10 Coolest Bathroom Storage Ideas for an Efficient Home

Bathroom Storage Ideas – An efficient home need an efficient bathroom as well. A bathroom, big or small, will please your ease if it organized well. An orderly bathroom isn’t only pleasing for the eyes, it also shine up your personality. The following are 10 the coolest bathroom storage ideas for some inspirations –if you now you have plans of redoing your bathroom. So, let’s begin.

1. Rack and Mason Jars Combination

bathroom wall rack ideas
Source: comfydwelling.com

You don’t want to have a disorderly bathroom? If there’re several mason jars around, you can use it as your containers for the bathroom items. As the holder, fix a wood plank on the wall, just like the example. Like vintage style? Paint the plank in washed tone.

2. Wicker Baskets, Bottle and Jars

bathroom wall storage baskets
Source: id-tips.com

Still have the jars around? Now you build open shelves, put the jars (you need the bigger jars, bottles, or any of your oldies stuff) and wicker baskets on it. And see the combination of the white scene with the organic brown basket color. Nice? Definitely.

3. Put an A-Frame Shelve

bathroom storage shelves with baskets
Source: 15minutos.pe

An a-frame shelve can save lots spaces in your bathroom. As in this example, the shelf will serve as the holder for the bathroom baskets, an also for your bathroom decorations. It won’t eat up your precious bathroom spaces, and even makes it feels roomier.

4. Handy Metal Basket Behind The Cabinet’s Door

bathroom storage cabinet
Source: neatlydesigned.com

Don’t let your bathroom cabinet’s doors bare and unused. This example shows you how: put a simple metal basket on the back of the door. Now you have a multifunction basket for your bathroom items. So, say bye to tangled cables of messy bottles.

5. Improve the Closet’s Capacity

bathroom closet organization
Source: homedit.com

Badly needed a new storage place for the bathroom? Wait. Take a look at the existing closet first. You probably only need to reorganize the closet. A regular closet often left unused spaces inside. You can always use the spaces as your bathroom items container –like the example.

6. Open Shelves, Floating Shelves

bathroom wall shelves
Source: decorszo.com

To make the bathroom bigger, put the open shelves. Put them on a place which usually vacant, like space behind and above the closet. Use light color for the shelves, your bathroom will have lighter air. A combination of wicker baskets and jars (or bottles) will do very well with the shelves.

7. Cabinet in your wall

bathroom wall cabinets
Source: diynetwork.com

Now, if you really need an extra room but do not want to add cabinet, shelves, or other stuff into the bathroom, do the extreme: make a cabinet right on the wall. Make a recessed wall, and fill it with cabinet. As in the example, the result is a simple built-in cabinet which would make the bathroom roomier and beautiful.

8. Shadow Boxes in the Bathroom

bathroom storage shadow boxes
Source: blessings.com

You can improvise with the built-in cabinet previously mentioned into a shadowbox. This time, built the built-in cabinet above the closet. Replace the shelves with shadowbox frame just like in the picture (Or other patterns you like). Lastly, put your favorite items on it. It’s cool, right?

9. Wicker Baskets that Float

bathroom storage baskets
Source: lightotdecor.com

So far we have utilize wicker baskets as containers only, and we put them on a shelf. Now it’s time to use it as the container and shelve itself. Make it as a floating shelves. Pit 2-3 baskets in a column on the wall, and you have your chic multifunction shelves. It’s easy to build and feels classy.

10. The Turning Rack

bathroom storage rack
Source: goldenboysandme.com

Have an unused spice rack? Why not use it as your bathroom items? Now if you have twin sinks bathroom, place the rack between the sink. You will be much easier in accessing the necessary items, you need only turn the rack. It’s so simple and easy.

Like the Bathroom Storage Ideas? We have outlined here 10 of the coolest ideas for a bathroom with limited space, Most of them are easy enough to build or arrange. And all of them are the coolest. You can also see small bathroom ideas. Hopely you enjoy them.


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