20 Functional & Cool Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas – Just like the house itself, bathroom tile also has witnessed many style changes. Back in 1900s, all bathroom seems to have only one color, white.

It was the time when many bathroom owners love to have hygienic white subway tiles. In twenties, the Roaring Twenties, you began to find many colorful bathtub.

After the 30s, after the Great Depression, bathtub tiles tend to have subdued colors. After the WW II, when the economic boomed again, the exploration of bathroom tiles also boomed.

In 60s, you found luxurious bathroom with its fancy tiles. In the contemporary era of 70s, you witnessed vibrant and colorful tiles you’ve never found before applied on the tiles.

Now, after all those hectic changes, bathroom tiles is still experienced an ongoing evolution. The contemporary bathroom tiles designs keep growing and changing.

As you see here, if this time you still look for suitable tiles for your bathroom, we offer some 20 stylish bathroom for your inspiration.

1. The Timeless Checkerboard Tiles

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2. The Classic Hexagon

bathroom tile ideas green #bathroom #bathroomtile

3. Wood Colored Tiles

bathroom tile ideas photos #bathroom #bathroomtile

4. Bathroom Tiles with Natural Stone Color

bathroom tile ideas cheap #bathroom #bathroomtile

5. The Refreshing Teal Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tile remodel ideas #bathroom #bathroomtile

6. Floral Bathroom Tiles Style

bathroom tile ideas black and white #bathroom #bathroomtile

7. Bathroom Tiles in Rainbow Pattern

bathroom tile ideas pictures #bathroom #bathroomtile

8. Laminated Bathroom Floor

bathroom tile accent ideas #bathroom #bathroomtile

9. Bathroom Tiles in Displaced Fashion

bathroom tile ideas 2018 #bathroom #bathroomtile

10. Marble Bathroom Floor

bathroom tile ideas modern #bathroom #bathroomtile

11. Fresh Orange Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tile ideas gray #bathroom #bathroomtile

12. Bathroom Tiles in 3-Layer

bathroom tile ideas grey and white #bathroom #bathroomtile

13. Bathroom Tiles with Patterns

bathroom tile design ideas #bathroom #bathroomtile

14. Bathroom Tiles, Victorian Style

bathroom tile ideas grey #bathroom #bathroomtile

15. Contemporary Tiles with Mosaic

bathroom tile ideas white #bathroom #bathroomtile

16. Calming Chocolate Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms #bathroom #bathroomtile

17. Charming Porcelain Bathroom Floor

bathroom tile ideas for shower #bathroom #bathroomtile

18. Bathroom Floor in Chevron Logo Pattern

bathroom tile ideas for showers #bathroom #bathroomtile

19. Soft Purple Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tile ideas floor #bathroom #bathroomtile

20. Bathroom Tiles with Bamboo Pattern

bathroom tile ideas #bathroom #bathroomtile