Have A Memorable Day with These Bridal Shower Ideas!

Bridal Shower Ideas – The wedding season has come again, and it’s time to check out bridal shower ideas for the dearest friends or sisters. Don’t have much time to think? Don’t worry because this time we will give you some inspirations about the bridal shower, from bridal shower games to make the party more interesting, bridal shower gifts, bridal shower invitations cards, bridal shower cakes, bridal shower decorations, to bridal shower themes.

Make your besties’ days more fun and memorable to celebrate her last single days before marriage. About budget, don’t worry, we are going to give you the low budget bridal shower ideas but still cute, fun, and amazing. So, let’s start!

1. Bridal Shower Themes Ideas On A Budget

bridal shower ideas

The first theme for low budget bridal shower ideas is a Black and White party. Black and white themed bridal shower is dramatic, simple, elegant, and classic. You can also put some gold or pink you make it more festive and lighter. Starting with black and white dress code, stripes tablecloth, black and white balloons and decorations. For the music, you can play classic or good oldies music to give the party elegant and classic vibes.

Too simple? Why not have a brunch party with a coffee bar. A great time of the day to have a good coffee, muffins, and good talk with friends. Simple, fun, and also you can save your energy for the wedding day. This bridal shower theme won’t make your wallet empty too fast. To make it more alluring, you can choose a dress code for the party.

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Not fun enough? Okay, what’s more fun than having a party based on your hobby or obsession? Either it is Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or other geeky related fandoms. For example, this Harry Potter themed bridal shower party. Have the unique Harry Potter universe foods and beverages like chocolate frogs and butterbeer.

2. Bridal Shower Invitations

bridal shower invitations

Invite your friends to the bridal shower with cute bridal shower invitations. You can make it by yourself with DIY (do-it-yourself) Tutorials on the internet, or if you are too lazy to do it, you can download and print some bridal shower invitation templates from canva.com or other sites. Easy, cheap, and it can be fun if you make it with your friends.

3. Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal shower party is not complete without the cake. You can order a cake from the bakery but if you think it can cost more money, why not make it by yourself? For the cake decorations, you can choose edible flowers, colorful buttercream, or ribbons.

4. Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal Shower Decorations

It is not that hard to make bridal shower decorations. Use colorful papers, balloons, ribbons, tablecloth; you can get them at the nearest stationaries. Not a handy type? Party supply store can help. Choose the theme for the party then buy or make the decorations based on the theme. To make it more fun, dress code can be an extra decoration for the party because decorations are not only on the table or the walls.

5. Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

Make the bridal shower party super fun with games. You can use board games, card games, or make your games. Bingo about the soon-to-be bride can be fun or guess her favorite songs based on emojis or song snippets. Not fun enough? Dance battle can be a good choice, and the soon-to-be bride can be the judge. It will bring the laugh and memories.

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6. Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts

You have the theme, the decorations, the cake, the games, and the last thing you need for your best friend bridal shower party is the gift. A temporary gift like a perfume, spa voucher, or sweet bath package, can be a good choice. If you want something last longer, you can choose a pan set for cooking, bed sheets, or lingerie. You can also choose something meaningful as your gifts like a letter or something handmade.

Those are some tips and ideas on how to make a low-cost bridal shower party for friends or family. Saying goodbye to single life doesn’t have to be expensive and or huge. You can use your creativity because people will appreciate more for your efforts. Have fun!

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