These Low Budget Baby Shower Ideas Won’t Empty Your Wallet Fast!

Baby Shower Ideas – The baby is almost coming, and this is the time to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother. Share the happiness with the family and friends.

If this is your first baby shower, don’t worry because we will help you from choosing baby shower themes for boys and girls, Baby shower decorations, baby shower invitations, baby shower cakes, to baby shower games and activities. For those who got invited to someone’s baby shower, we can help you to find baby shower gifts and baby shower wishes.

If it is not your first baby shower party, this article can help you a throw a better party than before and maybe can cost less. Throwing a baby shower party does not have to be expensive and hard. So, let’s begin!

1. Baby Shower Themes

baby shower themes

First, set up your baby shower themes. You can use some color combinations as a theme. If you want to play bigger, sporty or geeky theme are good too.

To set the theme, you can choose something that you hope for the baby, something philosophical and also fun. For example, if you are tired of soft blue and pink colors? Why not try with gold and white? Gold and white are gender neutral color, perfect for those who haven’t find out about the baby’s gender. Not only that, gold and white are pure, rich, and elegant. These colors can give a calm vide but also festive.

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Another example, prepare your baby’s life journey adventurous baby shower theme. This can be a symbol of hope that the baby will begin a new adventurous journey. With gender neutral colors like light blue, olive green, brown, and orange are perfect for those who want something different in the party.

2. Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

If you want a gender-specific party, Royal Themed Baby Shower or Safari Themed Baby Shower can be a good choice. Welcoming the little prince in your family can be very elegant and also very fun with Royal Themed Baby Shower. Dominated by blue, white, and gold can be very luxury yet fun and cute.

For Safari Themed Baby Shower, you can decorate the room with animal pictures, figures, and stuffed animals. Dominated by green, orange, brown, and grey can be very fun and looks boyish. Great the little explorer with this baby shower theme.

3. Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Welcoming your little princess is not always with soft pink color, you can choose another color like in Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Party or Mermaid Themed Baby Shower Party.

Great your little princess with a unicorn themed baby shower party. Pink, gold, white, green, and a little glitter can make the party cuter and unique. With unicorn decoration on the wall and unicorn cake, uniquely celebrate her uniqueness.

Mermaid themed is a trend nowadays, and it is great. With purple, blue, and glittery gold, show everyone that your little mermaid will come and make everything better with her cuteness.

4. Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations

Pick easy decoration like colorful balloons, papers, cloth, and some little LED lights. To give a more fun, a dress code and some colorful cupcakes are also good decorations. Too hard? Print and cut some pictures you got from the internet.

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5. Baby Shower Invitations

You can use your creativity to make baby shower invitations. Like using baby socks, for example, or other baby stuff. If you want something easier, you can download the template from the internet then modify them.

6. Baby Shower Cakes

You have the theme, decoration, and invitation cards; now it is time for the cakes. Try to have a cake that has a similar theme with the decorations. Or a simple chocolate cake can also be a safe play for most people like it. But don’t forget to play braver with the frostings. Use colorful frostings or fondant to make the cake prettier and looks more fun.

7. Baby Shower Games and Activity

It’s time for having fun. You can make baby shirt decorating booth. It is fun, and most people love it. They can write anything from wishes to drawing things there. Another choice is you can play guessing the baby’s name or make “Mommy Advice” booth and write some advice for the family there.

8. Baby Shower Gifts

For the gift, we recommend you to give something useful for the family like baby clothes, baby shoes, stuffed animals, or extra diapers. If you want it to be more creative, put them inside a box as an “emergency kit.”

9. Baby Shower Wishes

The final part is Baby Shower Wishes booth. Write all the wishes for the baby in either in a card, letter, shirts, diapers, or anything. Be creative, and you can make a memorable party for everyone. You can keep all the wishes so the baby can read them years later and remember how everyone loves he or her.

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Either way, if you find it is too hard to do, especially with your first baby, you can contact your local event organizer. Using an event organizer may cost more money, so to save some money, you can follow those steps above and have fun.

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