Beautiful White Kitchens Ideas for Better Mood Every Day

Kitchen is the hearth of our home. That’s why we should consider carefully about its design and color. Having beautiful white kitchens ideas would be a very good idea since white is the best timeless color for every interior design. Be careful in choosing kitchen wall color, make sure that it is calming and satisfying.

White will provide relaxation and calmness to the entire kitchen. It is also will be very suitable to mix and match with other colors including dark and light color scheme. Here we have 26 Beautiful white kitchens design that can inspire you.

Beautiful White Kitchen With Islands

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Kitchen islands will provide versatility and functionality. This is very important for food prep and also as the additional storage. People also often use kitchen island as the substitute of dining table in the kitchen. You can have fast breakfast or lunch together with loved ones in a kitchen island.

White kitchen island in this white kitchen looks totally eye-pleasing. Its natural stone countertop would be a stunning focal point that provides glossy and luxury touch. Add beautiful crystal pendant lights over the island to enhance its design and beauty. The white stools are also pleasing and functional.

Beautiful White Kitchens With Granite

beautiful creamy white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Thinking about backsplash and countertop of a kitchen is very crucial since they are also crucial unit in the kitchen. There are ton choices for countertop material you can consider to choose. Natural stone material like granite and marble are two most popular options among people.

Why should have granite countertop? There are some benefits you can enjoy including its wide range of beauty, color and design options. Granite is also extremely durable and can resist to extreme hot and cold of a food or appliances. Moreover, granite also can withstand of water spills and stretch very greatly.

Beautiful White Kitchens With Wood Floors

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Do you love having wooden floor for your room? Wood floor will appear both modern and traditional in one time without interrupting the sense of its interior décor. When nature meets modernity, you could have totally awesome kitchen where you will feel very comfortable as always.

This beautiful white kitchen comes with wood floor that appears modern and contemporary. Wood will be a durable material for home construction including flooring. This is very ideal choice for high traffic area especially kitchen. Wood works best to avoid slippery during walking.

Beautiful White Kitchen Countertops

beautiful grey and white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Food preparation is done on the kitchen countertops. That is why having the best kitchen countertop is a very important issue. You can comfortably chop the vegetables and slice the meets on a strong good quality countertop. Wood, stone and metal are popular materials that people use to construct countertop.

To have such a perfect beautiful white kitchens, you can combine black and white granite countertop with all white kitchen’s interior design. Black and white granite countertop gives relaxation and beauty for the entire kitchen also to bring modernity.

Beautiful White Kitchen Backsplash

beautiful black and white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Backsplash is another important unit that your kitchen must have. As the kitchen owner, you need to choose carefully the right backsplash design so cooking activity will be done properly. Backsplash itself protects your kitchen’s wall from splash of hot oil during cooking that may damage the wall’s surface.

One important principle when choosing right backsplash is that the material should be easy to clean and easy to maintain. White kitchen tiles in subway pattern for backsplash like in this photo would be a perfect selection as it provides high end look as well as very good function.

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Beautiful Nifty Small White Kitchens

beautiful green and white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot explore everything you have for your kitchen. White will work best for small kitchen therefore it will give larger effect to your small kitchen. When it comes choosing main color for small kitchen, white is the best solution.

You can have small kitchen island in the center of kitchen with two until three stools. The cabinets are important unit to help you organizing kitchen utensils and appliances. If it is not possible to have kitchen island, kitchen cart could be good solution to work properly within your small beautiful white kitchens.

Beautiful Off White Kitchens

beautiful blue and white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Off white kitchen will be such a perfect choice for calmness aura. When you really want to have fancy kitchen design, go with off white kitchen as it will provide warm and cozy look. Off white kitchen will look stylish to combine with black and white granite countertop.

When you want to have additional accents and texture in your off white kitchen, you can go with textured tile backsplash or textured white cabinet. Choose right kitchen cabinet door style to enhance the more beauty for the kitchen itself. Cream kitchen cabinets are also outstanding in your off white kitchen.

Beautiful Modern White Kitchens

beautiful warm white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Modern style becomes very popular these days among people. To have comfortable and clean look kitchen, you can consider having modern white kitchen designs. To improve modern look in your white kitchen, you can choose modern furnishing such as chairs made of fabric.

Modern construction is usually asymmetrical and focus more on function and space size. White will be a good color selection for your small kitchen to bring simplicity yet elegance toward the entire kitchen. No doubt to color modern kitchen with white and other white furniture.

Beautiful White Marble Kitchens

beautiful classic white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Decorating white kitchen will not be frustrating if you can decide what you want and what you need. If you prefer to have cost effective and decorative kitchen, you need to take into account having such a very pleasing marble kitchen. in this kitchen designs, you can combine black white and grey to bring harmony and amusement in entire kitchen.

Marble is a kind of natural stone like granite. Choosing marble for both countertop and backsplash will be cost effective because it also offers you high end design. You can find wide variety options of marble accent including gray and white color. This will be good spot in your lovely kitchen.

Beautiful All White Kitchen

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It is not a sin to have all white kitchen in your home. White will not be boring color even when it stands alone without other color combinations. All white kitchen is totally fresh and calming. White cabinet, white kitchen island, white backsplash and white countertop, everything is white.

However, you also can bring the more textures such as by choosing right cabinet door style. The kitchen countertop and backsplash itself should not be bold and plain. You can attempt getting accent granite backsplash and countertop to make kitchen feels more livable.

Beautiful White Kitchen Cabinets

beautiful white traditional kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Cabinet always become focal point in every kitchen. It holds very important function and contribute to beauty and décor. Be careful in choosing right kitchen cabinets design. Material, size, color and door style are important matter to take into account very carefully.

When you demand having all white kitchen, you can purchase white kitchen cabinet with beautiful door style. Combine it with white and silver countertop and backsplash to provide more textures and accents. Everyone will love this calming aura by your high end white kitchen cabinet.

Beautiful White Country Kitchen

beautiful luxury white kitchen #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Country style is fascinating and elegant in the same time. When it comes choosing country style for home, you would dominantly use wood for material and construction. Kitchen countertop made of wood would be so pleasing where people prep food there comfortably.

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In your white country kitchen, you can have some country centerpieces including country pendant light, country shades, and country canisters as the accessories. Choose also kitchen sink and faucet in country style. Bronze kitchen faucet will support your country style as well as provide high end appealing.

Beautiful White Contemporary Kitchens

beautiful white farmhouse kitchen #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

When it comes choosing contemporary kitchen design, you can start by choosing contemporary kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinet in color combination like this green and white would be so outstanding in every contemporary kitchen. Metal backsplash and countertop can be added as well to give sense of futuristic.

As the additional touch for your contemporary kitchen, those grey white fabric chairs are totally decorative. Paired with contemporary square dining table, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch everyday together with your lovely family members. Do not forget as well to add some accessories like decorative bottles and contemporary canisters.

Beautiful White Farmhouse Kitchen

beautiful white contemporary kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Farmhouse kitchen focus more on natural beauty and the use of wood as main construction. Wooden floor, wooden table and wooden kitchen cabinet are all focal points in your farmhouse kitchen designs. The more windows for adequate natural light is highly recommended to décor farmhouse kitchen. You can décor it with a lovely blind or shades made of bamboo.

When you décor farmhouse kitchen, do not forget to some important centerpieces such as accent lighting. Farmhouse pendant lighting or gooseneck lighting can be added around your kitchen to emphasize traditional décor of farmhouse. You also can go with wooden kitchen island as a perfect place for food prep and organization.

Beautiful Luxury White Kitchen

beautiful white country kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Everyone loves luxurious design which is highly eye-pleasing. You can consider having this beautiful luxury kitchen design so you will feel very comfortable every when you are in the kitchen. cooking, food preparation and having breakfast or lunch would be so interesting in this luxurious kitchen island.

To emphasize the more luxury, consider to have glass countertop and backsplash. Kitchen cabinet with glass door is also outstanding for better kitchen display. As the additional, crystal pendant light or chandelier could be added over the island in order to provide more luxury touch.

Beautiful White Traditional Kitchens

beautiful white kitchen cabinets #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Traditional design is timeless even if you choose these days in the middle of contemporary style trend attack. You can dominantly use wood as its construction and furnishing material. White traditional kitchen will be so pleasing and calming.

As the focal point, you can choose teak or oak wood cabinet and kitchen island with natural finishes. Therefore its natural wood fiber stills appear to provide natural and traditional look. You can combine hardwood material with other materials like glass and metal. Choose also cabinet door in traditional style to support the look.

Beautiful Antique White Kitchens

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Who loves antique design? Antique design is the combination of traditional and ancient design which bring harmony and unique appealing. This dining table in antique style with glass top becomes a super excellent focal point in the kitchen. combined with antique chairs, this kitchen is very lovely.

To emphasize the more look of antique, you can have antique metal ornaments like this silver kitchen faucet which appears so beautiful. Antique style is a very recommended White kitchen ideas everyone should consider.

Beautiful Classic White Kitchen

beautiful white marble kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Classic look also will be very outstanding for your kitchen where you use dominantly grey accent for the wall. It could be very eye pleasing which reminds us to the palace’s kitchen in a fairy tale. Classic in white and silver will be very fascinating because those color combination is a great choice anyway.

To support your classic kitchen appealing, you can go with classic kitchen cabinet and marble countertop. They appear so delightful within the classic metal pendant lighting made of silver-mounted on the wall.

Beautiful Warm White Kitchen

beautiful modern white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

If you prefer to have warm kitchen design, you can go with bone white kitchen wall color and kitchen cabinet color. Support its look with brown tile backsplash to provide the more warmth and friendly look. This kitchen area would be such a perfect place for a warm breakfast, lunch and dinner with other lovely family members.

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Choose also stone or glass kitchen countertop with warm scheme such as countertop coming in brown or yellow. You can choose red and white ornaments such as fabric chair to give the more warmth and style toward the kitchen.

Beautiful Blue And White Accent Kitchen

beautiful off white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

When you feel bore with all white kitchen design, you can go with color combination such as blue and white kitchen. Color your kitchen’s wall in white while the cabinet in blue, or vice versa. Also, you can color your kitchen cabinet and kitchen wall all white and let other ornaments in blue.

Beautiful blue and white kitchens would be a perfect place that provides airy feeling in the entire room. To emphasize its look, the additional blue chairs in white table like in the photo here, will be such an outstanding focal point every people will love.

Beautiful Green And White Kitchen

beautiful nifty small white kitchens #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Green always be the good choice when people prefer to have a fresh kitchen color scheme. Its green wall will be such a perfect focal point that gives extra comfort and homey feeling to everyone who stay. Lime green, mint green and leave green are popular choice you can choose to combine with white kitchen designs.

Beautiful Black And White Kitchen

beautiful white kitchen backsplash #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Black and white are the best color combination like yin and yang. To have stunning modern kitchen design, you can pair white kitchen with black cabinet. This is a super cool idea you will love for super comfort kitchen.
Black cabinet in your beautiful white kitchen becomes a great focal point which is eye-catching. It can set the room feel and scheme to be more bold and strong.

Beautiful Grey And White Kitchen

beautiful white kitchen countertops #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

Kitchen color combination will always provide fresh fascinating look to this hearth of home. When you feel bore with dark color, trying light grey is best idea. White and grey kitchen provides high end look through simplicity it offers.

Color the wall with white paint, then you can choose grey accent countertop and backsplash made of stone or glass for the enhancement. The additional furniture like stools are also great coming in light grey.

Pretty White Kitchens

beautiful white kitchens with wood floors #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

White offers feminine and pretty style for the room where it exists. Homeowner with friendly and warm personality prefers to have white kitchen design that looks friendly and warm as well. This pretty white kitchen is really breathtaking. Who agree with me?

With large glass window for outdoor display, this kitchen is totally fascinating. White meets large glass window that separates indoor and outdoor offers airy feel for the room.

Beautiful Creamy White Kitchen

beautiful white kitchens with granite #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

When you prefer having warm but elegant kitchen design, go with cream. Color the entire kitchen corner with cream including the wall, cabinet, and also countertop and backsplash. For countertop and backsplash, marble or granite in accent cream would be extra ordinary.

Creamy kitchen offers more homey feel. It can increase people’s comfort while having breakfast or lunch together on the beautiful creamy stone kitchen island.

Beautiful Kitchens With Off White Cabinets

beautiful white kitchens with island #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchendesign

There is no doubt that kitchen cabinet has a very important role for every kitchen. Considering the best cabinet style and color sometimes is really frustrating. However, white will always work best for every furniture color choice to neutrality, elegance and simplicity.

Do not hesitate to décor your kitchen with off white cabinet in which styled with board door style for extraordinary appealing. Choose also good quality material for it such as maple, oak, teak or cherry wood. Those kinds of kitchen cabinet materials offer extreme durability.

Thank you for reading this article. We love sharing ideas about beautiful white kitchens with you all. Hopefully it can help you to cope with your confuse choosing right kitchen color and kitchen design for your own. Good luck.