10 Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Luxury Rooms

Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas – Existence of palfon in structural building isn’t without reason. Beside being a barrier between the room and the roof, the two main reasons for the existence of the palfon are as a stabilizer of temperature and supporting the beauty architecture of the room. And the cathedral ceiling can play both roles at once.

The first reason, because of the towering ceiling design, so the Cathedral ceiling very functional as a stabilizer temperature because the high ceiling makes the air circulation becomes better. Secondly, in terms of aesthetics the cathedral ceiling can create visibility of a luxurious and spacious space.

If supported with eccentric style furniture, luxury impression will really look. Here are 10 cathedral ceiling design ideas to make your room so luxurious.

1. Modern White Cathedral Ceiling

Modern White Cathedral Ceiling

Interior design for the kitchen is certainly different from interior other rooms. Beside aesthetics, the rooms should be safe from the dangers such as fire. So, the kitchen needed enough lighting and room circulation.

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Choosing white ceilings and walls can support the need for lighting. In other hand, the cathedral ceiling design can provide enough air circulation so that fire hazards can be minimized.

2. Arched Beam Cathedral Ceiling for A Spacious Dining Room

Arched Beam Cathedral Ceiling

The dining room with a cathedral ceiling style coupled with a long table and some candle-light accents can make the atmosphere more luxurious and spacious. Choosing traditional furniture and wooden floor adds more classical and luxurious impression of the room.

3. Industrial Cathedral Ceiling Style: Looks Rustic and Unfinished

Industrial Cathedral Ceiling

One of the materials commonly used for industrial interior design is zinc. In this room, the roof is made of zinc, and zinc is one material that tends to absorb heat. So, the ceiling with cathedral concept is very appropriate because it can provide enough air circulation, so the temperature becomes more stable.

4. Skyhight Cathedral Ceiling in The Entryway: Makes More Luxiorous

Skyhight Cathedral Ceiling in The Entryway

The first luxury impression when looking at a house is after the entryway. The entryway design with a cathedral ceiling can provide a luxurious first impression. Additional accents such as chandeliers and motifs on the ceiling also create a luxurious impression in the room.

5. Colour Cathedral Ceiling with Skylight Accents

Cathedral Ceiling with Skylight Accents

Among the many types of kitchen interior designs, one of them is u-shaped. Type u-shaped tend to be preferred because it can be used for storage that is large enough and can display the impression of luxury and elegance. Moreover, combined with cathedral ceiling. Room visibility also becomes much wider.

6. Timber Frame Exposed Cathedral Ceiling Traditional Style

Timber Frame Exposed Cathedral Ceiling Traditional Style

Living room with modern design, hygienic, and stylish become more classic when the ceiling is cathedral style. Moreover, the ceiling material is wood. Appropriate touch lighting and traditional hanging lamps made classic impression of the room.

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7. Cute Looking: Cathedral Ceiling With A Touch of Girly Color

Cathedral Ceiling With A Touch of Girly Color

Ideally a bedroom is a comfortable room, because bedroom is a place where we take of all our fatigue. And choosing cathedral ceiling is the best solution, the room will feel more comfortable because of good air circulation.

If the cathedral is synonymous with the very classical style of neo gothic architecture, then more modern color giving can create a more modern impression as well.

8. White Cathedral Ceiling: Look Very Clean

White Cathedral Ceiling

One of the most essential room in the house is the bathroom. Many people ignore this, and tend to make the bathroom perfunctory. In fact, the design of a comfortable and aesthetic room is important for our health. Looking health.vic.gov.au, appropriate bathroom design can provide a sense of comfort, calm, and reduce the stress.

To achieve perfect visibility, lighting should be maximized on wet terrain. Selection of white color on the toilet can support the need for such lighting. Then, the ceiling with the cathedral design helps the air circulation better and also makes the room visibility becomes more widespread.

9. Rustic Cathedral Ceiling: Combined Traditional Room Style

Rustic Cathedral Ceiling

Ideally the library room is a room that has enough air circulation and lighting. Lighting is important in the reading process so as not to damage the eyes. And air circulation is important to support comfort in reading. The design of the library room with cathedral ceiling concpet and white wall can sufficient the two ideal needs.

10. Natural Look of Cathedral Ceiling with Full Sized Windows

Natural Look of Cathedral Ceiling

The most comfortable house is probably placed among the trees. The wide window decoration and cathedral ceiling make more perfect comfort, as the fresh air from the trees can enter the house optimally.

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Conclusion: Those are 10 design ideas that you can apply to your rooms interior so that impressed more spacious and luxurious. This is also the solution for those of you who have narrow and limited rooms.