21 Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas Pictures

Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Are you building your dream home? Or are you renovating your home? Have been searching for ideas that fit your budget but found none? Then you have come to the right place!

Today we are going to discuss one of the most crucial corners in your dream house, bathroom, the place where you do all your personal and private business!

Many people think that having a cozy bathroom with low price and limited space is impossible. But we are here to make the impossible possible!

Here it is, we present to you twenty-one small bathroom remodel ideas with affordable price!

1. Simple Hotel Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Have you ever feel like having a hotel style bathroom? If you do, the this is the right idea! This is a simple white-ish bathroom that includes a bathtub with two showers, one at the top and one hanging so you could move it freely. There is also a white-water the closet where you could sit comfortably, and beside the water closet, there is a relatively huge bathroom sink.

And don’t worry about having no space to keep your bathroom essentials, because right at the bottom of the sink there is a big storage and if it’s still not enough, maybe you could utilize that small storage between the bathtub and water closet. Oh and you Can also put that wooden as a decoration.

2. Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bored with your small and suffocating bathroom? Then, this is going to help you! This bathroom is equipped with basic bathroom furniture such as a sink, water closet, and a shower.

Very simple indeed. But there is a seat right in the showerroom to give you that quality time to contemplate about life while enjoying your hot shower. That brown wall and the small green plant will also give off that cozy and homey feeling so that you can take your shower comfortably.

3. Wooden-Japanese Style Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Fancy an old, wooden-like bathroom that gives off warm feelings? Then, this is for you! This bathroom is special isn’t? The wall around the bathtub will give you that Japanese-slash-ancient feeling, but clean.

Then for you who like to have some privacy when you take a bath, there is also a curtain that separates the shower area with the toilet area. And when you are doing your morning business while reading books, for instance, you can put the book on the shelves above the water closet.

Then there is that small window to connect you to outside world, and when you don’t feel like it, you can always close it with that simple curtain. And of course, there is some storage below the sink to store your things in the bathroom without getting it wet.

4. Cheap Bathroom Remodel

Cheap Bathroom Remodel

Have a small bathroom, but want to have that clean feeling? It’s not impossible. This is a gray-colored bathroom with a small bathtub which is more than Enough to enjoy. Also, a curtain to give you that personal area.

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Then there are also, some paintings hanging on the wall to give you that extra window to the world so that you wouldn’t feel suffocated inside your small bathroom. Small plants are good too inside the bathroom because you will indirectly water it as you take a bath. And a small sink and water closet is placed beside the bathtub. See, small space isn’t always bad!

5. Energy Saving Bathroom

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you are that type of person that like simple things, this design is very suitable for you. Combination of white marbles and wooden floor will give you that super-clean feeling.

That transparent upper part of the shower areas will let the natural light comes into your bathroom, reflects through the mirror, lights up your whole bathroom.

Now you don’t have to use the electricity as often. Such an energy-saving idea. Also so that it’s not that monotone you could add some decoration maybe? There you go energy saving and simple bathroom.

6. Creative Bathroom Decor For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Decor Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Spend a lot of time searching for inspiration while doing your bathroom routines? This is the answer. The bathroom has a rare and unique design. Lots of pictures on the wall to give you that spark of inspirations.

An unusual looking sink, with a cute monochrome water closet, will surely inspire you. And if you don’t want to have a normal-looking wall, maybe you can use this idea! Stack up the bricks, then cover it up with some paint, voila, a super creative bathroom wall.

7. Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Has a creepy bathroom that makes you scared to use it? Don’t worry; we have the solution. Replace that dirty bad-looking water closet with a new one. Change your floor tiles. Replace your walls with a new one using granite or simply use a wallpaper.

Buy a new and cheap bathtub and shower. There you go, easy and beautiful renovation. And, if you have a small bathroom and you want a wide bathroom, then we recommend you not to build any wall to separate your bathroom areas.

8. Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Searching for a luxurious bathroom idea? Good then, here it is. The key to building a classic-luxurious master bathroom, is to use marble or granite at every chance you get. Like in the picture, the walls, floor, table are all constructed based on marble or granite designs, therefore giving off that expensive feeling.

The brown-slashcreamy color will also contribute to the a classic feature of the bathroom. Furthermore, to add some luxury, use a gold-ish decoration as the finished look. Don’t forget to provide sufficient light to the bathroom, because you certainly don’t want a horror looking bathroom.

9. Black And White Bathroom Pictures

Black And White Bathroom Pictures

The monochrome color is trending? This is it. Bathroom based on the black-and-white concept is common, but they tend to be monotone. Now, if you like black and white, we suggest you put some color to the room.

Paintings, decorations, curtains with some pictures in it will all do. Now if you want it to be not that boring, you can use that brick motive as your wall, therefore you will have some colors and designs to your simple yet cozy bathroom.

10. Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Want to remodel your old bathroom? But you don’t want to make too many changes? Then this idea is for you. You can easily change your wall. If you are bored with your old wall, then maybe change the design like shown in the picture.

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Changing the wall will give you completely different sensation. Build a glass around your shower area to give you that more-advanced bathroom feeling. Hang some pictures on your bathroom wall. Those small changes will completely change the look of your bathroom.

11. Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

A fan of a Korean movie? Wanting to have that style of a bathroom? Well, make sure you have a lot of space. Put a huge mirror in the bathroom, because it will make your bathroom looks bigger.

Buy a chandelier to hang in the bathroom, use lots of different shape of lamps. Put a good space between each component in your bathroom. Buy a huge bathtub. Separate the shower room and the bathtub. There you go, now you can live like a Korean movie star.

12. DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you are on a very low budget, maybe you can make everything on your own. A simple cement-based sink will save your dollars, accompanied by a diy lamp. Paint the walls, buy a simple mirror to make it more bathroom-like.

You can even make your floor using wood, put some carpet on it to make it look nice and clean. Buy some cheap water closet and simple shower. Use cheap stuff, and you can have a homey bathroom with a super affordable price. And you can always upgrade it when you have the money.

13. Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Just getting married? Wanting to have a honeymoon-style bathroom? The key is simple, use a lot of colorful flowers to complement the simple white classic surrounding. To make sure it feels like a honeymoon, make sure it’s clean and wide. Use a cute bathtub.

Put a sofa inside the bathroom. Some big windows and mirrors will also help to give you the sensations of having more space. Put a dressing table so you can freely dress up beautifully. But oops, don’t forget to close the curtain when you shower!

14. Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Have a tiny bathroom? But you still want some space to move around? Well, this modern looking  bathroom is the answer. When you have a tiny bathroom, understand that you must utilize every space cleverly. For instance, since it is tiny, you don’t want to waste any extra space for tables.

But, be smart, you can use the top of your water closet as a table so that it can function as the flush and a table. And because you want to move freely, but you want storage as well, then hang the storage.

Where? Hang it on the place where your head wouldn’t reach it. Not at the very top, but on top of the sink. Because you won’t stick your head there when you move around in the bathroom.

15. The Minimalist Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Design Black And White

Don’t have the time to take care of your bathroom? You don’t want your white bathroom to turn yellow? Then this black-based bathroom is the
right one. To build a minimalist bathroom, all you need is a non-curvy kind of furniture.

Find things that are square, don’t use something circle. A square sink, shower, lamp, ceramic, etc. will be the perfect combination. Furthermore, because it’s black, you don’t have to worry if it’s dirty when you have some guests because no one will notice!

16. White Bathroom Remodel Ideas

White Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Has a white-themed bathroom, but bored with it? You can easily remodel it. Change the picture on the wall, change the shape of your bathtub, change the shape of your sink.

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All of those changes will look great in your bathroom. Still unsatisfied? Buy a new decoration maybe, a pot of flowers will do. Still lacking something? Well, maybe you can change the lighting of your bathroom. Buy a cute lamp, or you can stick wallpapers on your wall. It will completely change the vibe.

17. Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Have a small bathroom? Want to makeover your bathroom on a budget? Well, this tumblr-style bathroom will be your favorite. Hang a simple picture on the wall; you don’t have to buy an expensive painting because you can print anything from the internet, frame it, and hang it.

Then you can buy a semi-mini mirror to put it above your mini sink. Buy a cheap and small standard water closet. Buy those cheap wooden-like baskets to organize your towels or other bathroom essentials. And because you have small space, sure you have sufficient lightings to give the sensation of a bigger room.

18. Spa Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Spa Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Know that nice feeling in a spa? Now we are going to give you the idea spa-style bathroom. This is especially suitable for those who have small bathrooms. You can utilize the corner part of the room as the shower room.

To give that spa feeling, you can use a semi-transparent cover to separate your bathroom. Then hang some towel in the bathroom, you can roll the towel so that it looks spa-like. Then on the other corner, put a sink and a simple closet. Done!

19. Bathroom Designs With Tub And Shower

Bathroom Designs With Tub And Shower

Want to have a homey and cute bathroom? The first thing you realize must be thea cool sliding glass door in the bathtub. Well, we recommend that for you guys. Then, it also looks homey because of the simple design.

Just a simple wall with a water closet and sink and bathtub. Well, if you want some decoration, maybe you can do some combinations for the floor, for instance, you can use the dot-pattern floor. Or maybe change the lighting because lighting has a huge effect.

20. Congenial Small Bathroom Remodel Designs Ideas

Congenial Small Bathroom Remodel Designs Ideas

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci. Just like this bathroom, simple and cozy. If you are constantly faced with complicated situations, and you don’t want any more sophistication in your life, then the simple style bathroom will make you happy.

Very simple, the wall is plain gray, equipped a small sink with some space below it, a water closet, some simple paintings and a mirror. That is all you need to build this cozy bathroom. Oh, and you don’t have to be afraid that it looks dirty because the color combinations is anti-dirty Shtt guests won’t even notice if it’s dirty.

21. Beautiful Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Beautiful Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Finally, if you have a small bathroom but still want to feel likehaving a master bathroom, then this ould be your answer. Use a chandelier, bathtub, carpet and a shower room.

Those are the key to make a master bedroom. Chandelier and carpet will give you that luxurious feeling, while the bathtub and shower will make you enjoy your bathroom routines.

Furthermore, use marble or granite in some places that is obvious so that it looks expensive. As for the hidden spot, use something cheap and simple so that it doesn’t catch any attention.

Done! Those are the bathroom ideas. Now you know how to make a cozy and cheap bathroom even with small spaces. Thank you for reading, we hope that this will help and be sure to share this article on your social medias and Pinterest.

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