10 Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Luxury Rooms

Natural Look of Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas – Existence of palfon in structural building isn’t without reason. Beside being a barrier between the room and the roof, the two main reasons for the existence of the palfon are as a stabilizer of temperature and supporting the beauty architecture of the room. And the cathedral ceiling can play both roles at once. The first reason, because of the towering ceiling design, so the Cathedral ceiling very functional as a stabilizer temperature because the high ceiling makes the air circulation becomes better. Secondly, in terms of aesthetics the cathedral ceiling can create visibility of a luxurious and spacious space. If supported with eccentric style furniture, luxury impression will really look. Here are 10 cathedral ceiling design ideas to make your room so luxurious. 1. Modern White Cathedral Ceiling Interior design for the kitchen is certainly different from interior other rooms. Beside aesthetics, the rooms should … Read more

10 Coffered Ceiling Ideas: Create An Elegant Impression for Your Room

Coffered Ceiling for Small Room

Coffered Ceiling Ideas – Basically in a structural building, the ceiling is not part of the structure. However, the ceiling has an important role in a building structure such as temperature stabilizer and beautify the interior. One of the famous architectural styles of the ceiling is the coffered ceiling. Talking about coffered ceiling actually coffered ceiling has been around since the 7th century. Coffered ceiling can provide luxurious impression on all rooms, such as living room, bedroom, study room, billiard room, library, kitchen, and others. This type of ceiling is most suited for a room with a height ceiling (not less than 2.5 m) where the impression of room is very large. In a small room, such ceilings do not look impressive. Also, coffered ceilings are best suited for classic or traditional room design. The following is the inspiration ideas of coffered ceiling design for your traditional room. 1. A … Read more

20 Ways To Modify Your Tray Ceiling Design

Rustic Style Tray Ceiling

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling” Gilbert K. Chesterton. Your bedroom ceiling might be one of the things you stare longest as you drift to sleep, not to trying to exaggerate, but it works for you who still single or maybe in a fight with your partner. Nevertheless, you might want to design them as beautiful as ever. Tray Ceiling can be the simplest design approach you can decorate as you like. Before jump to ideas, let’s quick learning about the definition. The tray ceiling is a ceiling, with an area that stands a bit higher than the rest by a few inches to 12 inches or higher, but remains open and bordered by soffits on all sides, thus creating an upside-down tray in the ceiling when looking up. A variation … Read more

20 Vaulted Ceiling Ideas To Steal From Rustic to Futuristic

Two Storey in One Room Vaulted Ceiling

“If your thoughts are as tall as the height of your ceiling, you can’t fly above your room.” Israelmore Ayivor. The ceiling is one of the most important parts of your home interior. They can be very functional and aesthetic at the same time. Structural Type, Material, Color, and Lighting Fixture are a view of aspects that make your ceiling both functional and beautiful. So why vaulted ceiling? Vaulted ceilings began as an architectural choice only in Cathedrals or Basilicas centuries ago. Because of the vaulted ceiling’s capacity to visually and intangibly make a space bigger. Nowadays, in modern era and style, this kind of interior upper part has been shifted in meaning. It generally refers to a ceiling that higher than the standard 2.5 – 3 m ceiling height. Let’s move into ideas & tweaks for vaulted ceilings that you can surely apply in your next house building or … Read more

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