20 Hilarious Bridal Shower Games Ideas You Should Try

We know that your bridal shower will be far impressed with the funniest game. But we also know how hard it is to find out just what perfect game (or games) is for the special moment. But, don’t worry. Here we ’ve brought to you 20 bridal shower games that will charm every your friends or guests. Most of them classic, but you’ll see that each of the games has been peppered with modern touches –which, of course, will serve well for your updated bridal shower party. OK, let’s find out your most favorite bridal shower games here.

1. Mind Reading

The plot is simple. Far before the party (say 2-3 weeks before the party), ask the groom 10-20 questions about his relationship with the bride-to-be and himself. Find the most revealing questions like “When did you find out that she’s your most special?” “What do you like most from her personality?” and so on. Don’t forget to tape the session with your camera. Then, at the shower party, you’ll ask the bride the same questions. And after she answers, play the videotape. This is about synchronicity. If her answer wrong, ‘punish’ her to chew bubblegum ball (or you can improvise any other hilarious punishments). If her answer wrong again, punish her again. So, now you can imagine how funny her situation when she could only answer several of your questions, can’t you?

2. Shake the Bangle

This bridal shower game is for every person attending the party. Days before the wedding party, you probably become over-familiar with words like wedding, dress, groom, bride, etc. Now for a fun bridal shower party, turn that much-used words into a game. List the words (plus the exclamations), and make them as the forbidden words. At the party, give each guest a bracelet with a note about the rule of the game: whoever hear anyone says a word or two of the listed words during the party, she takes the rule breaker’s bracelet and can have it. (Of course, you should include the words list with the bracelet). The fun begins at the end of the party: the one who gets the most bracelets will get her surprise gift –complete
with her acquired bracelets.

3. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress? No, Newspaper Wedding Dress

You probably still love the classic toilet wedding dress game, but do you know that you can improvise it a bit for a fresher look? Change it into a newspaper wedding dress. Weeks before finding any local newspaper and picks the wedding announcement sections. The sections will be your property for the game, so collect them as much as you can (a dozen or so will be sufficient). During the party, asks the guests to design a wedding dress from the newspapers. If necessary, divide the guests into 2-3 groups. Have them to design a part of the wedding dress. So, a group may design the sleeves, the other the veil, the third group design the bodice and so on. Finally, sew the dress and let the bride wear it. Ask her to pose as if she’s a model, and take the pictures. It’s so fun.

4. Yarn for the Ice Breaking

Warm the guests with this simple ice breaking game. You won’t need any sophisticated tools, all you want is a ball of yarn and scissors. As the party begins, as each of the arriving guests to cut a length of yarn. Ask them to cut as long as her wish. Be silent and smile when she asks, “Why?” or “What for?” As all the guests arrived and enjoying the party, move around and began to pick a person to talk about herself while wrapping the yarn to one of her fingers. She should tell her story until all the yarn covered her finger completely. The one with the longer cut will talk longer. The shortest will talk only one or two words. And that’s the fun.

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5. Sweet Memories

Digging up the sweetest memories can be your next game. In the invitation for a bridal shower, tag along with it a blank note with instructions that the guest should write down her sweetest memory with the bride. The note then will be dropped on a box when the guest arrives at the party. As all the guests arrive, read the memories aloud. Let the bride guess the one who wrote it. It will be a sweet game for the bride and the guests, as they can share their beautiful memories together –and at the end of the party, the bride has a boxful of her most awesome memories with her friends.

6. Wedding Ring in a Cake

One of the classic bridal shower game is placing a toy ring on a cake. The one who eats the cake containing the ring then is believed going to marry after the wedding of the bride-to-be. Now you can improvise a little by placing the ring in one of the plain cupcakes you’ve set. With the cupcakes, place other stuff for cake decorations (Candies, frosties, and others). Ask the guest to participate in a wedding cake decorating competition with the cupcake as the base the most exquisite and special will be the winner. After the winner announced, offer the guests to have the cupcakes. And say as well that whoever got the ring in the cupcake will, well, be the next bride.

7. Present Passing

In this game, the gift is not only for the bride. The guests can also have the gifts. Before starting the game, prepare and wrap several gifts (1-3 gifts will be sufficient). Have the guests to form a circle. Give each gift to guests randomly. And then read them a story. The fun starts when you give the clues: every time they hear the word ‘right,’ they should pass the gifts to the right. And whenever they hear the word ‘left’ from your story, they should pass the gifts to the left. So, prepare a story that full of those words. And they should do that way until your story end. To get the adrenaline pumping, speed up your story from the usual storytelling pace. Finally, one who holds the gifts as your story ends is the winner.

8. Roast the Couple

For this greatly amusing game, you need to stripes of papers. Divide them into two piles. Make sure to make equal piles. On each stripe, write down the emotion of the bride and groom, like ‘Jill is worried. Joe is mad,” “Joe is bored. Jill is happy,” or “Jill is excited. Joe is scared.” On other pile write down every possible scenario for the couple, like “Jill doesn’t want to walk Joe’s dog because she plans to watch her favorite soap opera on TV,” “Jill asks Joe to go with her for a shopping,” or “Jill tells John that her mom will stay with her this summer holiday.” For the game, divide the guests into two teams, representing each stripe. Each of them picks the stripes, shows the contents, and acts out the scenarios according to the assigned emotions. The bride and groom then rate each of their performance. The winner has the highest scores. This game’s great for couple’s wedding shower.

9. A Lie and Two Truth

You can say that this game is one of the most powerful icebreakers for your bridal shower party. When the attending guests are mostly strangers to each other, you play this game. Ask each guest to tell three experiences she had, related to the bride. One of them is a lie; the rest two are the truth. What the guests need to do is guessing which experience is a lie. See? Now you can quickly picture how the icy atmosphere gradually melts into a warm shower
party air.

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10. Pin the Ring

All you need is pictures of the groom and a ring (cheap faux wedding ring will serve you well). Make sure that the pictures are big enough or poster-size. To play the game, blindfold one the guests and give her a ring and a pushpin. Ask her to pin the ring onto the posters. And then asks all the guests to try the same, one by one. The one who put the pin closest to the finger is the winner. As alternative, you can change the ring for other objects, even a pair of underwear –and for this one, of course, you have another crazier object to pin than a finger.

11. The Naughty Words

This entertaining game needs an element of surprise. As the bride opens her gifts, secretly ask the bridesmaid to note all of her exclamations of surprises. When all the gifts are opened, it’s time your game. Gather all the guests, and then read aloud those exclamations in your naughtiest bedroom voice (Yess…! Ohh, great!!…Oh, wow!! ). And now you begin to see the fun. Right?

12. Special Surprise for Him

The groom needs the surprise too. How? Simple. Ask the guests to write down their thoughts on a pair of men’s brief. For the utmost hilarity, chose a theme, like hot tips, dirty advice, or other ‘hot’ themes. And then have the bride to wear that men’s brief. She should use the brief during the party. The final touches are giving the guest fabric paint. Have them to hand print on spots that they feel can give the hottest sensation to the groom. As the paint dry, the brief now full of hot spots that the bride should try a hand on each of them on their honeymoon –for the pleasure of the groom and her.

13. The Classic Oven Mitts & Hose

A pair of oven mitts can be the source of joy for the bride and guests in a bridal shower party. Though classic, this game’s always inspiring all to laugh out loud. You need only a pair of oven mitts and a pair of pantyhose (knee-high). This will be a racing game: have each of the guests (2-3 or more contestants will be awesome) to wear oven mitts. They will wear the pantyhose with those mitts on their hands. The fastest one will be the winner –and gets a prize (you need to prepare this too). Ask the bride as the referee.

14. Hunt for Sexy Items

This time you’ll hide several sexy items like body paint, sexy handcuffs, or lacy panties all over the party area. Do it before the party. During the party, divide the guests into several teams, give a list of the items, and set them to find the items in a time limit. The team with most findings will be the winner. You can also improvise the game, like blindfolding the guests before setting her down hunting the items. This game’s suitable when you held the party in a room. In this case, the participants will not hunt the items, but rather ‘feeling’ the items with her hand. The one who can guess most accurately will be the winner.

15. First Kiss Stories

Ask the bride to tell her first kiss experience. And then ask all the guess the same. Lastly, let the guests make a vote to determine whose kiss story is the most romantic, or the funniest. You can also make other categories, like the best or the worst kiss story.

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16. So, what’s the bride wearing?

This game will test the observation skills of the guest. Let the party rolls, just like any other bridal shower party. Then, after all the guests had greeted the bride and all back into the ‘normal’ party, have the bride to leave the room. This time you’ll start your game. Gives all the guests a piece of paper and pen/pencil. Ask them to list down all about what the bride is wearing –as far as they can remember. Then bring back the bride into the room. Ask one of the guests to read each of the notes loudly. A guest with the most accurate list will be the winner.

17. Toilet Paper Game

Remember the yarn game? This game is similar, only now you use toilet paper and use it to wrap around the bride’s body –not as a timer for your story. To every attending guest, offer a roll of a toilet paper. Have then to tear off the paper as long as she wishes. Just smile or give a funny answer if she asks, “What for?” As the party rolls and levels off, begin the game. Announce that you need to have a favor from the guest –you want to borrow the toilet papers. Wrap the toilet papers, one by one, around the bride’s body, usually the bust. The guest with the longest paper to cover the bust is the winner.

18. Which’s Your Guy?

Now it’s time for the hairy session. Line up all the guys in the room –the groom included. Then blindfold the bride. Now set her down the line to feel each boy’s leg as she moves. After she completes her ‘feeling’ job, ask her to guess which of the boys is her guy.

19. Entangled

Here you have a simple bridal shower game with a guaranteed fun. As preparation, take several paper lunch bags and fill them with items, such as clothing items, makeup stuff, or baby food). Then ask all the guests to sit in a circle. Set the music and hand down one of the paper bags to one of the guests. Ask her to pass around. When the music stops, stop the passing as well. The last guest who handed the bag, plus the receiving one, have to move to the center of the circle. They will be blindfolded before ever seen the content of the bag. Start the music again. Ask them to do something to each other with the content of the bag. So now you can see the funniest session of two blindfolded women is lipstick-ing, feeding each other, or doing another job based on the content of the bag.

20. Picture the Wedding

This game will test the aesthetic skills plus the imagination of the guests. Put a whiteboard on a wall, prepare the marker and the eraser as well. The other stuff you need is slips of paper. Write on each of them wedding-related words (like ‘kiss the bride,” “Just Married,” “Going to a chapel,” or else). Put the slips in a bowl. Have the guests to divide into teams. Each team takes a turn to pull a slip from the bowl. The puller will be the artist for each team, and to draw what has been said on the slip. Each team’s artist will only have 60 seconds to draw. She should good at interpreting the words into a drawing if not, another team will have the turn. A team which interpreted most words correctly will be the winner.

Now you’ve 20 bridal shower party games. Some of them are easy enough to play; other are super easy. And all are fun and hilarious. Like to play one or some of the games for the next party? Or you probably have some new games? It surely great if you’d like to share them with all of us here. After all, a bridal shower party will always need a more and more hilarious game. Right?

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