10 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for an Elegant Home

Small Bathroom may present problems: it feels cramped and it’s easily to get messy. So, if you happen to have those challenges, we present here some of the coolest small bathroom storage ideas to better organize it into better room. So, let’s begin.

1.  Use the Corner, Use the Wicker Baskets

Small bathroom storage wicker baskets
Source: micasadc.com

For this simple trick, you need only a pair of wicker baskets (big and small like in the picture, but you can always use baskets of similar sizes), and a vacant bathroom corner. Attach the basket on the wall just like the picture. And now you have handy towel racks from wicker baskets.

2. No Messy Cables with DIY Metal Basket

DIY metal basket for small bathroom
Source: ideahacks.com

Hairdryer, flat irons, curling irons, are bathroom appliances that need careful attention, particularly the cables. If you’re not careful enough, the cable may trip you over. Avoid the risk by fixing a metal basket on the side of your dresser or sink (see the picture). Now, after the appliances finish the job, you can put them on the basket no messy cable anymore.

3. A Special Brush Holder

cute and clever bathroom storage
Source: cosmopolitan.co.uk

You probably know very well that make up brushes, especially in bathroom, can be the real source of chaos. Now, after realizing this, how about giving them a special holder? A simple and cute one like the example. You will not only have an efficient bathroom, but also a charming one.

4. Build Your Own Wall Shelves

bathroom wall storage
Source: kakzachem.ru

For a real efficient bathroom, you need no furniture in it, only a recessed wall for a wall shelves. It practically won’t eat up the already limited room. Put the bathroom items on the shelves, and you still have plenty of room to enjoy your shower.

5. Wine Racks for Towels

Wine rack towel ideas
Source: 11magnolialane.com

With a little imagination, you can turn wine racks into towel holders. Find some unused wall in your bathroom, the one above the closet is the most suitable. Fix the racks on the wall, just like the picture. And now you have minimalist and efficient towel racks.

6. Hang Your Bathroom Stuff

Bathroom hanger ideas
Source: micasarevista.com

This classic scheme of trimming a bathroom is up-to-date till now, this 21 century. You need only a hanger plus its hooks. Hang it on pegs or held it up with suction cups. Hang your accessories, necklace, brushes, and any lighter stuff on it. It will give a light and cheerful air to the bathroom.

7. Jars for the Bathroom Items

Bathroom jar storage
Source: feelitcool.com

To add charm to the bathroom, put jars of various size your bathroom racks. Choose the jars with classic looks, if you like vintage style, just like the picture. But, of course, you may choose your own favorite jars. Use them as little knick-knacks of your bathroom.

8. Make the Contrast, Feel the beauty

Bathroom shelves storage ideas
Source: nhasieunho.net

An all-white bathroom is a cliché. Yes, the color makes a small bathroom feels roomier, but it’s also boring color. To minimalize the effect, try to put a contrasting color to it. In this example, you can immediately see the effect: a dynamic bathroom with classic tones.

9. Industrial and Minimalist Hanging Shelves

Unique Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom
Source: makelyhome.com

As an advanced alternative of hanger, you may fix suspended shelves. In this example, the shelves blend an industrial style with the minimalist look. The result is a chic, light, and efficient shelves for small bathroom –and ready for storing any of your kitchen stuff.

10. Corner for Bamboo & Wickers

Bamboo shelves with wicker baskets for your bathroom storage
Source: patahome.com

To maximize your bathroom corner, put a combination of bamboo shelves with wicker baskets. The combination’s not only add warmness and organic touches, it also serves better as the bathroom stuff like towels, bathrobe, even your favorite jars or any other accessories.

Now that you’ve read all the best small bathroom storage, you probably have already a plan to redo (or build) your bathroom into an awesome and efficient bathroom. All of the small bathroom storage ideas are simple enough to implement. So, have fun.

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