10 Awesome Raised Ranch House Ideas

Raised Ranch House in Minimalist-Contemporary Style

A raised ranch house is an effective solution to the needs of additional rooms. The outline is based on the regular ranch house, only it has been raised from the ground. You can see it raised only partially off the ground, or fully raised. The upper part of the house will be the bedrooms and kitchen. While the lower part is for living room, garage or any other rooms. The following are 10 elegant raised ranch house ideas for your inspiration. 1. Contemporary Raised Ranch House This example gives you a look on a contemporary raised ranch house. The exterior looks simple and minimalist with the combination of sidings and concrete. Below you can see 2 car garage’s ready to shelter your cars. Inside, on the upper floor are bedrooms (fully equipped with bath luxuries) and kitchen. The kitchen has open layout, complete with kitchen island overlooking to the patio … Read more

10 Modern Contemporary Ranch House Ideas

Modern Ranch House in Paririe Style

In 20s, a new breed of house style emerged in the USA. It used sleek lines and no-frill exterior. Later in 1932, Cliff May further pushed the style into what we know today as ranch house style. The style now on the trend chart again (since its decline in 70s). Now if you want to find inspiration for a chic ranch house, here we offer 10 Modern-Contemporary Ranch House Ideas. Let’s start. 1. Modern Ranch House in Prairie Style This prairie ranch house looks elegant with a blend of prairie and ranch house style. Clapperboard. Low roof lines, and stones blend into an elegant exterior. The interior, as in every ranch home, has an open floor layout. The home has 3 bedrooms, with master suite covered with vaulted ceiling. It’s featured with a walk-in closet and luxurious bath as well. 2. Stunning Contemporary Ranch House Plan This enchanting ranch house … Read more

10 Stylish Contemporary Ranch House Plan Ideas

Simple Bungalow in Ranch Style

Ranch houses experience a revival these last years. As one of the most iconic house, ranch house have enjoyed fame for a period (40s-70s), then experienced a decline and makes a comeback only recently as a refreshed and contemporary ranch house. The following are 10 stylish contemporary ranch house ideas for your inspiration. 1. Contemporary Mountain Ranch House This U-shaped ranch will satisfy your wants of outdoor and indoor activities plus fresh air. This ranch house has all the stuff for your healthy daily living: a separated master bedroom, interior courtyart, great room, covered terrace, and many more. This house has 3 bedrooms, each has private bathrooms. 2. Ranch House in Traditional Style This ranch house has traditional look, giving it an elegance and classic American house beauty. Inside, you meet a large great room. The master bedrooms faces back porch. You can see the back yard from there as … Read more

10 Most Charming Ranch House Plan Ideas for Inspiration

Ranch House in Cottage Style

Low roof, single story, open layout, are only a fraction of a ranch house characters. This iconic house is a staple in American living scene between 40s and 70s. After fading around 3 decades, this simple but comfortable house makes a fresh comeback. Here we offers you some 10 most charming ranch house plan ideas for an inspiration. 1. An Inviting Modern Ranch House As you can see here, the exterior of this house is designed on modern-minimalist style. It has simple straight lines of minimalist look, and wide windows of modern style. The front area offers warmness with long porch greeting any one to sit and have nice days. Inside, you’ll have an open layout interior which you can arrange into several house parts, plus big enough kitchen for easy living. 2. Cozy L-Shaped Ranch House A fresh atmosphere bursts out of this ranch home design. Built in L-shaped … Read more

10 Fabulous Cabin Plans to Suit You!

Deluxe Style Cabin Floor Plan

Upon seeing the word ‘cabins’, you will associate this term to holiday homes located in a very remote area. In addition to this assumption, their facade lead towards a more earthy look with the use of wood, logs and neutral colours for its appearance. However, with a few adjustments we will be looking into the top 10 cabin plan candidates that will show how flexible and versatile they can be. These cabin floor plans have a wide variety of range, depending on your needs. Let’s take a look into more detail on these designs. 1. Country Style Cabin Plan 1092 sq/ft | 1 bedroom | 2 baths | 2 floors | No garage A rustic, timeless cabin design ideal to accommodate a peaceful environment. This is complemented by the outside patio built around the cabin. Entering this cabin, you will be welcomed by a spacious living room to your left, … Read more

10 Bungalow House Plans to Impress

Country Style Bungalow

Homes come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Upon hearing the word ‘bungalow’, one might assume that is is dainty and small. But this may not be the case for the plans we have below for you to browse. Let’s take a look into these remarkable bungalow house plans that will accommodate your needs. 1. Traditional Style Bungalow House 2203 sq/ft | 4 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms | 2 garages We’ll start off with a traditional styled bungalow, where upon entering the house you will be greeted with a wide living room area to accommodate you. It offers luxury and comfort, where the master bedroom is designed with a wide space and inclusive of a walk-in wardrobe; a large master bathroom is located at the back of the house for more privacy. The mixture of white and brown colours chosen for the overall house gives its’ traditional character. 2. Craftsman … Read more

20 Most Awesome Ranch House Interior Tips

Open Layout Ranch Home, Separated Spaces

Ranch house style is on its way back to prominence. After a long pause, after a brief rise in 40s – 70s, this comfortable house is on the move again. The following are 20 most awesome ranch house interior tips for you. 1. Neutral Pallets for Spacious and Cozy Ranch Design Creates a cozy and spacious atmosphere with neutral color pallets. Not only give off airy feeling, they also present modern and fresh air to the interior ranch home. 2. Add Woods and Feel the Warmness to Your Ranch House The warm and welcome ambience of woods are incomparable, even compared with modern materials. Woods also versatile, they are able to adapt to any style you love. A ranch house decked with woods is a dream ranch house for sure. 3. Elegant & Chic Ranch Decor A ranch house stepped up –this is the perfect example. Add the already cozy … Read more

11 Awesome Modern Ranch Style Home Design Ideas

Contemporary Platinum Custom Home

It probably safe to say that a ranch house is one of the most prominent icon of American. After a long fade and regarded as derelict, this style makes a cool come back. The following are ten of most awesome ranch house for your inspiration. 1. An Airy Minimalist Ranch Home This House, Sunset Knoll House in Oregon, provides you with 2 bedrooms and a breathtaking view. It’s minimalist, and it’s so effectively lay outed. It utilize the most of the nature offers: air, sun, and woods. The result is a ranch house which boast a fresh and airy atmosphere. 2. Modern-Minimalist Ranch Home You can locate this cool house in California. It’s also known as Caterpillar House. You can see the modern version of a ranch house here. A charming combination of sloping roof, straight lines, and glasses. In short, it’s designed to look modern and minimalist, yet it … Read more

Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Save Energy and Budget

See If You Need a Filter Replacement

Just like a good wife, Air conditioner is almost forgotten all the time. Only when it gets trouble, you begin to aware its existence. Your house’s getting hotter. And then, most of us do this, you push its working limits –hoping that its performance is as cool as it used to be. Before getting into summer AC trouble, the following are Air Conditioner maintenance tips to keep your home air conditioner run well. 1. How Air Conditioner Works There’re two types of AC: the central AC, and personal AC. The first AC cools the whole house from one centralized AC system. While the latter usually is for one-room usage. Both of the system has the same basic system, both have condenser and evaporator parts. The maintenance is relatively the same as well. 2. Keep The Air Conditioner Clean Fins acts as a kind of the outer filtering fortress before the air … Read more

20 Most Stylish Rustic and Modern TV Stand Ideas

Rustic TV Stand with the touch of Asia

TV Stand with the TV is one of the focal point which most people used in a living room, bedroom, or in an entertainment room. The focal point itself can be the main source of the entire room’s decor theme or it can also comes along with the interior theme that is already determined for the room. So, if tv stand as a focal point and you have chosen a certain style for the tv stand, the rest of the room should go along with the tv stand. But if you have already smitten with one decor style for the room’s interior, then you must find a tv stand that will compliment the whole room’s interior. Focal point should be the element that stands out and compliment the rest of the room’s interior. Therefor, tv stand is definitely plays an important role for a room interior. There are many styles … Read more

10 Most Inspiring Metal Building Homes

Mixed with Timber Metal Building Home

Metal Building Homes  – For decades, metal buildings have been used as houses, not just for warehouses or barns. And recently, steel homes have increased significantly due to its long list of benefits. Let’s see what are those benefits which able to turn people to choose metal buildings as a home instead of other common constructions or materials. Cheaper construction cost compared to conventional construction. Save more money because it is durable & low maintenance. Easier to repair makes it convenience. Strong, good quality of steel that is chosen to used that keeps you safe from storm and any other threat. Fast construction, you can save more time to build it which leads you to save more money. Anti mold, anti termites and other pests. Flexible in design, long expand or combination of other materials are easily solved by steel construction. And the best thing is, there are many varieties, … Read more

10 Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Luxury Rooms

Natural Look of Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas – Existence of palfon in structural building isn’t without reason. Beside being a barrier between the room and the roof, the two main reasons for the existence of the palfon are as a stabilizer of temperature and supporting the beauty architecture of the room. And the cathedral ceiling can play both roles at once. The first reason, because of the towering ceiling design, so the Cathedral ceiling very functional as a stabilizer temperature because the high ceiling makes the air circulation becomes better. Secondly, in terms of aesthetics the cathedral ceiling can create visibility of a luxurious and spacious space. If supported with eccentric style furniture, luxury impression will really look. Here are 10 cathedral ceiling design ideas to make your room so luxurious. 1. Modern White Cathedral Ceiling Interior design for the kitchen is certainly different from interior other rooms. Beside aesthetics, the rooms should … Read more