Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee Bar Ideas – A home coffee bar is a need if you’re a coffee addict. For you, brewing a favorite specialty coffee probably is always an exciting experience.

For a reason, you need to enjoy it in your special time and the right place. It would do no good to prepare your special coffee in your regular kitchen –that will only cut your coffee ‘experience’ and enjoinment.

You need a nice coffee bar table, a coffee bar which suits you well that you want to always lounge around it.

If now you want to have a suitable coffee bar or want to renovate your existing one, the following coffee bar design ideas will your first stepping stone in your journey to find the most suitable coffee bar table for your home.

coffee bar ideas

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Coffee Bar Table

coffee bar table

This is a perfect idea for simple but effective coffee bar table. It also does well in a house with limited spaces.

The firm lines plus its light color offers spaciousness feeling. The peat baskets blend well with the table and serve as handy multifunction containers. The shelf above the table is a nice complement.


  • It gives a light and casual atmosphere
  • Suits well with limited spaces
  • Handy and artistic peat baskets


  • It needs stronger wall color to stand out

Home Coffee Bar

home coffee bar

A homey feeling shines from this home coffee bar idea. It’s small but effective enough to accommodate all your desires for coffee and coffee making.

It comes with spacious rooms for the coffee appliances and your supplies. The simple wall shelf blends well with table, and the oriental red color energizes the room.


  • It only takes small spaces
  • Compact design
  • Warm color


  • Prone to clutter without regular maintenance.
  • Not suitable for family with active kids

Coffee Bar Furniture

coffee bar furniture

If you’re looking for an idea of a modern-rustic coffee bar furniture, this one is yours.

A combination of dark blue modern color with warm wood color blends well.

The bar has enough store rooms for your supplies or unneeded home appliances, and it has unique sliding doors. Match to the table top; the shelves further enhance the warm atmosphere.


  • It offers warm and casual look to your room.
  • Has ample storage rooms, secure with unique sliding door


  • The unit feels heavy for small room
  • Need lighter wall paint or your room will look dark and gloomy

Kitchen Coffee Bar

kitchen coffee bar

Have an unused recessed wall? Want to fill it with something warm and soothing?

Then you need to put this kitchen coffee bar into it. It small and it has a clean-cut design which is easy to clean and maintain.

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Along with its function as a coffee table, it also serves as small, simple kitchen –with an oven under it.


  • It great for small room
  • The clean-cut design which easies to clean and maintain.
  • Neat and clutter-free


  • Cannot handle all your coffee supplies and appliances, due to the small size.
  • Need brighter wall color, or it will feel cramped.

DIY Coffee Bar

diy coffee bar

Want to experiment out of unused items in your storeroom? Why not build a coffee table just like this example?

The materials are easy to find. It made of an unused wood box and several wood planks.

The construction is simple; you can practically make it with only hammer and nails –and a splash of paint.


  • It easy to build
  • it has great design if you’re a lover of barnyard style
  • Eco-friendly –you use recycled materials.


  • It can have a terrible look with wrong wall paint
  • Won’t accommodate enough coffee supplies and appliances

Coffee Bar Cabinet

coffee bar cabinet

If you want a homey and feminine touch to your coffee bar cabinet, then you have this one.

The design is simple and functional. No need to fix separate shelves, for this one has built-in shelves.

If room space is the problem, this design can also be the option. It’s small enough for any small areas.


  • It feels homey and has feminine touch
  • Has enough covered store rooms
  • Suitable for limited spaces


  • Looks flat with the same back ground color
  • Too conventional design

Home Coffee Bar Ideas

home coffee bar ideas

This example is awesome. It’s simple, classic, modern, and industrial in one sweep.

The marine blue coffee table blends well with black and wood-colored shelves.

The table comes with three drawers which ample enough to store your coffee supplies.

As a treat, its copper drawer’s knobs contrast nicely with the table color.


  • Simple retro-modern design
  • Nice industrial shelves
  • Suitable for small house or apartment


  • Needs contrast background to stand out
  • Too small for a big family house

Coffee Bar Design

coffee bar design

First impression: warm, casual, and comfortable. If you like vintage style, it will be a nice idea if you built your coffee bar this way.

A dead corner space will do. It’s a combination of modern bar cabinet with countertop and vintage styled shelves balanced well with the parqueted floor.

The background blackboard wall mural is simply awesome. You have enough store room here, with four storerooms under the countertop and ample storing places on the shelves.


  • Good modern-vintage design, it gives warm and casual feeling
  • Has enough cabinets for your supplies.
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not suitable for limited areas.

Coffee Bar Shelf

coffee bar shelf

Need inspiration for a simple coffee bar shelf? You can try this one. It consists of two shelves and a shining cups hanger.

The design is simple and blends well with the coffee bar under it. You can put all your most needed coffee stuff on it for easy access. It can be a center view for your coffee bar.


  • It’s simple and effective shelves
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Gives clean, light and comfortable feeling
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  • It looks flat with a similar background color.
  • Tends to clutter

Coffee Bar Decor

coffee bar decor

A pat of decor and your coffee bar feels like the one coffee house you love. You need only a perfect background and small details to make your home coffee bar shines.

In this example, you can see a minimalist coffee table plus its shelves can stand out with blackboard wall mural.

The industrial details on the stools add balance to it.


  • The blackboard wall mural decor offers cafe-like atmosphere in an instant
  • It easy to build
  • It won’t need additional space


  • It looks hectic in small rooms.

Coffee Bar Cart

coffee bar cart

You probably like something movable for practical reason. This movable coffee bar cart is great for the purposes.

It won’t eat up your room, and most of all, it easy to move. You practically can have coffee anywhere in your house without being stuck in a place.


  • It’s easy to move
  • Simple design that fits to any room styles
  • Good for limited areas.


  • It only has limited room for your supplies.
  • It won’t be good with kids around.

Wedding Coffee Bar

wedding coffee bar

It will be cute if you also fix another coffee maker for your loved one. It’s of similar type, but with your spouse’s favorite color.

That’s it, just like this example. It’s only so flattering, but also adds a sense of wedding coffee.


  • It inspires romantic moments
  • Easy to arrange
  • It will do for any coffee table styles


  • It needs more room
  • You need additional cost for additional coffee maker

Coffee Bar Accessories

coffee bar accessories

Finding the suitable accessories for a coffee table can be a challenge for beginner. It’s simple.

Firstly, you find out the style of your coffee table. And then you need to find the accessories that match with the style.

In the example, you see a classic coffee table. Vintage accessories and posters will do well with the table. They match perfectly.


  • They lend warm and casual atmosphere
  • Rugged cast iron accessories are easy to maintain
  • They are easy to fix and arrange


  • Without proper arrangements, they prone to clutter
  • You need to spend time to clean them.

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

kitchen coffee bar ideas

Combining kitchen and coffee bar can save a limited space problem. It also can get your family close together.

This example offers a small clutter-free coffee bar that mixes well with the adjoining kitchen.

The open wooden shelf offers warmness to the coffee table.


  • It’s space-saving
  • Add closeness to the family member
  • Clean and easy to maintain


  • It only works for relatively large kitchen

Home Coffee Bar Furniture

home coffee bar furniture

A home coffee bar won’t be any eye-catching without great furniture. This example mixes the functionality of a coffee table with a showcase function.

The table also serves as display for your favorite appliances, glasses, jars, and other coffee-related items.

Up above, you can see the matching shelves to balance the table.


  • The coffee table also serves as showcase to display your most beloved coffee-related items
  • It has simple designs and easy to maintain
  • It will match to any room styles.
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  • It won’t be suited well with active kids in the house.
  • The risk of cluttering is high without regular maintenance.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

diy coffee bar ideas

Have an unused corner? You can use the empty room as a coffee bar. Like this example, all you need is a minimalist wooden table, wooden planks as shelves, and a peat basket.

All, except the table top, are with darker wood color. It contrasts nicely with the light-colored wall.


  • It’s easy to build
  • Suitable for limited spaces
  • It has simple and effective design that blends well with any room styles


  • It has not enough room for your coffee appliances and supplies

Office Coffee Bar

office coffee bar

Use a classic cabinet as your office coffee bar. This example shows how you can utilize old cabinet into a coffee bar.

Let the old paint stick as it is, and add it with small vintage shelf and the matched accessories.

And you can see now that you have a vintage yet modern office coffee bar.


  • Vintage look offers warm and casual atmosphere needed in office free time
  • All items are easy within grasp and handy
  • Suitable for small room


  • It looks gloomy with dark-colored room.
  • It needs regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid cluttering

Corner Coffee Bar

corner coffee bar

This example is the simplest example of coffee bar. This corner coffee bar won’t need any cabinets or separate shelves.

It’s manufactured out of cast iron, and consist of multi layers of shelves. Each with its function.

This design is very handy and practical for house or apartment with limited spaces. It is even good for a room.


  • It’s easy to fix and move
  • It’s designed as an all-in-one coffee bar
  • Perfectly fit any small rooms


  • It has no storeroom
  • It won’t stand out with darker wall painting.

Rustic Coffee Bar

rustic coffee bar

Here’s an example of a rustic styled coffee table. If you prefer an easy going living, or you want to always remember the coziness of your old home, this design is yours.

The lines are simple yet effective. It has a rugged beauty that suits well with your coffee.

The open design offers an efficient working area and easily accessible items. The rattan basket serves well as your items’ container and as the cute element of the table.


  • The barnyard design offers warm and casual atmosphere
  • Coffee makers and other home appliances are easily accessible
  • Suitable for small spaces


  • Won’t stand out with dark wall
  • The open design not suitable for family with active children

Got the inspiration? With all the pictures, pros, and cons, you surely have already had your home coffee bar ideas.

That would be a good start. And if you happen to like this article, why not helping friends or other to know it by sharing or pin it on Pinterest as well?

Surely it will also save your friend’s from a trouble of finding the right coffee table for their home.

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