25 Lovely Bedroom Ideas for Women

Bedroom Ideas for Women – For most of people, bedroom is a very personal and comfortable room.

People spend most of their time in bedroom, whether it’s sleeping or just enjoying our leisure time.

And for that reason, they love to design and decorate their bedroom as cozy as possible.

Designing bedrooms are considered tricky, because we need to match the owner’s personality and yet we need to make the bedroom feels cozy and homey.

It’s more complicated when we have to accommodate their belongings to fit into the bedroom. But, that’s the joy in doing bedroom’s design & décor!

To be more specific, it’s harder to design women’s bedroom that men’s. Every woman got their own personality, taste, color palate, and own preference in designing the bedroom.

That’s why it’s better for women to design their own bedroom, so they can fit their own concept.

Design your furniture, suit the color, fill the vibe, and get your own personalized bedroom. Your bedroom, your rules!

And for your inspiration, here’s 25 lovely bedroom ideas what can be the inspiration for women who want to do their own bedroom interior :

1. Cozy Dusty Pink Bedroom Inspiration

women's master bedroom ideas

Bored with pink? Or you think pink is too mainstream color for girls, but still want girly vibes?

Then you need to explore other kinds of pink! Dusty pink might be your alternative.

Combine it with pink and beige color, put it on your bedroom accessories and don’t forget to set some lights to add the cozy vibes!

Remember to choose fur or quilted material to optimize the coziness of this room.

2. Simple Comfortable Bedroom for Women

womens bedroom ideas

If you’re that one woman who doesn’t feel feminine color suits you, this bedroom idea could be your inspiration!

Use primary colors with earthy tone for your interior to give that calming simple look.

Put some plants with pot in the headboard to freshen your morning everyday (remember to put the artificial ones).

And why don’t you put some of your favorite books right by the window? Read them in that natural daylight.

3. Natural Simple Women Bedroom

womens bedroom decor

For you who like extra simpleness, wooden furnitures will be a good choice! Get yourself a wooden bedframe and hearboard, and don’t forget a cute wooden bedside table.

They gonna make your room feel more alive yet still simple. But don’t mix it with any contrast color, white is a way to go!

Hang some of your wardrobe around the wall of the bedroom, as long as the color rhymes and that will look perfect!

4. Floral Simple Bedroom Ideas for Women

womens bedroom decor ideas

Adding girly touch in a simple bedroom, can be done in one touch! You just need to look for any hanging floral décor and put it in your wall.

But make sure you get the artificial one, all right? As we wanted them to last as long as possible (no need to replace them with new one every a few weeks).

Match the color of the flower with your room color palate. Consider pink as a good option!

5. White Clean Bedroom for Women

woman's bedroom decorating ideas

There’s some women who doesn’t feel so girly, but masculine style is just not for them.

Then they can try a clean slate white vibes bedroom! Décor your bedroom with mostly white color for walls and furnitures, and add a little earthy color for a lovely and comfy atmosphere.

Maybe put some artificial plants and little light as a finishing. Hand a big-sized white artwork above your bed to leave an artsy clean impression.

6. Elegant Neutral Women Bedroom Idea

woman bedroom ideas

Elegant concept of a bedroom will never go outdated, for sure. This kind of bedroom is easy to be found anywhere, as it gives a homey yet tidy look.

Neutral colors like white, beige, and grey will give you a calming, soothing feeling once you step into this room.

Plus, this style is very versatile as we can use it for men too! Elegant and versatile, looks good right?

7. Clean Fresh Women Bedroom Inspiration

wall art for womens bedroom

If you got a small size of bedroom, then you can try to boarden it up with some colors!

Mix white and neutral warm tone and we can feel the room is big enough! Full-size mirror can be added to give the spacious look.

The artificial plant accesorries hanging by the wall above the bed can help you to accentuate the room.

Putting a fur carpet on your bedroom floor is also considerable to give a fresher feeling.

8. Bright and Blue Bedroom Idea for Women

single woman bedroom decor

Having some problem about tight and small bedroom? No worries! Use bright colors like white and light blue to make your room looks much more alive.

Choosing the right color like these could affect the atmosphere result they gonna give. Match them with light colored wooden walls.

Two windows at the side of the bed can brighten up the room as well.

9. Black & White Simple Bedroom

pink and grey bedroom accessories

Combining girly concept room with black & white is a chic concept. Paint your room white, buy some black room accessories like pillowcase or quilt, and hang some printed pictures on your wall.

This look’s totally give your room a character! A chandelier for your bedroom also could make the décor much more interesting!

10. Comfortable Pink Bedroom Ideas

paint colors for womens bedroom

To make your bedroom feels as comfortable as possible, don’t forget about two things : pillows and blanket.

Add two or three pillows to your bed and dress them with the cutest pillowcases you can find.

Choose a lovely fur blankets to give you extra warm you need during a cold night. To add a theme to your interior : focus on one color. Pick soft pink to leave a lovely and feminine impression.

11. Bohemian White Bedroom for Women

floral bedroom designs

Using plants and wooden material as your bedroom inspiration are a good idea!

Don’t put too much décor or accessories on your bed, but instead lets be creative around the walls!

Choose your favorite kind of plants, put it in some rattan pots and hang them by the wall!

They will instantly boost your energy everyday. And maybe hang a mirror above your window, because why not?

12. Luxurious Classy Women Bedroom

feminine grey bedroom ideas

Ultimate element of this classy bedroom is the chandelier. A classic medium-sized chanderlier and quilted headboard provide luxurious concept of the room.

Supplement your bedroom furniture with pink, white, and beige bedroom accessories to enhance the luxurious classy look.

Choose the style of bedroom accessories you’re going to put, to keep the classy vibes right on the track.

13. Artistic Earth Tone Bedroom for Girls


Decoring your room for art-lover girls could be tricky. This room potrays the combination of artsy and comforable bedroom for girls.

The position of the bed at the corner of your room makes it much more comfortable.

Play with patterns for your bedsheet and pillowcase (and also blanket) to reflect the artsy side of yourself.

Print some of your favorite arts and hang them above your bedroom. Voila!

14. Soft Calming Bedroom Idea for Women

bedroom ideas women

The wallpaper of this bedroom is totally an attention-catcher. The mixture of soft pink, grey, and white leaves a feminine yet calming impression.

Putting a hanging lamp on your bedside table also could be a unique element of this room.

With that attractive wallpaper on the wall, make sure you don’t put much accessories or play with too much pattern.

15. Natural Simple Women Bedroom

bedroom ideas for woman

This bedroom’s concept is going for natural simplicity. No need to be extra about the bed, just put a plain white bedding set and add a round mirror on the wall corner above your bed.

Place a simple rack and arrange a set of plants there, and don’t forget to put one of the plant in the window side.

16. Feminine Bold Bedroom Design for Women

bedroom ideas for ladies

A fusion between feminine and bold is perfectly potrayed in this bedroom design.

Using black and white as a basic concept of the room could reflect the bold concept we’re talking.

Combine the basic black and white concept with a little bit of grey or beige, to not make it too bold. And spark some pink elements as feminine touch of this bedroom.

17. Elegant Beige Bedroom for Women

bedroom idea for women

As a woman, an elegant concept will never get boring. Over the years, people tend to find an elegant concept in order to reflect their personalities into the room.

The beige and white colors being mixed into a set of bedroom furniture, to leave the strongest elegant impression a woman could have.

Choose the quilted headboard and make it high to make it more classy and elegant.

18. Chic & Modern Bedroom for Women

bedroom idea for girl

Black & white idea of this bedroom is completed with chic golden accent. Base white bed provides basic modern look, added with simple yet modern pillows.

Fur and golden bed accessories gives the chic and stylish impression to complete the interior.

Buy some extra pillows so you can play with more chic colors and pretty pillowcases!

19. Classic Country Women Bedroom

bedroom designs women

Classic country room is the exact theme for this room. The beige tone mixed with white provides classic atmosphere.

Two windows at the side or the bed and one above the bed will cover the natural lights you need during the day.

The old-style bedframe will remind you about those country furnitures. Wooden floor inside the room makes a great combination with the interior.

20. Rustic Simple Bedroom for Women

bedroom design ideas for ladies

Take a look of this refreshing design of the room! Small flowers attached to the wall make interesting small details about the room.

Hang a round clean mirror at the center of the flower arrangements to enhance the fresh bright concept.

Decorating your room with plants and flowers like this one will absolutely energize you every day.

21. Unique Two Tone Women Bedroom

bedroom decorating ideas for females

Two tone color wallpaper of this room is out-of-the-box idea! By painting two contrast colors in your bedroom, will accentuate the room for sure.

Hanging a cute lamp and a big round mirror in the wall is going to add unique statements to your room.

But make sure not to use any of the colors of the wall in your bedroom accessories. Too much boldness will make it less pretty and stylish.

22. Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman

Having tight little space in your attic bedroom won’t be a problem when decorating them.

It’s little, but you can make the most of it with making them as comfortable as possible.

Put multiple pillows in your bed and maybe some wall light, and you’re ready to snug in your bedroom all day.

And if you want to it to be extra cozy, choose the fur materials for your pillowcases and blanket.

23. Sophisticated Bright Woman Bedroom

bedroom decor ideas for women

To give a bright and tidy impression of a bedroom, you can go for white for the basics.

Accentuate the bedroom with wooden material bedside tables. Quilted bed headboard and bench at the and of the bed will make a sophisticated image about this room.

With white colored bedroom elements, your room will look much brighter and also more sophisticated!

24. Comfortable Bedroom for Girls

bedroom decor for woman

This room concept shows us two attractive statement : mirror and lights. Decoring your room with little light will definitely make your room looks comfortable.

And as a girl, setting up a mirror in your room is a must! One full body mirror with lights will makes your room looks bigger than it’s actually are.

And why don’t you add that little LED mirror as well? Girls will never have enough mirrors for herself.

25. Classy White Pastel Bedroom

bedroom color for girl

Classy concept of this bedroom will never makes you boring. The windows at the corner of the room makes your room looks even brighter.

Combine white and pastel colors as in nude, beige, or baby pink. Put some unique mirror above your bed finish your interior décor.

Pick classy style furnitures to match with your bedroom theme.

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