25 Lovely Bedroom Ideas for Women

Bedroom Ideas for Women – For most of people, bedroom is a very personal and comfortable room. People spend most of their time in bedroom, whether it’s sleeping or just enjoying our leisure time. And for that reason, they love to design and decorate their bedroom as cozy as possible. Designing bedrooms are considered tricky, because we need to match the owner’s personality and yet we need to make the bedroom feels cozy and homey. It’s more complicated when we have …

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Modern Kitchen Sinks for Corners

The presence of kitchen sinks for corners helps houses to be looked neat and clean. However, sometimes people do not realize that not all placements can avoid them from the messiness. It might be from some factors to consider, for example, lights, kitchen furniture, and space. Many elements also influence how the corner kitchen sinksoutstanding. This kind of designs actually has been available since the 18th century, and it is still popular until now. Even property developers adopt this idea …

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West Coast Metal Buildings

West Coast Metal Custom Building

West Coast Metal Buildings – Metal-based home design becomes the preference in today’s architecture. Since it is sustainable, metal material is easy to install. Actually, besides metal material, woods are popular but the material is more expensive and requires attentive treatment. Now we can see how metal affects modern construction, for example barns, carports, and storage. Barn is no longer rustic and traditional; it has appeared in more advanced look. Even for a storage used to place carpentry equipment or …

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Wainscoting Ideas

Metropolis Circles

Making an interior to be more decorative is not always about how sophisticated the furniture. We can deal with wainscoting ideas to have decorative walled as well as to beautify the room. With a little touch, it gives significant difference towards the volume. At the very first time, wainscoting is used to keep out damage such as dampness and cold, but in today’s design, it changes into decorative purposes for houses, hotels, and apartments. However, there are some things to …

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Military Shadow Box

military shadow box

Military shadow box is such a precious thing for the military members. It can prove their achievement as well as their recognition during the military service. The more medals they get, the more experience and performance they have. Some think that it will be useless if they are not displayed. Perhaps, not to mention its exhibition is the time to show off, but this is one of many ways to respect hard works and sacrifices for the beloved country and …

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Barndominium Cost vs House

Wooden Barndominiums

Barndominium Cost  – Are you ready to put up a structure on the piece of land you just purchased? So which type of structure do you want? Are you going to build a barndominium structure you have always dreamt about or just a house? What is the difference in between a barndominium and a conventional house? Well, a house is normally built using bricks or wood with a limit in the height to the ceiling which is only 8 to …

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15 Budget Friendly Garage Storage Ideas to Redecor Your Garage

Vintage Pegboard for Vintage Garage Cabinet Idea

Decorating and reinventing garage is not as easy as you think. It might be so hard especially for you who does not have any building experience. So, in this article, we want to share with you about how to reinvent your garage with an effortless and friendly way. Of course it provides you a good experience and good result of better garage you would love. Here are 15 more budget friendly ideas how to reinvent your garage to be more …

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15+ Clever DIY Garage Storage Ideas To Help You Reinvent Garage With Tight Budget

Scrap Wood Shelves for Limited Garage Cabinet Ideas

We have some mechanical things in our garage. Mostly, people also use this place to store vehicles, and keep some stuffs including part of vehicles, machines and many kinds of common households. However, doing this project is not as easy as it’s said. You need to come up with basic hack idea you can apply for your own garage so that it will have an excellent storage organization. Having enough cabinet, hanger, and other storage unit. Doing this thing is …

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20 Functional & Cool Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas – Just like the house itself, bathroom tile also has witnessed many style changes. Back in 1900s, all bathroom seems to have only one color, white. It was the time when many bathroom owners love to have hygienic white subway tiles. In twenties, the Roaring Twenties, you began to find many colorful bathtub. After the 30s, after the Great Depression, bathtub tiles tend to have subdued colors. After the WW II, when the economic boomed again, the …

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15 Amazing Walk in Shower Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Walk in Shower

Walk in Shower – It is said that Queen Isabel of Spain was not a fan of bathing. She even boasted that she only bathed only twice in her life. Fast forward from Middle Age to the 1800s, the condition was still the same: all level of societies still had no love for bathing. It made you sick, they said. Only when the English introduce the luxury of bathtub that, slowly but sure, bathing gained popularity. Bathroom followed later, trailing …

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27 Cool Shower Ideas for 2019

Cool Shower Ideas – HL Mencken once said that the first bathtub in America belonged to a cotton dealer from Cincinnati. This man, Adam Thompson, was enamored with the new habit of the English upper society of taking a bath. Though, decades later, this story proved hoax, we can see that taking a bath is a relatively new habit in the USA. Only after president Millard Fillmore (1800 –1874) install his bathtub that do bathing slowly gained momentum to became …

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40+ Cool Ideas of Shipping Container Homes for 2019

Shipping Container Homes Design

Shipping container homes are on demand. For the minimalist fans, shipping containers offer supper affordable material for their minimalist homes. They are greener for the environment. They are also easy to built. In weeks you can have your dream house. Crave for container homes? Here are some of the cutest ideas for you. Shipping Container Homes 1. The Most Compact Container Home, G-Pod Dwell The G-Pod Dwell lets you to have a portable house. In its mobile mode, it can …

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