10 Fabulous Cabin Plans to Suit You!

Upon seeing the word ‘cabins’, you will associate this term to holiday homes located in a very remote area. In addition to this assumption, their facade lead towards a more earthy look with the use of wood, logs and neutral colours for its appearance.

However, with a few adjustments we will be looking into the top 10 cabin plan candidates that will show how flexible and versatile they can be. These cabin floor plans have a wide variety of range, depending on your needs. Let’s take a look into more detail on these designs.

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1. Country Style Cabin Plan

Country Style Cabin Plan

1092 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage

A rustic, timeless cabin design ideal to accommodate a peaceful environment. This is complemented by the outside patio built around the cabin. Entering this cabin, you will be welcomed by a spacious living room to your left, the kitchen and dining room is to your right.

The bathroom is located both upstairs and downstairs – the bottom to accommodate guests and the top is a suite within the bedroom.

2. Deluxe Style Cabin Floor Plan

Deluxe Style Cabin Floor Plan

2079 sq/ft | 4 bedrooms | 1 bath | 2 floors | No garage




This two-story cottage style cabin plan is the epitome of luxury and opulence in a package. The material and colours chosen for its’ facade adds masculinity on top of luxury.

With the high cathedral ceiling and panoramic windows, this helps enhance natural lighting for the kitchen, living and dining rooms. Although the master bedroom does not have a walk-in closet or bathroom suite, each floor allocates an evenly spaced bedroom for all tenants.

3. Cozy Cabin Style Plan

Cozy Cabin Style Plan

2638 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 1 baths | 1 garage

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This warm and inviting cabin floor plan includes a large stone chimney, skylights and different style canopies to add character. The main floor holds all of the rooms – the bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area.

The catch is that the master bedroom has access to the terrace for more privacy. The basement area is another lovely touch to this layout, which includes a den and access to the outside lawn area.

4. Charming Cabin Style Floor Plan

Charming Cabin Style Floor Plan

1340 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage

A perfect layout for you to relax and rest, this charming cabin style floor plan includes many unique features. These include the panoramic windows, two elevated terrace and a solarium. The high cathedral ceilings help accommodate the fireplace located within the living room.

This room leads into the kitchen and dining area with no intersecting walls, to give a wide spacious feeling. The first floor holds one of the smaller rooms, whereas the other two is located on the second floor.

5. Rustic Cabin Style Plan

Rustic Cabin Style Plan

5140 sq/ft | 5 bedrooms | 4.5 baths | 2 floors | 2 garages

A rustic and luxurious take for a cabin floor plan, incorporating cedar shakes, logs, stonework and metal roofing for the unique facade. The master bedroom is located on the main floor, offering a luxurious bathroom, walk-in closet and private access to the study and deck.

The upper level features 3 bedrooms to accommodate guests, whereas the last room is located on the basement floor along with other entertainment facilities.

6. Simple Cabin Plan

Simple Cabin Plan

863 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 2 baths | 2 floors | 1 garage

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A neat little cabin floor plan that is perfect for solitude. Although originally designed as a ski cabin for a resort, the evenly distributed space is appropriate for personal use. Due to its’ size and layout, it is designed to be low maintenance and energy efficient.

It provides a touch of comfort with the spacious walk-in closet for your personal belongings and the garage space is created to be larger than the usual size. This will allow storage for other tools/outdoor recreational equipment.

7. Homely Cabin Style Floor Plan

Homely Cabin Style Floor Plan

1538 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage

This homely cabin style plan will be perfect for those who enjoys the outdoors. The verandah surrounding the house allows tenants to step out at any time, accessible from the main great room and the front door.

Upon entering the house, you will be greeted by the kitchen area that will spread into the living room. The guest room is located on the first floor to separate your family’s rooms from theirs and allowing privacy.

8. Modern Cabin Style Floor Plan

Modern Cabin Style Floor Plan

480 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 1 bath | No garage

A lovely, 1 bedroom, 1 bath cabin style floor plan that will be suitable for lovers of nature and in search of some quiet time.

Due to the size, the living room, dining room and kitchen are merged into one open area.

9. Contemporary Cabin Style Floor Plan

Contemporary Cabin Style Floor Plan

1370 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage

This contemporary cabin style plan is perfect for those who have a soft spot for fireplaces. The layout incorporates one located in the great room, opening up to a multi-purpose deck accessible through the double French doors.

The master bedroom is located on the second floor to provide its’ user more privacy. In addition, it also has opening windows that overlooks the great room below and creates a unique look and feel.

10. Studio Cabin Style Floor Plan

Studio Cabin Style Floor Plan

640 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 1 baths | No garage

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Studio Cabin Style Floor Plan 1

A cozy, elegant cabin style studio floor plan that incorporates a U-shaped kitchen. The flexible interior includes a large multi-purpose room that can be used as a living room or bedroom.

In addition, the small adjoining room allows future conversion into a small place of residence. The bathroom features a sauna as a plus point, where the hot tub is placed in the garden between the two buildings.

The list can continue on longer, but these are the top 10 cabin style floor plans that we believe are flexible and allows you to adjust any changes to suit your needs.

Whether it’s a studio sized cabin or an extravagant 5 bedroom, 4.5 baths sized cabin, these designs can be adopted into any situation to satisfy your requests.