15 Budget Friendly Garage Storage Ideas to Redecor Your Garage

Decorating and reinventing garage is not as easy as you think. It might be so hard especially for you who does not have any building experience. So, in this article, we want to share with you about how to reinvent your garage with an effortless and friendly way.

Of course it provides you a good experience and good result of better garage you would love. Here are 15 more budget friendly ideas how to reinvent your garage to be more comfortable and stylish one.

With a good garage organization system, we can organize many things in garage very well and there is no way of looking for a screwdriver for an hour, because everything is in its own special place.

Folding Garage Workbench

People love spending time in garage for working something. Making a versatile desk that can be folded is something excellent and super creative.

The bench serves you as a workout bench and also as the storage bench to keep many things underneath. It is a really win win solution.

Truss Shelves

Truss shelves are the cheap garage storage ideas that will serve a very good function anyway. You will be amazed with the best look of this item that only cost few dollars.

This is a super creative way to organize things in garage as well as decorating it to look stylish and fascinating. It only needs a little carpentry skills, and easily you can see some tutorials from youtube.

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Wall Mounted Lumber Rack

Why don’t you have a lumber rack? It has some benefits such as affordable price and also its lightweight. It puts less pressure on your garage walls than other classic metal.

However, lumber rack also will be durable and will be efficient for long term use. It can function to the next level when you use it as the shelves in your garage to store your households and belongings.

Giant Garage Cabinet

There is no more functional than a giant garage cabinet. Of course you can do it by yourself and it is something very efficient. Collect several pieces of woods, and then nail it.

Do some finishes such as by painting and polishing it. You will love its next level function because it is a very ideal way to store your personal belongings from the large to small one.

Wall Tool Holders

I usually have problem by loosing something I am looking for even up to an hour. I often hard to find screwdriver or other mechanical tools because I always forget where storing it.

So the wall tool holders could be a very good option for people who often have problem like what I felt. The holders keep your tools neat so it is easy to reach and find. You only need to place it on the holder after used,

Workshop Pegboard Books

One more very good way to store your small tools is also by using workshop pegboard books. There is no more time of loosing tools especially when you need it hurry. It also a very cheap idea that only cost several dollars.

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Storage Cabinets DIY

How much money you need to pay to purchase an already finished storage cabinet? Its price might be so high like an arm and a leg. So, the solution is by do it yourself, or simply look for a prefabricated storage cabinet so you can finish it by yourself at home.

Of course it will be a very good idea for you who love DIY project and craft project. This will be a great idea.

Screwdriver Organizer

I always get problem by loosing screwdriver when I need it hurry. So it will be a very good idea for you who usually feel the same problem with me. You can easily find the screwdriver every when you need it.

Simply prepare a piece of wood and then glue a transparent plastic jar underneath. You can use it as a screwdriver organizer so you can easily find it.

Garage Playground

This is another next level way of organizing and reinventing your garage to be more sophisticated and stylish.

You can make your own lovely garage playground and it will be a very good idea to store your households and many kinds of belongings. Of course you will love it so much also because it spends fewer dollars.

Suspended Shelves

A suspended and foldable shelves are the smart idea of organizing your garage into a very stylish and well-organized area.

This is a very good idea because you can expand it when used and fold it when it is unused. You can adjust it according to your need and it becomes a lovely storage organization.

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Basic Storage Shelves

One more popular idea of garage storage hack is by having basic storage shelves. This is a classic idea but still work today because you can use it as a storage and it works as well as display cabinet.

A DIY storage shelves are excellent so you will save money more but enjoy its function.

Foldable DIY Garage Storage

Are you looking for a DIY garage storage that could effectively save space and maximize function? So this foldable DIY garage storage could be a very good option because this is a lovely, practical and stylish garage storage idea.

There are many items you can store in your garage storage, it is super practical and functional.

Fold Down Work Bench

If you love spending time for working out in your garage so it will be a very good item you must have in your garage.

You can consider to have this one as a very versatile and functional unit to serve you as smart storage idea and as a comfortable bench for working.

Metal Garage Storage

Storage shelves will not be something old-fashioned, so this idea will be something cool as it also serves very good function. Metal is also strong and durable, so it will be withstand for long run use.

The shelves are very safe and also secure, also as a very good option for a stylish storage option.

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