coffered Ceiling

Living room is the room where we spend many times with our family. So, ideally the room should be comfortable. The touch of white walls, with white coffered ceilings create a clean and comfortable visiblity of the room.

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In other hand, the details of the ceiling with a wide diameter creates a broad impression on the room.
Then, a touch of traditional furniture, match with wood floors and Elegantt rug make a classic impression. So, the atmosphere in the room becomes more intimate.

5. Simple Room With A Touch of Traditional Coffered Ceiling

Traditional Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings with semi-flushmount lighting, purple walls, and purple rug create a simple, comfortable, but Elegantt visualization of the home work.

6. Traditional Coffered Ceiling Combined Traditional Room Style: Perfect Traditional Look!

Traditional Coffered Ceiling Combined Traditional Room Style

Comfortable home work is believed can reduce stress retention. Coffred ceiling with wooden material that matches the walls, and french-style doors create a very classic impression.

In other hand, the addition of fireplace in the home work, and the good selection of comfortable couch red velvet color adds a casual classic feel, so the home work feels more comfortable.

7. Black Coffered Ceiling: An Elegant Impression

Black Coffered Ceiling

The dark room like black colour has an Elegantt impression. Interior design with stylish coffered ceilings and traditional furniture further adds to the Elegantt and futuristic impression of the room.

8. Brown Coffered Ceiling: Charms A Majestic Style

Brown Coffered Ceiling

One of the requirements of the ideal home theater is the right interior color. Light-colored rooms easily reflect light from the screen, so it can interfere your comfort when watching movies.

The golden colored walls with brown coffered ceiling is very match. In other hand, wooden ceilings are perfect for home theater, because wood is a good material for acoustic panel.

9. Coffered Ceiling Combined With Rustic Room Style

Coffered Ceiling Combined With Rustic Room Style

Having a game room is a solution to eliminate fatigue. Suitable for urban people who are usually very busy with their activities.

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Speaking of the game room, ideally ‘comfortable’ is the main thing. A brown coffered ceiling combined with traditional furniture and blue walls make eye pleasurable when looking at it.

If added with the appropriate touch of color room lighting, it will create a very cool atmosphere of play.
charms a majestic style

10. Coffered Ceiling with A Detailed Wooden Finish

Coffered Ceiling with A Detailed Wooden Finish

Although not mandatory, it is also good to have a bar room at home. Bar room function more or less the same as game room, that is to eliminate fatigue. Coffered ceiling with wood materials and traditional room design create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing.

Conclusion: That is 10 inspiration coffered ceiling design that you can apply for your home. As discussed above, coffered ceiling is perfect for traditional style rooms, as well as rooms with high ceilings.

However, it is possible for you to experiment. For example on point 2, the addition of a large lamp accent on the ceiling that is not high can give a different impression.