10 Bungalow House Plans to Impress

Homes come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Upon hearing the word ‘bungalow’, one might assume that is is dainty and small. But this may not be the case for the plans we have below for you to browse.

Let’s take a look into these remarkable bungalow house plans that will accommodate your needs.

1. Traditional Style Bungalow House

Traditional Style Bungalow House

2203 sq/ft | 4 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms | 2 garages

Traditional Style Bungalow House plans

We’ll start off with a traditional styled bungalow, where upon entering the house you will be greeted with a wide living room area to accommodate you.

It offers luxury and comfort, where the master bedroom is designed with a wide space and inclusive of a walk-in wardrobe; a large master bathroom is located at the back of the house for more privacy. The mixture of white and brown colours chosen for the overall house gives its’ traditional character.

2. Craftsman Bungalow Style House Plan

Craftsman Bungalow Style House Plan

999 sq/ft | 2 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 garage

Craftsman Bungalow Style House Plans

An edgier take on the bungalow, with bricks and stonework implemented on the facade of the building to give it more vigor. However, this style is typically for a smaller piece of land, where the layout is more cozy.

Upon entering this bungalow, you will be greeted by a spacious living room that connects with the kitchen and dining room. The second bedroom is located at the end of the house, where it can pose as a bedroom or a study room.

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3. Modern Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

Modern Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

2460 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 floors | 2 garages

Modern Craftsman Bungalow House Plan 1

Modern Craftsman Bungalow House Plan 2

Due to the narrow shape of the land, this craftsman style layout was designed to make full use of the space provided. The first floor holds the socializing characters, such as the living room and play area on your left and the cooking area on the right.

Upon entering the second floor, you will be greeted on the right with an exterior deck for a little bit of privacy; turning to the right will lead you to your bedrooms.

4. Simple Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

Simple Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

1584 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms | 2 floors | No Garage

Simple Craftsman Bungalow House Plan 1

Simple Craftsman Bungalow House Plan 2

This particular layout is simple and flexible for those looking to build. The simple yet well functioning plan of the space will mean less energy is needed to maintain the house.

The flexibility of the layout can be seen in the living room, where you are able to change the entertainment centre to a ventless fireplace. The style of roofing will also give you more attic space for storage. It’s a cosy little style and suited for any type of living arrangement.

5. Compact Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

Compact Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

2320 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

Compact Craftsman Bungalow House Plan 1

This compact yet dynamic craftsman style has an open floor plan that is able to accommodate today’s lifestyle. It utilizes every space available to ensure that it can be used for the resident’s needs, combining both spaciousness and comfort to accommodate any occasion.

As an example, the front and rear covered porches allows relaxed outdoor activities. On the other hand, internal separation of the master suite and other bedrooms maximizes privacy for all tenants. The use of multi-windowed nooks adds a delightful feature for the house whilst operating as a source of light.

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6. Prairie Bungalow Style

Prairie Bungalow Style

2294 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 garages

Prairie Bungalow Style plan

A classic prairie style bungalow that integrates elements of low angled roof, clean horizontal lines and natural materials. Upon entering this house, you will find that the gathering of spaces (i.e. living room, the den) are bright, open and assisted with the windows as sources of natural light.

The rooms are arranged to be on the right side of the house, to give privacy to its’ tenants.

7. Extravagant Prairie Bungalow House Plan

Extravagant Prairie Bungalow House Plan

3742 sq/ft | 4 bedrooms | 4 baths | 2 floors | 2 garages

Extravagant Prairie Bungalow House Plan 1

Extravagant Prairie Bungalow House Plan 2

Extravagant Prairie Bungalow House Plan 3

A large space suitable for your family to settle in. The main floor holds the main gathering spaces, along with the master suite that leads you to a private deck, bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet.

The centre of the house accommodates a three-sided fireplace to give warmth to the great room and the large dining area. The facade incorporates both wooden and brick materials to give texture and character to the house as a whole.

8. Country Style Bungalow

Country Style Bungalow

4608 sq/ft | 5 bedrooms | 4.5 bathrooms | 2 floors | No garage

Country Style Bungalow 1

Country Style Bungalow 2

A bungalow that prioritizes generosity by allocating space for every room within the house. It incorporates a large front porch, oval windows, high gables and easy access to a sheltered rear terrace for any outdoor activities.

The living and dining areas are located on one side of the house, whereas the bedrooms are opposite of these rooms to ensure privacy for the tenants. The facade implements colour and rocks to add a hint of quirkiness to it’s extravagance.

9. Signature Craftsman Bungalow Style

Signature Craftsman Bungalow Style

2138 sq/ft | 3 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms | 2 floors | 2 garages

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Signature Craftsman Bungalow Style 1

Signature Craftsman Bungalow Style 2

When entering this home, the gathering rooms are melded into one big space.This allows visitors to not be limited by intersecting walls that functions as a separator between rooms. Outside the dining room, you will have access to the patio for any outdoor activities.

The second floor is dedicated only for bedrooms, where the master bedroom takes most of the space as it incorporates a walk-in closet and bathroom suite. As for the exterior of this style, it exhibits classic Craftsman charm with it’s covered front entry porch.

10. Petite Bungalow Style

Petite Bungalow Style

261 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 1 bathroom | No garage

Petite Bungalow Style 1

Petite Bungalow Style 2

Simplicity in form, this design is also flexible where it will accommodate your needs. As an example, the small space upstairs can be used for an additional sleeping space or the attic.

The kitchen maximizes it’s space by allocating one corner of the room to include dishwasher, full size range with oven and a built in microwave. Simple, cozy and comfortable into one compact home.

Houses have different characteristics to match your needs and your own character. These are only 10 out of the many different bungalow style layouts that talented architects have designed according to the allotted space proposed to them. Make sure to choose the one suited for you as it will become not only a house, but a home.