Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Save Energy and Budget

See If You Need a Filter Replacement

Just like a good wife, Air conditioner is almost forgotten all the time. Only when it gets trouble, you begin to aware its existence. Your house’s getting hotter. And then, most of us do this, you push its working limits –hoping that its performance is as cool as it used to be. Before getting into summer AC trouble, the following are Air Conditioner maintenance tips to keep your home air conditioner run well. 1. How Air Conditioner Works There’re two types of AC: the central AC, and personal AC. The first AC cools the whole house from one centralized AC system. While the latter usually is for one-room usage. Both of the system has the same basic system, both have condenser and evaporator parts. The maintenance is relatively the same as well. 2. Keep The Air Conditioner Clean Fins acts as a kind of the outer filtering fortress before the air … Read more

20 Most Stylish Rustic and Modern TV Stand Ideas

Rustic TV Stand with the touch of Asia

TV Stand with the TV is one of the focal point which most people used in a living room, bedroom, or in an entertainment room. The focal point itself can be the main source of the entire room’s decor theme or it can also comes along with the interior theme that is already determined for the room. So, if tv stand as a focal point and you have chosen a certain style for the tv stand, the rest of the room should go along with the tv stand. But if you have already smitten with one decor style for the room’s interior, then you must find a tv stand that will compliment the whole room’s interior. Focal point should be the element that stands out and compliment the rest of the room’s interior. Therefor, tv stand is definitely plays an important role for a room interior. There are many styles … Read more

25 Low Budget Home Improvement Ideas With Big Impact

Upgrade the Light Fixture with this Home Ideas Improvement

Need some of the handiest home improvement ideas? And probably you want the most budget conscious ideas as well? Yep, here we have 25 simple and budget for you. All of them handy and, most of them terribly easy and budget-friendly. Let’s take a look. 1. Get fresher Tile and Tube: Paint Them! Boring with the old and all-white tile and tube? Change the color. No, won’t need new tile or tube. All you need is a good paint. For example, you can use a good quality rust-oleum cover stain primer/sealer to cover the surfaces. 2. Faux Wood Backsplash Need to add warm air to your kitchen? It’s easy. Fix a wood backsplash. Yes, you understand very well that wood can be expensive. So, fix some faux wood backsplash instead, like this example. You can have the look and the air, but in more reasonable budget. 3. A Dresser for … Read more

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