35+ Easy and Cheap Decorating Ideas For Your House

People rent house or pay for the mortgage, it cost so high. You think so hard for the best decoration from bedroom to toilet for the shake of your comfort and health. It is time to drop more money so it will not price too high. Here we have 37 Easy and Cheap Decorating Ideas you can apply.

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Cheap Wall Decorating Ideas

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You may have some empty walls in your home. You can add or hang art there to add texture. In the search engine like Wikimedia Commons, you can find ton of free public domain art available so you can download and print it for free. Add fancy frame to emphasize the look.

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Cheap Display Decorating Ideas

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Displaying keys would make your room feel more livable. A roommates which live with a significant other are great to add into your collection. An affordable little shadow box from Target and also could be added, notice location and date of each key underneath.

Cheap Decorating Ideas With Books

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If you have some old stack of books, you can use it for decoration. Creating a fashionable side table by using books is easy simply by stacking them. Consider as well by using it unsightly just like cords or your routeror. Simply strap on a cushion on it and mention it a seat.

Template Cheap Decorating Ideas

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You also could add template in your room by making garlands from paper cut-outs. a heart template out of poster board could be so fascinating around. Sew the strand together. Then wrap each line around the wood. Finally secure the string on the top and back with the tape. Cut some lace and then glue it.

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Paint Chips Decorating Ideas

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What you can do with a paint chips for cheap room decoration? You can utilize paint chips to cover the entire wall. removable poster tape or painters tape are great addition to use in order to minimize wall damage.

Cheap Decorating Ideas With Calendar

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Having a playful room with decorative calendar is also fascinating. Find online cute calendar or 3D letters. Download and then print it, let it be an adorable wall décor.

Wall Flower Décor

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Patent-design prints in a shape of flowers would be so adorable. a simple wall flowers you hang could be a cute point in your room.

Jars Cheap Decorating Ideas

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These days, decorating with jars rapidly popular in worldwide. You can arrange jars or wine bottlesnail polish remover for decoration.

Newspaper Decoration

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Do you have some old newspapers? Do not throw it off. Use them to make a wall design like map or just a straight-up use maps. With or without frame, it still look pretty and adorable.

Lampshade Decoration

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To kill the boring look in your room, simply recover it with a fascinating DIY Vintage Lampshade. It will be effective to boost your mood.

Instagram Photo Decorating Ideas

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Having a room decorating with your instagram feeds could be so satisfying. What you need is only a printer. You can capture your instagram wall profile and print it.

Cheap Decorating Ideas With Old Shirt

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The old shirt may be so stacked in your room making some stuffing looks. However, you can start considering to use to have sentimental value. Simply Mount them on canvas. You also can use squares of cardboard cut from old boxes.

Cheap Decorating Ideas With DIY Rug

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If you have caret samples, consider to use it as a custom rug. Simply Attach bunch of the caret by using duct tape or display them individually.

DIY Wallpaper Decoration

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Fabric samples as a wallpaper could be very nice in your home. You can hang them on the wall and let them do their role. As the alternative, you also can use leftover wrapping paper if fabric samples is too hard to find.

Display Magazine Decoration

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Hanging display magazine could make your dorm room feels more fashionable. tape torn covers to your room walls. The step is just so simple and results greatly. Use your favorite magazine and strip them.

Vintage Poster Decoration

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How about having vintage poster in your wall around? Vintage Posters from FreeVintagePosters. Com are available for free you can download.

Colorful Tape Decor

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Tidy up a bland wall with colorful tape in your favorite color. For the more inspiration, you can see some photos from pinterest. What you need are colorful tape and scissors.

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Pop-Art Picture Décor

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Take photo of your dog or pets, or something you love really much. Make a pop-art picture by it on a piece of pink paper then cut the image out. Finally, glue it to a yellow sheet of paper. All you need to do this is printer, glue, paper, and scissors.

DIY Headboard Décor Ideas

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Do you have a boring look headboard? You can turn it into something catchy and trendy by using books. Utilize some old books to make a cool headboard. Do measurement in the beginning and find the shape you desire. Mark a plan according to the size of mattress you have. Place the old books and arrange it by using double sided tape. Your new cool headboard is ready now.

DIY Unique Rug interesting house decor

You can make your own by unique rug using strips of cloth. Use a non-slip cloth, one of those with little holes then strips of cloth. This could be a super stylish and comfortable rug you can use in your room.

Polka-Dot Wall Décor


Try having a cool wall décor with polka-dotted decor around wall or door. Consider having gold on a white wall for making a fancy effect. What you need is a contact paper and scissors for making this easy stunning decoration.

Tree Trunks Table

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The existence of tree trunks in your room could be a fashionable decoration. Use it as table. Of course it is both cheap and fascinating.

Washer And Dryer Cheap Decorating Ideas

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Washer and dryer become vital appliances in your home. You can use adhesive tape Instead of washi tape to make it looks more artistic. Buy the tape in any hardware store and use insulating tape or electrician’s tape to improve beauty of your washer and dryer.

Clipboards Decorating Ideas

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On a clipboards, you can hang photos, magazine images, or any other personal pictures. It looks artistic and just simple thing that brings stylish atmosphere.

Decor Your Chair

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Having an old bold chair may be so boring. Consider to add a touch of color to your chair. Just color it with a can of spray paint to give the old chair chair a new lease on life.

Bathroom Cheap Decorating Ideas

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How about making a wall of license plates in your bathroom? This could be so adorable. Find the more variety of years and cities for better decor.

Photo Decorating Ideas

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Your own personal photo in an original way could be so simple but effective for decoration. Buy an old picture frame, some string, clothespins, frame your best photo memories printed out voila, it becomes a super cute cheap decoration.

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Refresh Your Dining Room

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Refresh the dining room table with a new color. Consider the pop of color to your dining room and sure it is good to brighten up your mornings. Spray the chair with variety colors to make it more playful.

Create A Mini Shelf

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When you have a stack of old drawer, you can turn it into a mini-shelf. You do not need to go to IKEA and spend hundred dollars only for a shelf. Simply repaint the drawers, and attach them to your wall.

Rustic Coat Hanger Decoration

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You can utilize the old rustic coat hanger for decoration. First, Prepare a piece of wood. Then, sand and paint them. Collect some dried branches. Next, cut each piece at the base with a hand saw at a slight angle. And when you place them on the face of the wood, they will go diagonally upward. Finally drill the holes in the diagonal direction, glue and use it.

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

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To make a cool bookshelves, you can use a ladder which are really useful to have around. They would take up more spaces, but it could be effective as the cheap decorating ideas. Framed picture or a vase of flowers at the top could be so astonishing to add.

Vintage Flower Decorating

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Adding cool vintage flower pot for your room could be effective in making more vintage atmosphere. Choose plants with easy maintenance and do not have long roots.

Use Old Furniture

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Reviving the old furniture will be environmentally friendly as well as cheap decorating ideas. It would be exciting to do this. Use the masking tape and then mark some evenly spaced points on the bottom of circular edge of the lamp shade. Next, paint the pattern and wait it until dry. When it has dried, carefully peel off the tape.

Old Dresser Decorating Ideas

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Reviving an old dresser could be cost effective for a cool decoration. Use ombre paint to give playful color. Paint every piece of drawer with a different shade and color.

Postcard Decorating Ideas

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Do not throw off an old window or closet door. They are excellent to hold your mail and postcard. Simply paint it and put it.

Stair Decorating Ideas

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A newly colorful stair could be so stylish in your room. Paint the stair to give the more eye catching look in your room.

Corner Room Decorating Ideas

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The last but not least cheap decorating ideas you can do is by decorating corner room by using letters, photos, and other artistic pieces. Do not let your corner room becomes so bold and plain. Redecorate it and make it the more inviting space you would love.