20 Outstanding Baby Room Ideas for Perfect Nursery

Having a baby is a so pleasing thing. Prepare everything that your baby need including a sophisticated room with high end and great quality furnishing inside.

The room decoration plays the important role as well as the furniture itself. You can realize it simply like a piece of cake, and make a super comfortable baby room for perfect nursery.

If now you are looking for baby room ideas you are going to fulfill in yours, we have 20 outstanding photos of baby rooms to cope you finding best nursery room ever. Hope you enjoy this and hope it is helpful.

Nautical Baby Room

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Both baby boy and girl would be so happy with this chic nautical room. This baby room is filled with all about nautical, sea, and beach.

Blue and white are dominant within the room with brown as additional to capture the feel of natural wood. You can realize baby room like this one.

The sturdy brown wooden crib bedding and its dresser becomes focal point inside the room. However, it is also enhanced with super chic nautical comforter and thick foam bed mattress.

You can add some cute playful accessories on the wall to sharpen the feel of see and ocean. The window and its curtain are the things I love the most. You can also add the additional texture trough carpeting and rug.

Country Baby Room

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You also can bring country style to your baby room. This idea is just simple but works best as an endless style baby room.

Country style is dominated with the existence of wood or at least something that looks like wood. The additional material such as stone and metal are also enhancing.

The wall itself is made of wood in a certain side to emphasize country feel. The natural wood fiber becomes a very playful accent in this kind of baby room.

You also can add the touch of country wall art like wooden centerpieces. The wooden or bamboo shade is perfect for its window treatment.

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Modern Baby Room

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If you want to make something cute and contemporary, go with modern baby room ideas.

To realize the modern appealing, simply apply neutral color for the wall and floor. The hue pastel colors are also great as the additional. You can dominantly apply monochromatic colors for this main soul.

Modern baby room furniture is the same with other kind of styles. It means it should be good quality and safe when used.

Wooden crib bed set becomes focal point with simple trim and construction for modern appealing. Simplicity becomes the major look it appears.

You can choose many kinds of furniture mostly in white or monochromatic colors.

Bohemian Baby Room

Gorgeous Decorating Baby Room Ideas #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

How about Bohemian baby room? You can bring the monotonous bedroom design featured with the other creativities of high artistry room design.

The selection of furniture which comes in boho style and guarantees its high end quality becomes the major point.

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You can choose Egyptian wall art like you can see in the photo. This fabric wall art looks so focal in the middle of room and it becomes main focus of the room itself.

You can add the other boho styles feature made of fabric or linen including rug and carpet.

Baby Room For Girl

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When thinking about baby room for girl, the keyword is about beautiful and girly design.

Bright feminine colors like pink and purple would be dominant in your baby girl’s room. However, you also can consider for more neutral room design to make it unisex. Green and yellow are great alternatives.

The existence of neutral colors like brown and grey are so charming in the middle of pink domination.

You can make the room for your baby as the perfect place which does not make your eyes and mind stressful. Color combination from every aspect exist in the room becomes a major thing.

For more girly exposure, you can choose fabric materials with floral or dotted accent. It should not only in pink and purple, try other colors like blue and green in pastel.

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Baby Room For Boy

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Boys are identical with blue. You also can realize cool boyish room for your baby boy dominantly in blue with additional cute accent colors.

There are many different blue tones you can choose including light blue, sky blue, navy, teal, blue tosca, or serenity. All the color choices are ideal for baby room.

You need to focus on the baby bedding set because it is the focal point. If you consider having all dominant blue for the room, simply apply it for the wall entirely.

You can choose other colors for the floor like wood natural color. The furniture set looks so excellent in white or grey to combine with blue wall.

Baby Room For Twins

Amazing Vintage Baby Room #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

If you have twin baby, you can accommodate two babies in one room either large or small.

This could be a very effective way rather than providing two rooms for each. Make Something universal and unisex which is good both for girls and for boys.

Blue and grey are always great to neutralized gender to be good at girls and boys.

The existence of blue zigzag accent carpet becomes a main focus on the room. It combines very nice with super cute grayish baby crib set.

For baby girl, you can choose pink comforter, while for the boy it looks great to go with blue.

Baby Room Ideas For Small Room

Gorgeous Neutral Baby Room #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

Do not feel confuse to cope with small room. It evens could be a very great room with astonishing interior design.

Like this design of cool small baby room, off white wall color becomes first important thing to take into account. White gives more spacious effect to our eyes.

Let’s go to the baby bedding set. The crib is placed in the side of the room while the dresser is across it. white furniture is recommended but you also can consider having darker one.

Do not forget to play with more accents to kill boredom of white domination. Try zigzag or dotted accent.

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On A Budget Baby Room Ideas

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It needs thousand dollars to realize ideal baby room ideas which meet to your requirement. However, you also can cut down the budget and save more money to realize your dream baby room.

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Purchasing furniture may be the most expensive things you invest. Now let’s make it all in one.

So, you can go with a multipurpose furniture that serves you more than only one function.

A baby crib that comes with drawers and hangers could be a very cool choice to cut down furniture budget. It is also featured with canopy bed so you can enjoy all of your needs only in one item.

DIY Baby Room Ideas

Top Play With Color Ideas #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can do it yourself your own baby room. Provide something creative but personal for your lovely baby with your own creativity.

Think firstly about wall color, gray and brown always become the best choice you can feat it with hues or pastel colors. They work really great with both monochromatic and bright colors.

Go get best crib bedding made of wood or rattan. This is the focal point of the room, so be careful when choosing comforter.

Add texture to the wall through decorative wall art like painting of her/his name in frame. This is cute yet personal.

Finding Best Baby Furniture

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Choosing the best furniture becomes very urgent for baby’s safety and comfort. You need to be careful to choose furnishing for your baby room, and make sure that it is well constructed to avoid injury when used.

Functionality and construction becomes other important points beside design itself.

You can add high end white baby crib bedding set like this one. It has textured white wood material with engrave to please your eyes.

This eye catching furniture comes with the cabinet and ten drawers coming as a set. You can kill the monotonous by adding accent through fabric curtain and carpet.

Play With Color Ideas

Gorgeous DIY Baby Room Ideas #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

Color of a room can set your mood and feeling, especially for baby room. Making sure that the room is so cheerful and charming is your obligation, so it provides comfort to everyone inside.

Play with colors for the room, you are free to choose every color which is eye catching and inviting.

For baby girl, you can apply cheerful orange or romantic purple. A cute pink and pastels are also outstanding for pleasing look.

For baby boy, playing with electric blue or fresh green could be so magnifying. Bring more colors through colorful fabric of sofa, carpet or curtain.

Newborn Baby Room

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Preparing the best baby room for a newborn baby sometime becomes so frustrating.

However, you do not need to force yourself to provide everything ideal. You only need to purchase a very good furniture especially crib bedding which is qualified and safe for your baby.

The charming crib bed like in this sturdy white wooden bed is super nice for you to welcome your newborn baby.

The additional bench with storage and accent pillows becomes a nice unit you must have as well.

Neutral Baby Room

Top Baby Room Ideas For Small Room #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

If you are a new parent which is welcoming your baby, but you’re still do not sure that it is a boy or a girl, come with something neutral.

Neutral baby room is excellent for both baby boy and baby girl. You can go with grey or white wall color and paint it with wall murals of tree.

Choose unisex baby bedding set as well in white or brown, and set it with mint blue comforter.

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You can feel freshness yet elegance inside the room for your baby which is good for both girl and boy.

Vintage Baby Room

Amazing Baby Room For Twins #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

Vintage with sense of shabby chic is universal for adults and even babies. You can decorate your baby room with romantic vintage interior design to make the room more calming.

Pastel and hues color shoot the calm aura to the entire room so everyone would feel very comfortable to stay longer.

Combine its vintage monochromatic walls with the other vintage stuffs. You can add more lace or floral accent of its fabric to strengthen the feel.

The wooden vintage furniture is also fortunately available in wide variety options in the market to choose.

Rustic Baby Room Ideas

Gorgeous Baby Room For Boy #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

Beautiful rustic room could shoot calmness and dramatic aura to your baby room. Consider having dominantly wooden material for the entire room including its construction.

Wall, floor and ceiling in sturdy hardwood material would be so excellent to bring rustic design.Choose old-fashioned fabric material for the curtain and comforter coming in matching design.

You also can add rustic rocking chair combined with metal white crib bedding for more dramatic appealing.

Concern More On Storage

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Storage is important unit in every room not exceptionally for baby room. There are many stuffs in the room including clothes and toys.

Having a good storage is very helpful to make the room well organized and well managed. So everything is placed in its place without mixing with the others for easy access.

When you are purchasing baby room furniture, consider whether it has additional storage or not. More drawers and hangers are recommended to help you managing the room.

Add Something Cute

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Cuteness is identical with baby girl, but it does not mean that you cannot apply it for baby boy.

A super cute hello kitty character can be the theme of her room to make it so personal and stylish. Cuteness can kill your boredom and let you stay longer in the room.

Add Something Cool

Amazing Modern Baby Room #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

For your baby boy, provide something cool with contemporary wall murals. Safari wall mural theme is very popular among people for their baby room.

Animals like giraffe, elephant, and lions are so cool to be the major figure of the murals.

Add the coolness of room with the beautiful accent armless sofa. This spot would be so perfect for you when breastfeeding or looking after your baby.

Do not forget as well to add fresh lime green cushions to comfy you and add beauty of the room.

Add Something Unique

Gorgeous Country Baby Room #babyroom #nurseryroom #bedroom

Create a unique appealing for the room by adding unique decoration and furniture. A log table lamp like this one becomes a very inviting thing everyone would love.

Combined with unique gray wall this room becomes cooperation of décor and art.

The key when you want to own unique baby room is the theme itself. Make sure you choose good theme and emphasize it by choosing right décor and furniture supporting the theme.

The abstract fabric laid entire the room adds its uniqueness. You also can consider to add more accent and shape.

Thank you guys for reading this baby room ideas, hopefully it is helpful to find design inspiration to welcome your baby.

Becoming a new parent is very exhausting yet exciting. However, nothing happier than welcoming a new family member’s life and provide him/her the best room ever. Congratulations!

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