Quonset Hut Home Design Ideas Before You Build It

Any Advantages of Quonset Houses over Pole Barn Houses

Building a Quonset house? Why not? It’s easy, even you don’t have to build from the scratch –for most parts of Quonset home is prefabricated. It’s also practical to build and very robust and ever ready to protect you from extreme weather. If you have a Quonset home in mind, the following are several things you should know about Quonset house before you building one. Let’s check it out. 1. A Quonset Homes? What Actually is it? You can easily pick a Qounset home among other type of house, because it has a plain and characteristic look. It has semi-silindrical look. The name itself, Quonset, is taken from name of the place it was first built in Rhode Island, the USA (and it’s derived from Algonquian language). It simple construction means lots money saving. It’s also good against extreme weather. At first its most parts were fabricated out of Steel … Read more

Amazing Beach House Plan Inspirations for Your Living Style

Stunning Sea Blue Beach House (Sea Water Concept for House Living)

Building loveable house is not only in mainland, but also in near with sea or beach. This can be done by transforming the common idea of house building with sea or beach concept. Thus, those are on how considering the material of wall, think of the color of wall, building the balcony and its color, on how the concept which does not leave the beach or tropical side, considering the house foundation to be strongest as it can be in order to avoid sea abrasion, thinking of the put of glasses in the house, considering the shape of the windows and door, etc. 1. Stunning Sea Blue Beach House (Sea Water Concept for House Living) This house concept can be said as the amazing beautiful house because all the kind of house side full of windows. Thus, the house owner can see the sea although he is still in home. … Read more

5 Inspirable References of Stunning Log House Plans For Lifestyle

Awesome Log House with Big Poles at the Balcony

As the common material of house comes from natural sources including the wood, one of the types of the house is log house. Most of the materials of its house are made from the woods. This is to explore natural sight of the house either interior or exterior. The woods are gummed and nailed each others to strength the building construction. Every side of the house is dominantly with the woods which have different constructions and sizes. Mostly, log house are created with balcony at the front of the house. This model commonly met in the rural area because the supplies of the woods are easily found. Hence, those are easy to distribute and to construct as its style. To see further construction to inspire the people, here they are: 1. Wonderful Long Type Constructions of Log House with Long Balcony This house model is recruited from the woods. This … Read more

Exciting Cape Cod House In Millenial Era (Timeless House Style)

Exclusive Style “L letter” Cape Cod House

Recently, there are many decorations and forms of houses either in traditional or modern style. One of traditional house is Cape Cod house. This model is as the origin style from America. When the people of America in 18th century migrated from Europe, they brought their live cultures including on how designed the house. Therefore, it began when it was at colonial era. Although, it came from colonial era, it is still viewed as stylish house right now by developing its model as the creator’s inspirations. Therefore, this house layout is very inspirational style to be implemented in your own house to have unique and comfortable house. 1. Simple Brown Cape Cod House Along with the style of Cape Cod house, it is always made symmetries among right, left, front side and back side. The stylish cape cod house above is made symmetry both windows at the right side of … Read more

10 Inspiring English Cottage House Plans

Modern-Minimalist Victorian English Cottage House

A cottage lets you cool down for a while, away from the busy world and all the humdrum accompany it. Hearing the name, our mind will mostly wander to a small, neat and charming house sets on beautiful meadow or hill. In short, a cottage always promise you a quiet but pleasant living in a small but attractive house. English cottage house is popular again recently. The following is 10 Inspiring English cottage house plans for you. 1. Elegant English Cottage House This elegant English cottage house loves to greet you in any of your leisure days. The facade is beautiful, and so is the interior. This house uses living room as the social hub in the house. Along with it, a dining room area (with bay window) and kitchen arranged so to easily access from any part of the house –for easy refreshment or meal. This house has 2 … Read more

10 Awesome Raised Ranch House Ideas

Raised Ranch House in Minimalist-Contemporary Style

A raised ranch house is an effective solution to the needs of additional rooms. The outline is based on the regular ranch house, only it has been raised from the ground. You can see it raised only partially off the ground, or fully raised. The upper part of the house will be the bedrooms and kitchen. While the lower part is for living room, garage or any other rooms. The following are 10 elegant raised ranch house ideas for your inspiration. 1. Contemporary Raised Ranch House This example gives you a look on a contemporary raised ranch house. The exterior looks simple and minimalist with the combination of sidings and concrete. Below you can see 2 car garage’s ready to shelter your cars. Inside, on the upper floor are bedrooms (fully equipped with bath luxuries) and kitchen. The kitchen has open layout, complete with kitchen island overlooking to the patio … Read more

10 Modern Contemporary Ranch House Ideas

Modern Ranch House in Paririe Style

In 20s, a new breed of house style emerged in the USA. It used sleek lines and no-frill exterior. Later in 1932, Cliff May further pushed the style into what we know today as ranch house style. The style now on the trend chart again (since its decline in 70s). Now if you want to find inspiration for a chic ranch house, here we offer 10 Modern-Contemporary Ranch House Ideas. Let’s start. 1. Modern Ranch House in Prairie Style This prairie ranch house looks elegant with a blend of prairie and ranch house style. Clapperboard. Low roof lines, and stones blend into an elegant exterior. The interior, as in every ranch home, has an open floor layout. The home has 3 bedrooms, with master suite covered with vaulted ceiling. It’s featured with a walk-in closet and luxurious bath as well. 2. Stunning Contemporary Ranch House Plan This enchanting ranch house … Read more

10 Stylish Contemporary Ranch House Plan Ideas

Simple Bungalow in Ranch Style

Ranch houses experience a revival these last years. As one of the most iconic house, ranch house have enjoyed fame for a period (40s-70s), then experienced a decline and makes a comeback only recently as a refreshed and contemporary ranch house. The following are 10 stylish contemporary ranch house ideas for your inspiration. 1. Contemporary Mountain Ranch House This U-shaped ranch will satisfy your wants of outdoor and indoor activities plus fresh air. This ranch house has all the stuff for your healthy daily living: a separated master bedroom, interior courtyart, great room, covered terrace, and many more. This house has 3 bedrooms, each has private bathrooms. 2. Ranch House in Traditional Style This ranch house has traditional look, giving it an elegance and classic American house beauty. Inside, you meet a large great room. The master bedrooms faces back porch. You can see the back yard from there as … Read more

10 Most Charming Ranch House Plan Ideas for Inspiration

Ranch House in Cottage Style

Low roof, single story, open layout, are only a fraction of a ranch house characters. This iconic house is a staple in American living scene between 40s and 70s. After fading around 3 decades, this simple but comfortable house makes a fresh comeback. Here we offers you some 10 most charming ranch house plan ideas for an inspiration. 1. An Inviting Modern Ranch House As you can see here, the exterior of this house is designed on modern-minimalist style. It has simple straight lines of minimalist look, and wide windows of modern style. The front area offers warmness with long porch greeting any one to sit and have nice days. Inside, you’ll have an open layout interior which you can arrange into several house parts, plus big enough kitchen for easy living. 2. Cozy L-Shaped Ranch House A fresh atmosphere bursts out of this ranch home design. Built in L-shaped … Read more

10 Fabulous Cabin Plans to Suit You!

Deluxe Style Cabin Floor Plan

Upon seeing the word ‘cabins’, you will associate this term to holiday homes located in a very remote area. In addition to this assumption, their facade lead towards a more earthy look with the use of wood, logs and neutral colours for its appearance. However, with a few adjustments we will be looking into the top 10 cabin plan candidates that will show how flexible and versatile they can be. These cabin floor plans have a wide variety of range, depending on your needs. Let’s take a look into more detail on these designs. 1. Country Style Cabin Plan 1092 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage A rustic, timeless cabin design ideal to accommodate a peaceful environment. This is complemented by the outside patio built around the cabin. Entering this cabin, you will be welcomed by a spacious living room to your left, … Read more

10 Bungalow House Plans to Impress

Country Style Bungalow

Homes come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Upon hearing the word ‘bungalow’, one might assume that is is dainty and small. But this may not be the case for the plans we have below for you to browse. Let’s take a look into these remarkable bungalow house plans that will accommodate your needs. 1. Traditional Style Bungalow House 2203 sq/ft | 4 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms | 2 garages We’ll start off with a traditional styled bungalow, where upon entering the house you will be greeted with a wide living room area to accommodate you. It offers luxury and comfort, where the master bedroom is designed with a wide space and inclusive of a walk-in wardrobe; a large master bathroom is located at the back of the house for more privacy. The mixture of white and brown colours chosen for the overall house gives its’ traditional character. 2. Craftsman … Read more

11 Awesome Modern Ranch Style Home Design Ideas

Contemporary Platinum Custom Home

It probably safe to say that a ranch house is one of the most prominent icon of American. After a long fade and regarded as derelict, this style makes a cool come back. The following are ten of most awesome ranch house for your inspiration. 1. An Airy Minimalist Ranch Home This House, Sunset Knoll House in Oregon, provides you with 2 bedrooms and a breathtaking view. It’s minimalist, and it’s so effectively lay outed. It utilize the most of the nature offers: air, sun, and woods. The result is a ranch house which boast a fresh and airy atmosphere. 2. Modern-Minimalist Ranch Home You can locate this cool house in California. It’s also known as Caterpillar House. You can see the modern version of a ranch house here. A charming combination of sloping roof, straight lines, and glasses. In short, it’s designed to look modern and minimalist, yet it … Read more